Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 9

Business Guy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 2009 on FOX

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  • Epic.

  • Loved it.

    They put Pter in a funny position, therefore this just works!
  • Perfect episode to end the 2000s decade

    After Peter throws Carter a wild bachelor party, he slips into a deep coma that not even Dr. House can bring him out of. Lois, now in control of Pewterschmidt Industries, is convinced by Peter to let him run the operation. Overcome by power, Peter fires the entire board. Carter eventually recovers, but realizes that it may be tough to get his company back. I thought it was a perfect episode of Family Guy and it was perfect that the decade ended really well after a mess from a few episodes (The Juice is Loose, Peter Progress, and a few weaker episodes). I had no problems with this episode at all whatsoever. The Cheeseburger Helper cutaway was kind of long but it was tolerable. I laughed at Lois feeling seasick and vomit at Brian and Stewie, the guys giving Carter a bachelor party, the eventual return of Road House (which was a few episodes back), Stewie's line about asking Carter's status, German bedtime story, Peter firing the people at Carter's company and replaced with Brian, Quagmire, and Mort, Joe couldn't work because he is handicapped, Carter watching the Big Bang Theory, the ending, and a few more parts. Overall a funny episode of FG and it is one of the best for this season. 10/10
  • Decent


    After Peter throws Carter a wild bachelor party, he slips into a deep coma that not even Dr. House can bring him out of. Lois, now in control of Pewterschmidt Industries, is convinced by Peter to let him run the operation. Overcome by power, Peter fires the entire board. Carter eventually recovers, but realizes that it may be tough to get his company back.


  • Excellent episode of "Family Guy"

    I thought that this was an enjoyable episode of "Family Guy" for the most part. I loved how Peter took over Carter's company after Carter got a heart attack. It was funny when Peter, Joe, and Quagmire threw Carter a bachelor party because Carter has never had or heard of a bachelor party. It was very funny when Peter fired all of Carter's employees and had Mort, Brian, and Quagmire help Peter with the company. It was funny when Joe couldn't find a way to get inside the house. It was hilarious when Peter's private jet made the streets on fire and then Joe complains to Peter that his first lawn is on fire. The bunny with Quagmire in the plane was hilarious especially when Quagmire ripped off his head and he freaks out. I thought the heart monitor thing was hilarious. It was very funny when Carter loved the watch "The Big Bang Theory". It was also funny when Dr. House was the doctor in the episode. I also laughed out at the Scooby-Doo reference that this episode had near the end of the episode and Dr. House was the swamp monster. Brilliant idea for the writers to to do a Scooby-Doo reference. It was also hilarious when Peter jumped and then he was frozen. Overall, an excellent episode of "Family Guy". 10/10
  • very good episode was amazing until the last 5 min. but still produced mad laughs

    After being invited onto the Pewterschmidt's yacht, Lois gets seasick and vomits. Peter, saying this reminds him of his bachelor party in response, is shocked to find out that Lois' father Carter doesn't know what a bachelor party is, since he never had one. After returning to Quahog, Peter decides to take him to a strip club to simulate a bachelor party, and give him the time of his life. During his excitement, Carter ends up having a heart attack and falls into a coma. Dr. House is hired to treat him, but only punches Carter in the face to make sure he's actually comatose. Soon, Carter's video will is discovered, in which Carter leaves Lois control of his billion dollar manufacturing company, Pewterschmidt Industries. Upon hearing this, Lois professes that she does not know the first thing about running a corporation. Peter, however, inspired by House's "live-without-rules" lifestyle despite his own inexperience, takes over the company himself.
    Although the company is already performing better than ever before, Peter fires the entire board of directors and hires his friends to manufacture ridiculous items, such as an African American heart monitor. Lois attempts to intervene, but Peter threatens her into behaving by saying he can "fire" her too, reminding her of what happened to Lacey Chabert. Soon after, Carter reawakens from his coma and learns about what Peter has done with his company. Carter confronts Peter in his former office and demands for him to relinquish control of the company, but is soon thrown out by the power hungry Peter.
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  • After Peter throws Lois' Dad a bachelor party and he has a heart attack during a lap dance the company is left to Lois to run. Of course Peter takes over and from there the predictable occurs.

