Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 10

Brian's Play

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 13, 2013 on FOX

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  • It is getting sad

    The idea behind this episode is simple: we are supposed to imagine how we would feel if we had a decent success and were then confronted by the overwhelming talent of someone else, dwarfing our own achievement. Not a bad premise.

    There is just one problem:

    The guy we are supposed to identify with is a dog that wrote a play. And the overwhelming talent is a baby who usually builds time machines in his secret lab.

    MacFarlane has created Family Guy as a parody and the characters as caricatures of real people. Now he tries to use these whacky characters for deep and insightful stories. Some would call that daring. I call it ridiculous. Only a very, very lenient and indulgent audience will get anything out of this rubbish.

    So if you are no die-hard fanboy, and in fact looking for an episode that's hilarious and in which the story fits the characters - don't watch this one. You won't get a single laugh out of it and will have to be very nerdy to accept the weird-ass premise.
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