Family Guy

Season 3 Episode 17

Brian Wallows and Peter's Swallows

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 17, 2002 on FOX

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  • Rating: Good Episode(though even that is an understatement)

    Favorite episode of the show. The story is very interesting and engaging, the humor is spot-on, and there is some genuine emotion during this episode. Despite the song is awesome and one of my favorite songs in the show, if not my overall favorite, it's not my favorite part of the episode. That part would be that one scene at the end involving virtual reality goggles. If you've seen the episode, you know what I'm talking about. I tear up every time, honestly.
  • Decent entertainment

  • Brian had to do community service while Peter takes care of swallows

    Brian falls in love with a bitter old woman who he is forced to do community service for. Meanwhile, Peter grows a beard and finds a family of swallows have built a nest in it. I thought this episode was perfect. I liked Peter's plot a little better than Brian's. It was much hilarious since I kept laughing at what the swallows on Peter's beard do. Brian's plot wasn't as funny as Peter's plot but there were still some tolerable parts such as the song. A few more funny moments include the guys hanging out to cheer Brian up, the laser parts, Brian drinking while driving, Peter getting a beard after watching a show, and the swallows appeared on Peter's beard. Overall, this episode was perfect. It seems underrated, I'm gonna be the second person to get the perfect score. 10/10
  • Gah, Brian starts to love a woman, but Peter's plot was funny


    Brian falls in love with a bitter old woman who he is forced to do community service for. Meanwhile, Peter grows a beard and finds a family of swallows have built a nest in it.


    Brian's plot- boring, like usual

    Peter's plot- really funny

    But a mediocre episode


  • Funny, but......

    This is a very funny episode, but most of it is "stolen" from other shows. The Peter story line is pieced together from two Simpsons episode(The Frying Game and Two Dozen and One Greyhounds) and the pilot of the Sopranos. The Brian story has been done to death. Person A meets an angry elderly person nad then finds that behind that hard exterior they find a wonderful human being. Now don't get me wrong, I am a huge fan of FG. I just feel that this episode was "borrowed" way to much from other shows. I just expect better from Seth and the crew.
  • The staff identifies this as the only episode of the series to contain "real human emotion" the only emotion i had was boredom.

    In it; Brian must take care of a bitter old woman following a DUI and initially hates her but they fall in love 20 minutes later, Peter's new beard becomes home to some swallows who he also gets attached to. A show that thinks its funny is one thing but a show that thinks it has the poignancy of an animated Titanic is unbearable. All Family Guy has is it's witty humour and by shelving that in place of two schmaltzy plots that could be bettered by any DVD watched by a newly dumped person with a box of tissues and chocolates, is a poor way to repay the fans who stuck by the show no matter how many cancellations. Aside from a terrific musical number, the episode offers nothing special or memorable.

    Seth Macfarlane does do a good job as Brian and suprised as Peter when the mood changes but he's clearly the only male voice artist on the show, the bevy of idiotic extras he voices that sounds like Brian quickly kills the effect. While this episode is boldly declared as the only non - comedic, i beg to differ. The final one minute of soppiness they found the strength to make at the end does not discount the previous half hour of drek that is only non - comedic in the sense that it isn't funny at all. Getting hit by a bus on TV has become the transportational equivalent of throwing a pie in someone's face, if they really wanted to make Pearl's death heartbreaking they should've gone with an alternative method. And as for Peter's story, it may be just me but i find it hard to get emotionally attached to birds in someone's beard. Almost all of the comic and dramatic potential in this episode is wasted. It's neither moving nor funny and is the skeleton in the great closet of Family Guy.
  • great

    Brian gets a DUI and as a result, he must take care of an elderly woman for community service. But, the woman treats him like crap and he wishes for her to "do the world a favor and fall down and die." But that is until Brian learns who this woman actually is, and starts to like her.

    Peter grows a beard that has baby swallows in it, and he becomes attached to them. Will he be able to let them go?

    It was OK of an episode. Some good parts. The song part was my favorite. Pearl dying could have been handled a little better but it was kind of emotional. B+ or so as a grade seems fair
  • Okay Episode.

    Brain is upset because no girl understands him. He goes home and complains to lois, but she tells him that his expectations are too high. She tells Peter to bring him to a laser rock show to make him feel better. Brain just gets more depressed because he sees all the couples. So he starts to drink alchol. He drives home drunk(so is Peter and his pals)and gets pulled over by Joe. Brian has to help an elderly woman for community service. She is incredibly cranky, and Brian is fed up with her. He then sees on E! Hollywood Stories that she was once a beautiful singer. They become friends, and Pearl finally leaves the house, but gets hit by a car.

    Pretty good epsiode. I loved Stewie yelling at the toilet, Peter imagining Meg was Boba Fett, and of course, the musical number.

