Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 4

Brian's Got a Brand New Bag

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on FOX

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  • Lovely

  • Funny

    The funiture gag was funny and some other things.
  • Funny in the beginning, but dragged after the Road House gag

    Another mediocre episode of Family Guy during the 8th season (it has to suck that there were a few slower episodes after that awesome mulitverse episode). As displayed the first act was full of humor when Peter bought the Road House movie. Second act started to focus on Brian's crush on a 50 year old woman (Rita). By the time it flew it was declining quickly because of how the family treat her due to her age. Act 3...don't know what to wasn't good...episode just ended too abruptly. Funny parts in the episode were Mayor West's cameo, all the roadhouse gag throughout it, and a few cutaways. Overall this is one of the cons with season 8 but thankfully there'll be no love themed episode up until Teigs for Two. 5.5/10
  • When a dog and woman love each other verrrrry much they go plop.

    S'alright if you want something in the background. I can only remember half the episode even when currently watching it. Peter kicks things and Brian acts shallow yet is characterised as some kind of naive intellect as he decides to marry some 50-summat year old he just met.

    It makes no sense. It's low brow. It's family guy.
  • Really boring.

    This episode, instead of making me laugh, it made my teeth itch. Has a lot of failed jokes in this episode, and really, boring. It's more of a mockery and drama instead of a comedy. Heh.
  • Another dating episode, boring.


    When Brian begins dating an older woman, the family begins to make fun of him. After Brian's new fling breaks her hip, he gets the pleasure of becoming her errand boy.

    This episode was ridiculously boring, he dates an old woman, marries her, then cheats on her.

    1/10 F

  • This show is dead to me.

    Anyone whose been giving this show good reviews lately...REALLY think about it. This show absolutely sucks now compared to the quality of seasons 1-3 "and some of 4"

    Part of the reason this show was so great is because it felt like a real family.
    Now all the characters act almost exactly the same.

    Peter used to be dumb but lovable he would rarely be intentionally mean. You could actually see why Lois was with him...He had a good heart. Now hes a jerk and he always acts like a kid.

    The series is crammed with sex jokes, the whole thing feels like one big standup act when before the jokes were cleaner and more relevent to the plot...I mean i have no problem with the occasional dirty joke but its like CRAMMED now.
    Okay I get the point family guy, if you mention a penis its funny.

    Stewie is very rarely evil anymore.

    Lois is crazy instead of being a mom with a crazy streak....

    I mean in a recent episode she STOLD money from chris... Anyone who cant see whats wrong with this new direction needs to wake up!

    I could write much better comedy than this show has now. That isnt saying much either.
    Its horrible now.
  • Brian dates a 50-year-old woman

    Family Guy is great show that brings a ton of laughs from me but there were rarely any laughs in this episode. It was hilarious in the first 5 minutes of the episode and then it wasn't funny anymore except for a couple of parts. Mayor West's cameo appearance in the beginning of the episode was very funny. Peter buying the movie "Roadhouse" with a free Robin Williams movie was hilarious because Peter said he doesn't want to go anywhere near the Robin Williams movie. It was hilarious when Peter starts to kick after watching "Roadhouse". It was very funny when Peter kicked Brian and he said "Roadhouse". It was very funny when Peter was driving with his legs and he said "Roadhouse". The highlight of this episode that cracked me up so hard was the Charlie Brown scene... that was the funniest scene out of this whole episode. Those death shadows taking away Joe was also hilarious. After that hilarious first 5 minutes, this episode wasn't funny anymore except for a couple of parts in the middle. I hated how the whole family was judging Rita just because Brian is dating a 50-year-old woman like Rita. It find it kind of gross that a person dates an older woman but that is no reason for the family to do that. Also, this episode had a very cruddy ending. Overall, this episode was hilarious in the first 5 minutes and then it just got bad after that. 5/10
  • Great Episode

    So, I liked Brian with Rita (In the beginning, but I'll get into that later). Lois and the rest of the family were terribly rude. The "old" jokes were funny as hell though!!! Brian hurting Rita in "that way" was sad to see. I know he was supa embarrassed over it. That's why he lied to the family about how she got hurt. I would of lied too!