    Not the best episode I have seen of Family Guy this season. Maybe the worst episode of the season. I really would have to go back and look thru the episodes though to make sure.

    I really enjoyed the episode up to the point where Mr. Pewterschmidt has his heart attack. The bits on the boat with Lois throwing up and Stewie's comment about what Brian does, the undersea shot of the ocean floor that looks like the bottom of an aquarium, and the strip club where Peter and the boys go were all classically funny Family Guy bits.

    From that point on things went downhill fast. Peter taking over and destroying things in his random way of doing things is getting a little old. The Swamp Monster bit was funny, but then the Scooby Doo bit was tedious.

    Sometimes I think these guys get a little too random for their own good. Stick to the characters strengths. It's what makes the show funny. I must admit though, after this I watched the Cleveland Show and I thought for once I was going to see something better. Nope. Thanks for reading...
  • Eh.

    I suppose this episode was not horrible, but Family Guy really needs to cut down on the pop culture references and cutaway scenes. This episode was progressing at a nice speed, but the constant stoppage for "random flashbacks" as the show calls them, are not necessary. I'm glad the show has realized Lois' voice is super annoying and they're at least mocking it. Getting rid of Alex Borstein would be too much I suppose, but I certainly would approve of it.

    I did like the references to House and The Big Bang Theory. That scene they used is exactly like a conversation that would be on Bang. Those were good, but Scooby Doo? That I could pass on.
  • Good episode.

    Just like one reviewer put out, this indeed felt like one of the older episodes. It had the original family guy feel to it, unlike the newer ones where most jokes aren't relatable at all. If you really don't find this one funny, I suggest you watch the Cleveland Show, which is an epic fail show that tries hard to use the family guy structure. And you might actually find a significant difference, and start to appreciate the little comedy season 8 throws at us.

    This episode was good as a whole, with a few stand out jokes. The African-American hearth monitor, Quagmire pulling out his scalp after his brownie experiment, Brian eating Lois' puke are some typical offensive and gross humor that accurately represents the shows roots. Of course, cameos by the Jim Parsons and John Galecki from Big Bang Theory and Hugh Laurie finally provide some short bursts of laughter.

    Good episode.
  • Well, here we go again.

    This episode was like the recent episodes, bad. I won't waste my time telling you the few funny parts, there is no point. Family Guy has changed and for the worst, and true fans would know. I promised myself I would avoid this show and not watch it anymore. But it was tempting, now I regret it. The episode, was tastless, repetitive, stale, and depended too much 1-2 minute cutways (ex. Hamburger Helper Cutway). Why do I keep watching this? This show is not and proabaly will not be my pride and joy anymore. It went downhill at the start of season 6. Family Guy is dead.
  • Good Inoffensive episode!


    If that wasn't good enough the episode was back to basics again nothing preachy or game changing just Peter being Peter.

    Carter has a heart attack and peter takes over his company hilarity ensues. That's pretty much it. I haven't seen a Family guy This good for a long time and it's nice to see them not shoving Brian down our throats again. I'm sick of Brian/Stewie episodes and we finally get a great Peter episode...AND HOUSE. I guess the Balls they put in the manatee tank are working. I hope they keep this up because I might love Family Guy again at this point.
  • Interesting episode, but not perfect, in my opiinon!

    This episode had its positives, and it was quite funny to me. The storyline was very well written, but I just wished Lois' father would just die, as he is my least favorite character in this show.

    The episode was quite hilarious on a whole, and there were a whole olt of scenes which were laughable and could make me laugh.

    The ending was quite weird, but a good sort of weird, in my opinion, and this episode turned out to be decent.

    Overall, this isn't the best episode, but I would recommend it quite highly, as it was very interesting and different!
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