    Overall Gare:75%/c+++++++/B-
  • It was entertaining

    This episode wasn't my favorite, but I thought it was watchable and decent. In this episode, after getting DUI Brian has to deal with an old cranky woman who hasn't left her house in nearly 40 years, and while at first he despises her, after he hears her sing opera, he falls in love with her. This brings up the musical number of this episode, probably the best part. It was catchy, but it wasn't as great as some they're other numbers from the series. Peter's story was ok, but it was a little worn-out and weirded out by the very end. The ending was somewhat emotional, with Brian's being somewhat heart-wrenching, but not a whole lot. Overall, it's a decent episode that was watchable and good. 8/10 B
  • Brian wallows, and Peter swallows. This was a very great episode

    Very nice, but funny episode.

    With no Quagmire and Cleveland and Joe only in small parts, Brian wallows and falls in love with an older woman which turns out to be a great but sad ending story, while Peter hilariously falls for endangered birds who build a home nest in Peter's beard. Honestly, the whole analysis was a great idea.
    Apart from the laughs and the entertainment, a very great episode and just probably another classic from Season 3.

    The flashbacks were nuts, the movie theatre scene was a rocker, and all and above all, Peter gave a "bye-bye" to his little birdie friends.
  • Yey!! Brian gets a gf... well, sort of.

    I like Peter and his Birds in this episode it was a real heart - wearming story and a really funny one two, especially at the end where Peter gets some looks at the bar. And then the other story, I didn't like it one bit and that's what got this episode such a low rating, I mean the song was nice but Brian falling in love witha old lady bugged me, I've never known why but, It just seemed too creepy even for Family Guy. But the other story was really good. Well thanks for reading this one. Bye ! ! !
  • Peter decides to grow a beard and a swallow decides to live there. Peter wants to get rid of the birds, but can't because the birds are endangered. Peter is stuck with the birds. Meanwhile, Brian gets a DUI and is sentenced to community service.

    This is one of the greatest Family Guy episodes ever, and it is one of my favorites. The song at the end was hilarious and the story was great. Seth McFarlane has a great voice. The writers of "You've got a lot to see," really earned that Emmy. I watched this episode over and over again and every time I saw it, I ended up on the floor laughing. More Family Guy episodes should be like this one, with smarter jokes and references. But know, most Family Guy episodes have stupid, pointless, extremely long jokes that don't go anywhere. This was a great episode.
  • In this episode, Brian is placed under arrest and has to do elderly service for an old lady while Peter grows a beard. IMO, this is the WORST episode of Family Guy, EVER!

    Brian is depressed that he can't find a girl that he likes. Brian is later arrested for drinking and driving after drinking because he was depressed. He is sent to care for an old lady who acts like a butthead, but was a former star who's career was ruined. Also, Peter is growing a beard that a bird nests in. Nothing funny happened, and it was really boring. Only reason it didn't get a lower score is that I can't remember any offensive or dumb jokes. Brian proves why he can be annoying, as well as how Peter can be dull. The old lady was a deuche, and I never want to see this episode again. Its bull.
  • this has alot of funny parts

    When Brian is arrested for drunk driving, he's forced to do community service, which consists of helping Pearl, a middle-aged, agoraphobic, bitter woman. Brian gets so fed up with her insanity, that he storms out of her house. Later, Brian watches a television documentary that reveals Pearl's past as a top advertising jingle singer of the 1950s and 60s. Brian warms up to her, realizing where her pain comes from, and eventually she warms up to him too. He convinces Pearl to actually go outside, but she gets by a bus. While on her deathbed, Brian and Pearl share a fantasy intimate moment, but as they are about to kiss, she dies. Meanwhile, Peter grows a beard and learns that a swallow has nested inside it. He wants to shave it off but can't when he finds out the bird is an endangered species. Peter eventually grows attached to the bird and starts feeling maternal. Lois is finally able to convince Peter to let the bird fly away and also teaches Brian about moving on with his life after Pearl's death.
  • Peter is a new father and Brian thinks he found his love.

    This was a hilarious episode.The part where the old man was standing with the lamp, I was turning red.I also loved it for its touching moments too.Like where Peter hand to let the baby birds go and Brian had to let Pearl go that just grabbed me.My favorite parts was the old man, the virtual reality helmatesand where you kinda saw Brian's kids if he had one or two.The episode was great and they should play this more, but you can only see it on Adult Swim at 11:30pm.That is what really bums me out the most.But it is a really good episode and I ejoyed it.
  • Brian makes a new friend. Swallows live in Peter's beard.

    This song actually won the 2002 Emmy for Outstanding Music and Lyrics.
    You've Got a Lot to See Lyrics
    The sixties brought the hippie breed
    But decades later things have changed indeed
    We've lost the values but we kept the weed
    You got a lot to see.

    The Reagan years have laid the frame
    For movies stars to play the Whitehouse game
    We're not to far from voting Feldman-Haim You've got a lot to see.