    Rita became a real ***** at the end of the episode. That was sad to see, because her and Brian were so good together! The ending scene with her and Brian was funny! I wonder what became of Rita. She's probably dead. Who knows... she was old. Overall, great episode.
  • Its' official. I hate Brian. What was great about him in the first 3 years was that he was half human and half dog. Now when they brought the show back he became a douchebag. I miss his animal side. I want him to date dogs.

    This was horrible. Women in this episode were treated terribly. Peter rents Roadhouse and starts kicking people and kicks Lucy violently after she pulls the football away from Charlie Brown. He still kicks her after C.B. kicks it. This was done before when Lois kicks Lucy after Lucy pulled the ball away from her. She kicked her once and that was funny but seeing Peter kicking her was not funny. Brian starts dating a 50 year old woman after her daughter stood him up. She breaks her hip and Brian has to tend to her. How can a beautiful 50 year old woman break her hip? What was worse was that she acted like she was 80 and Brian cheats on her and would do it again. I'm getting sick of Brian and his love life. He is dull and boring when he dates humans. He should date dogs again like Seabreeze because it brings out his animal side. Now Brian is a human in a dog suit. There is no humor in violence against women and if Seth can't find it than don't do it. They should give Brian a dog and help find the right boyfriend for Meg and a girlfriend for Chris
  • Roadhouse

    Peter becomes obssesed with the movie Roadhouse, and he starts using his feet for everything. He rams his car into a girl's car, and he invites her to dinner. She ditches him, and he ends up going out with her mother Rita. They start falling in love, but the family is cruel to her, because of her age. Brian proposes to her, and she accepts. But when she breaks her hip, Brain becomes her errand boy, and cheats on her. They break up.

    This episode was really bad. Brian was being a jerk, and so was the family. The only funny parts were the whole roadhouse scene, and Peter as a pillow.

    Overall Grade: 50%/F
  • Another boring episode centred around the least interesting character.

    In my opinion, the episodes which are aimed at the life of Brian the Dog are the least interesting ones. Just like every other time, he starts dating a woman, brings her home and his family does not approve. The only difference is that this time, the woman is very old.

    There were two interesting scenes for me. Firstly, when Peter was driving through the back streets with his feet; that part was awesome, in my opinion.

    I also loved the scene where Brian kicked Stewie's cot out of the room and it rolled down to the garden and the sprinklers came on.

    Basically, it's been four episodes this season, but only one has been worthwhile, which was the first one.

    I hope this gets better.
  • Family Guy is on life support at this point

    Ok so, in this episode we have yet another plot about Brian falling in love with another woman, the difference this time is that she is in her 50's. Peter's obsesion with Roadhouse was stupid and was unfunny throughout the episode to see him yelling "Roadhouse" and putting the pedal to the metal. Also, the Griffins were cruel to Rita, just because of her age. And, Brian cheating on her because he didn't want to be her errand boy was just horrible for Rita as she didn't deserve it. Overall, one of the worst ever for the show. 2/10 F-
  • After Brian is stood up on a date he goes out with the girl's mother Rita and they hit it off.

    This was another great episode of Family Guy. I liked seeing Brian in a relashionship with an older women. I wish that Brian would have dated Rita longer than one episode. Brian did with Jillian. I thought it was funny when Brian went to pick up his date wearing a leasure suit. When Brian's condom fell out off his pocket when he was talking to Rita, the look on his face was priceless. I did not understand why the Griffins were teasing Brian about dating an older women. Brian is 7 which is 49 in dog years. He is only 1 year younger than Rita. In all a very enjoyable episode.

    ...and ROADHOUSE was about all that was good about this episode. We've had Brian dating an older woman before we....I'm just sick of Brain why not give him a spin off instead of that abortion that is the Cleveland show?

    Anyways it's just another been there done that episode That proves if nothing else the little show that could and rose from the Dead is dying again and this time for good.

    The Roadhouse and Spirit friends gags were hilarous though and More or less the ONLY reason this episodes gets a 5.5 from me. I think the Manatees have run out of balls.
  • Above Average...

