Family Guy

Season 2 Episode 4

Brian in Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 07, 2000 on FOX



  • Quotes

    • Mr. Rogers: Hello, neighbor. I'm glad we're together again. (bell rings) Oh! I think I hear a friend traveling.
      Stewie Griffin: Actually it's your mortal enemy, Stewie.
      Mr. Rogers: W-what the?
      Stewie Griffin: I wouldn't bother visiting the Neighborhood of Make-Believe today Mr. Rogers, I dare say you find it quite in ruins.
      Mr. Rogers: What? (Mr. Rogers looks out and all are dead and Henrietta Pussycat is on fire)
      Henrietta Pussycat: Meow Meow! Skin graft! Meow Meow!
      Mr. Rogers: Oh, my God!
      Stewie Griffin: That's right! All dead. And now Mr. Rogers ? Fred - may as well drop blood formalities - I'm going to kill you anyway!
      Mr. Rogers: No, please... don't!
      Stewie Griffin: How ironic ? Rogers - it almost rhymes with... eliminate.
      Mr. Rogers: No! (Stewie shoots him many times with his gun)
      Stewie Griffin: (wakes up) Eh, what, what? What the devil?
      Lois Griffin: It's okay. Stewie we're just tucking you to sleep.
      Mr. Rogers: But now it's time for you to meet Mr. Death.
      Stewie Griffin: (wakes up from nightmare) Ahh!

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