    The town of Vegas has got a different face
    Because it's a family place with lots to do

    Where in the fifties a man could mingle with scores
    Of all the seediest whores well now his children can too.

    You've heard it from the canine's mouth,
    The country's changed, that is except the South, and you'll agree

    No one really know's, my dear lady freind,
    Just quite how it all will end
    So hurry cause you've got a lot to see.

    The baldness gene was cause for dread
    But that's a fear that you can put to bed
    They'll shave your ass and glue it on your head
    You've got a lot to see

    The PC sge has moved the bar, A word like "redneck" is a step too far
    The proper term is "country music star"
    You've got a lot to see

    Our flashy cell phones make people mumble gee whiz
    Look how important he is is life must rule
    you'll get a tumor but on your sugery day Yur doc will see it and say "wow you must really be cool"

    Tom Tucker:
    There's lots of things you may have missed

    Adam West:
    Like Pee Wee and his famous wrist

    Or Sandy Duncan's ceepy phony eye.

    Neil Goldman:
    That awesome thundercat's cartoon.

    Diane Simmons:
    Neil Armstrong landing on the moon.

    Meg Griffen:
    Neil Armstrong wait was he that trumpet guy?

    So let's go see the USA
    They'll treat you right unless you're black or gay or Cherokee
    But you can forigve the world and its flaws
    And follow me there because
    you've still got a hell of a lot to see.
    You've got a lot to see.
  • I funny episodes with a few twist and turns that help the episodes.

    This is one of the reasons I watch Family Guy. Because of some of the funny episodes whihc have a good story and well done characters. This is how the episode goes. Brian is feeling alittle depsate so he decides to drink while he goes out with Peter and his friends to a lazer rock show. While coming home he is caught drinking and gets community service. While he is doing this he works with a older women named Pearl who is REALLY bossy. If one things is wrong it must be redone and this makes Brian mad so he tells here he wishes she was dead. When he goes home and watches TV he relizes something about Pearl and comes back to resuce her and saves her from commeting suicide. After that they start to like each other until Brian finally gets her out when something bad happens and then after they spend the rest of there time together. Also this episodes isn't all about Brian. While Peter and the family are out to eat a rare bird lands into the beard that Peter has grown and over time Peter falls in love with them but loise doesn't like it the beard. Soon Peter relizes that he can't keep them for ever,with some help.
    Personally this episodes isn't as funny as the others but this one teaches people a leason,WOW!!! There is a funny Star Wars parody like some other episodes.
  • Simply Wonderful

    This episode is one of my favourites, particular the musical number. I personally think Peter Griffin looks abyssimal with a beard, but the whole beard incident with the birds was ridiculously funny. And Brians part with Pearl was also great, but it showed a side rarely shown on family guy, a sad side, showing Brian is perhaps the only non-morbid person in the whole Griffin family. This episode is even cleverly named, and I give the makers that. Like I said, This episode is one of my personal favourites, and I would recommend it to anyone who likes Family Guy.
  • this has got to be a classic episode.

    this episode was good and peter has baby birds that he looks after for the episode meanwhile brian has to do sevices to an agrophobic old woman or else he will go to jail during the sessions of taking care of the lady brian and her dont get along well but when brian finds her in the act of killing herself brian stops her and convinces her to leave the house after singing a song on how much she missed during the 30 years she seems really happy when she walks outside and tells brian that thanks to him she wouldnt be out here and then a truck hits her.

    meanwhile peter has to release the birds and does so during the nex part of the story.

    at the hospital brian visits the intensive care ward and greives about how much it was his fault but the she comforts him saying it was the best day of her life except for the accident and wishes only to have more time,

    brian who brought along a backpack says that they can and uses some virtual reality visprs he nicked from the museum earlier and brian shows her the time of her life ending with a kiss brian takes off the gear to realise it was time to say goodbye and outside the doctor comes back and points and says "Hey Anyone Wanna See A Dead Body??XD"

    back at the bar brian and peter talk about what happened and brian learnsto move on with his life.

    this was good episode it deserves a ten.
  • Peter: No bird frenches my wife and gets away with it.

    Good episode. I thought it was a pretty well done episode.
    Brian gets busted for drunk driving and is sentenced to community service, he has to work for a miserable old shut in. Also a bird lays eggs in Peter's beard and Peter becomes very attached but not at first. At first he wanted to get them out at any cost. Brian's song was hilarious. Funny episode.
  • Hey, who wants to see a dead body?

    This episode could have been much better than it was and both plots could have had funnier scenes. Some sitcoms can pull off emotional type episodes well and still maintain good, relative humour such as Scrubs or Futurama but that’s not why people watch Family Guy – they watch it for the crude humour and classic lines. Peter’s beard was quite funny up to a point and after a while the baby birds just got old, Peter liking the birds all of a sudden without any explanation of why.

    Brian’s plot also had its faults and humour but was pretty good at times, though the song could have been funnier.

    So this episode did have its moments but is definitely not a classic.