Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 10

Brian's Play

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2013 on FOX

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  • Entertaining

  • Great episode

    Probably the best of Season 11. The jokes were great, and there was some deep emotion here. Great charcater development for Stewie and Brian. And the cutscenes were actually short and funny.
  • It is getting sad

    The idea behind this episode is simple: we are supposed to imagine how we would feel if we had a decent success and were then confronted by the overwhelming talent of someone else, dwarfing our own achievement. Not a bad premise.

    There is just one problem:

    The guy we are supposed to identify with is a dog that wrote a play. And the overwhelming talent is a baby who usually builds time machines in his secret lab.

    MacFarlane has created Family Guy as a parody and the characters as caricatures of real people. Now he tries to use these whacky characters for deep and insightful stories. Some would call that daring. I call it ridiculous. Only a very, very lenient and indulgent audience will get anything out of this rubbish.

    So if you are no die-hard fanboy, and in fact looking for an episode that's hilarious and in which the story fits the characters - don't watch this one. You won't get a single laugh out of it and will have to be very nerdy to accept the weird-ass premise.
  • Brian's Play

    We've all been here before, and seen a similar story on one show or another to what we saw here tonight. Stewie had some good moments, but not really that funny, and not really that enjoyable an episode either.

    Worth watching, but not that memorable.
  • Deep emotions

    First thing I thought when I heard of this episode was, deep emotion, I love when they have emotions in the show. not only is it fantastic but just amazing. and this episode was great. no episode will probably ever beat "A new Kidney in Town" with its emotion but this comes in my top 10 emotional episodes.

    brian actually made an amazing play. it was well recived, funny and smart. but most importantly people liked it. and I love when brian gets that. but when he reads stewies so much better than his and he gets jealous, sad even cause its better. they fight, alala more emotions. brian gets sad, funny stuff happns. in the end stewie makes his play suck for brian. and its touching.

    keep this up gettinn good
  • Family Guy back on track?

    I thought that this episode was much better than all the other ones from this season. In the beginning of the season, the new episodes were dissapointing, to say the least. The jokes were slightly funny, storylines incoherent,... But with this episode, it seems to me that Family Guy has its "groove" back. Fresh jokes (especially the "I can't believe it's not butter" joke: Hillarious), good plot and above all: a coherent story where the Family Guy I used to know came back. Good effort and let's hope for other good episodes. Thank you Seth.