    I guess the episode started really well in a typical family guy style making absurd references like white guys getting obsolete in track events. I must admit, though it wasn't a jaw dropping joke, it definitely succeeded in generating a few laughs. Peter's kicking routine was also good, and I loved the line where Cleveland's bath tub comes rolling as always (this time sans him), and Peter remarks that he had left. I guess the story began to lose it after Brian starts dating the old lady. The concept was unoriginal, and possibly because I saw a similar track in last week' The Office, I didn't enjoy it that much. But still this was much better than the Hannah Banana episode.
  • much better than the last few ones

    Well, this episode centers about Brian's new relationship...with an older woman. To be honest, i was not expecting this episode to be great at all because the last 2 episodes of family guy felt a little dull. The thing i like about this episode is the repetitive "Road House" gags, it was funny and doesn't feel dry at all. And the jokes about Brian's new girlfriend age is on timing but not laught-out-loud funny. Though I hate the feeling that the ending is rushed. Family Guy writers can do better ending, so that was dissapointing. Overall, I had a good laugh watching this episode. It's a good installment with a little downer some time. So if you wannna hear dumb jokes but laught at the same time, this episode is for you.
  • Pretty good.

    This episode was just okay, there were some parts that I laughed hysterically, mostly on Peter's parts. The hing that annoyed me about this episode, was that I felt like they have done this before. Well they might have not, but it's the same formula every time. Brian gets a new girlfriend, the family don't approve, make fun of the girl, then they break up, get back together again, and eventually break up. This was the same thing, except it was an old woman. I like Peter's kicking obsession which got Brian in to this whole mess, and I also laughed really hard when Brian yelled at the old lady at the end of the episode. How he didn't understand what she was saying. Hilarious! An average episode.
  • Brian dates a 50 year old woman and catches a lot of flack from the Griffins.

    The episode as a whole wasn't bad. You know, just an average episode. The only thing that bothered me is that 50 really isn't that old. My dad just turned 50, my mom is 48, and I'm 21. Neither of my parents have ever said anything similar to anything Rita said. Street car? Tooth polish? Breaking a hip? I would have been less annoyed by it if she was 60, but 50 isn't that old anymore.

    I really, really liked this but tho: "I wrote a book." "What's that?" "It's like a long magazine." "Huh?" "It's like the internet made out of a tree."
  • Made me laugh despite the dumb and familiar jokes and gags

    Well, this episode centers about Brian's new relationship...with an older woman. To be honest, i was not expecting this episode to be great at all because the last 2 episodes of family guy felt a little dull. The thing i like about this episode is the repetitive "Road House" gags, it was funny and doesn't feel dry at all. And the jokes about Brian's new girlfriend age is on timing but not laught-out-loud funny. Though I hate the feeling that the ending is rushed. Family Guy writers can do better ending, so that was dissapointing. Overall, I had a good laugh watching this episode. It's a good installment with a little downer some time. So if you wannna hear dumb jokes but laught at the same time, this episode is for you.
  • Peter buys a copy of Roadhouse on DVD and goes on a rampage which eventually ends with him rear ending a young woman who Brian asks out. When Brian shows up for dinner the young girl is gone, but her mother is there and Brian ends up seeing her instead.

    An interesting episode with some very funny innuendos and comments as is always the case with predominantly Brian episodes. This episode started out with the inane Peter Roadhouse bit. The video store selling all it's DVD's for a dollar as DVD's are old worn out technology!?! Peter goes off the deep end as he always does and starts kicking everyone as his answer to anything at all ala Roadhouse. I must admit it was funny when Joe was taken away by the shadows from Ghost and Peter says "Ghost", just like he would say "Roadhouse" after kicking someone.

    The rest of the episode dealt with ageism and Brian's relationship with a much older woman. His family was their usual horrible selves in meeting with the woman which was to be expected. It was pretty funny that a women of fifty would break her hip, but they were having fun with Brian. Everything pretty much went as it was expected too eventually.

    I really thought this was going to be good at first as it was in honor of Patrick Swayze. A little disappointing overall. Thanks for reading...
  • Brian dates an older woman.

    Family Guy's new episodes are not the same as the old ones. Nobody would debate otherwise, but this was just okay even by new standards. A few good Peter lines, a few good Stewie lines, Brian even had me laughing when he was trying to figure out Rita's age, but as a whole, this was just mediocre. It almost seemed like they were trying to be all serious, after school special at one point with Brian defending his relationship with Rita, which just fails in the world of cartoons.

    I laughed, but that is not a rarity with Family Guy. What is a rarity is is a compelling story that keeps the viewer hooked for the entire half hour. That was not present in tonight's installment in this viewer's opinion.