Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 14

Call Girl

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 2013 on FOX

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  • Love it

  • Now come on

    This is not Lois.
  • Wow, one of the worst episodes ever (Probably the worst, THE ABSOLUTE WORST!!!)

    This episode is so universally bad. EVERY element in this episode FUCKING SUCKS (probably the worst). The plot is the worst, it has a lot of hypocritical writing with stupid decision after stupid decision, not to mention it is completely boring with mean spirited dialgoues and context. The "sub-plot" in the beginning is a waste of animation which further shows Peter's irritating stupidity and just comes out as lazy, random (in a bad way), unfunny and boring. The characters are the worst, Lois and Peter has constantly become assholes to everyone (even each other). Peter is even more stupid and Lois is even bitchier, plus Peter tries to cheat on Lois and Lois is a hypocrite. To make matters worse, they treat their kids as horribly as possible and constantly AND IN A SPAN OF 22 MINUTES!!! The jokes are the worst, Lois insulting her kids is NOT funny, Peter being an ass to everyone forcefully is not funny, Lois working at a sex line saying sexual things is not funny, Peter doing stupid things with birds is not funny and Stewie's "two-quarter way" joke WAS NOT FUNNY!!! PROBABLY ONE OF THE WORST JOKES IN FAMILY GUY!!! I'm talking Herpes the Love Sore and Fresh Heir unfunny. The romance is the worst, they aren't genuine (I don't care if this is "just a cartoon" because American Dad can do it it is really forcefully sappy, awkward, disgusting and THIS FUCKING MAKES TWILIGHT'S ROMANCE LOOK GREAT (OH YEAH I SAID IT!!!).

    Peter does the most obscure thing which is to not recognize 'Classy' is Lois, geez what an idiot and Lois calls Peter a thilthy slut or whatever, look who's talking (she slept with Bill Clinton, kissed Anthony) not to mention she worked as a phone sex lady and saying sexual things (I don't care if it's not considered cheating, it's still not an appropriate job to call another, also I don't care if Lois needed a job; she can find another one that doesn't involve this). Insulting her own children for no apparent reason; well how would Lois like it if I walked up to her and called her 'Big nose bitch', yes very supportive as a mother Lois, NOT. We're they desperately trying to make her funny and a badass because the creators made her more pathetic. You guys thought Turban Cowboy and The Juice is Loose were bad, this is worse, now I DON'T hate Lois because she is still hard working and she was a GREAT character in early episodes but she has just became a mediocre character right now and I hope she doesn't become too much like Peter.

    Overall a terrible episode with poor plotting, I don't even want to give it a 1. If there was a 0 rating, this would be it (or -1 or lower).
  • Remember when Lois was just a housewife/piano teacher, and not a sex-loving monster?

    Because I do. This episode is a good example of Lois's flanderzation that has been getting worse every season. In this episode, Lois gets a job as a call girl, and fakes her identity to Peter, making sure he doesn't know who she is. Overall, it's another weak episode. Not much to say here.
  • Lois should never headline an episode again

    I was angry at how much I hated this one. Thanks to Peters' stupidity, Lois has to look for job. She gets one at an adult call center. Peter doesn't know it was her and decides to cheat on her thinking it is another woman. Lois goes to meet Peter in disguise and was angry when she revealed she was Classy. It was unbelievable that Peter didn't recognize her voice and Lois was a hypcrite. Lois used to be a good character but now she has morphed into a whore and her voice is so annoying and grating that she should only appear less and less. Insulting her own kids makes her on top of my hate list. Peter has to be the most stupid person on the face of this planet. Farting on Meg again made my blood boil. The falcon bit couldn't save this bad episode. Peter and Lois are gross and Lois to me isn't all that. Francine Smith is. Skip this one. Another stinker Seth!!
  • Call Girl

    Absolutely terrible episode of Family Guy here. Insulting to have a premise like this, and there were not even any funny lines or moments, maybe Quagmire asking if Lois got an HR packet, but that's about it. Just really bad, and one of the worst of the season.