Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 15

Brothers and Sisters

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 17, 2011 on FOX

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  • I really enjoyed this episode. We get to see supporting characters get their time to shine and I'm glad that Mayor Adam West gets to prove he is more than just and do crazy things. Another episode that is worth a high grade and I hope there will be more.

    Lois's sister has just broke up and has just moved to Quahog. Mayor Adam West takes her out on a romantic date and falls in love with her. The mayor proposes to her and she says yes. Peter is happy for them and he and Adam get along real well like real brothers. Lois isn't happy about. She is afraid her sister might get hurt after falling in love so quickly. She tries to talk some sense into her by bringing in her old husbands. Carol breaks up with Adam and Adam blames Lois. Lois has a change of heart and gets them back together with the help of Quagmire. Adam and Carol get married and Peter is glad he has a sister. It was great to see Carol again and it was great to see Adam West in better role in this episode. He was funny with Peter and I enjoyed the relationship they had. I'm glad that Lois had a change of heart and it was funny Quagmire turned the plane around when Peter said that Brian was eating rabbits. Speaking of Brian, I'm glad his role was tiny and I'm also glad that there wasn't a b plot. It was a great episode and I hope we see more of Adam and Carol.
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