Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 7

Chick Cancer

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 26, 2006 on FOX

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  • Radical

  • Stewie marry his old flame Olivia; Peter makes a chick flicks

    Stewie ties the knot with his old flame Olivia, but their relationship quickly turns, and becomes normal dull marriage. It all escalates when they go on a double date with Brian and Jillian. Meanwhile, Lois introduces Peter to chick flicks, so he decides to make his own movie with a plot based on every chick movie ever. An improvement over Prick your ears. However, Stewie's plot was getting a little boring after awhile and the fighting were not helping either. There were funny moments in the plot like Stewie trying to ask Olivia by treating her in a bad way. Quagmire's cameo when Brian shows Stewie about women, Cherriots cutaway, and 2-4 more. So yeah Peter's subplot was funnier and no problems at all. I laughed at Peter's emotional burst at the end of the movie, Peter watching all the chick flicks (and he said "before that, I used to cried in my penis, but now I cried in my...forgot what it is), and the chick flick which was received negatively. Overall, this episode was superb but the writers could have use a bit more humor. 9/10
  • Brian's plot is boring ONCE AGAIN, but Peter's plot was okay


    Stewie ties the knot with his old flame Olivia, but their relationship quickly turns, and becomes normal dull marriage. It all escalates when they go on a double date with Brian and Jillian. Meanwhile, Lois introduces Peter to chick flicks, so he decides to make his own movie with a plot based on every chick movie ever.

    Brian's plot is boring ONCE AGAIN, but Peter's plot was okay, the chick flick movie was awesome


  • Peter decides to make a chick flick after Lois introduces chick flicks to him

    I thought that this was an excellent episode of "Family Guy" and it made me laugh hard for the most part. I liked Peter's plot more than Stewie's plot though. The Stewie/Olivia plot was great but it wasn't exactly what I would call the best. My score was a just a tad low because Stewie and Olivia's arguments was a little annoying. The ending of the Stewie plot wasn't that great to me either when Stewie burned the cardboard house with Olivia and that other guy in there. So if this episode only focused on Stewie's plot, it probably would've gotten an 8.5 from me. Peter's plot is what what my score a 9.5. It's just a tad low because of Stewie's plot. "The Mayor of Comedy" cutaway was hilarious. I also thought that the "Cheetos" cutaway was hilarious. Lois introducing Peter a chick flick was absolutely hilarious especially when Peter was crying through the chick flick and ended up liking it. Peter deciding to make his own chick flick was also hilarious. It was hilarious when Peter was forcing Joe to stand up because Joe's character stands up and Joe can't because he is obviously handicapped and then Peter tazes Joe off his wheelchair. Peter's chick flick really made me laugh so hard and it was also hilarious when everyone hated Peter's chick flick. Joe's line "That was the worst crap I have ever seen" also made me laugh hard. Overall, the Stewie/Olivia plot is great but Peter's plot made me laugh the hardest. 9.5/10
  • An example of what Family guy is all about: Offensively funny humor

    In this episode Stewie hates, dates, marries, and murders his former dancing partner Olivia (previously in "From Method to Madness") while Peter discovers, and then makes, a chick flick.

    Good: Plot is original, Subplot is great satire, Peter's flim is so terrible it's hilarious, Manatee Jokes are actually decent, plot jokes are funny

    Bad: Stewie's convo with the dude about the steak is too long and unfunny, the last part about Stewie's sexuality is just awkward

    Overall: Excluding for a couple of worn-out and awkward moments with Stewie, this is a great episode both for satire as well as for random humor. Definitly recommended. 8.5/10
  • Another fine episode

    Alec Sulkin and Wellesly Wild do it again, normally see good stuff from these guys. Well, I pretty much enjoyed the entire episode, much like last week. The scene with Olivia and Stewie "people watching" was great, as was the Lion attacking the robot that followed. Chester Cheetah snorting the cheese puffs as if it were cocaine while listening to Rush was friggin hilarious. As a fan of arcade games, I loved the Q*Bert reference. Also, I am really liking these call backs, ala Brian showing his unconscious hatred towards the blacks. I cant decide line from Peter I liked better "She died from an angry Hymen", or "Cry from my Penis", both were gold. Overall, an excellent episode, and according to Zac Moncrief, the director of the next episode, its supposed to be even better, so here's hoping!
  • Never, Ever, make Stewie Griffin angry Ever! :!:

    This episode proves once and for all why you do Not want to get on Stewie Griffin's bad side. When Stewie's old flame Olivia falls from her spotlight, Stewie decides to give Olivia a good-old fashioned taste of Humble Pie. Until Stewie sees just how beautiful Olivia has become since moving out to Hollywood. Stewie suddenly wants to go back to hanging out with Olivia again, but Stewie is no longer the kind of baby Olivia wants to hang out with. Stewie soon discovers however, if you hit women with the right insult at the right time, they can be convinced to go out with you. So Stewie Griffin develops a dark side in order to have Olivia be his, and it works. It starts out really romantically at first, but Stewie soon gets jealous of Olivia's friend. Not wanting the competition to take her away, Stewie makes an impulsive decision and decides to marry Olivia. But marriage for Stewie isn't all it's cracked up to be. The strains between them are fully boiling over when they go have dinner with Brian Griffin and his human girlfriend! But when Stewie catches Olivia cheating on him with her special friend, that tears it for Stewie! Deciding Olivia can no longer be kept alive so she can break another boy's heart, Stewie burns down the house he and Olivia built while burning alive Olivia and her friend inside. On the positive side, Stewie Griffin decides that he Could do with being gay! :lol: It's certainly a funny episode when the youngest member of the Griffin family discovers his sexuality preference at such a young age! That's why I wrote about this episode, to discuss my love for this show! Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • chick cancer

    Anyway who is married, or has ever been in a long-term relationship, or just knows how painful they can be needs to watch this episode. While the Stewie and Olivia episode the first time around was alright, they really found their stride working together here. Stewie was the star of the new Family Guy, and he still is, but tonight he was just even a step above all of that. His angry response to the guy in the restaurant was exactly the kind of thing you want to say to loud people there, and the whole episode was really like that: just pure brilliance.
  • Another episode of Family Guy which I don't like. Their getting better again though.

    Stewie goes back out with Olivia, his old girlfriend. Then, they get married. Their marriage becomes boring. Peter then tries to make a chick movie, but sucks at it. Stewie becomes jealous when Olivia spends time with one of her guy friends. When Peter show the movie, everyone hates it. At the end of the episode, Stewie walks into their house and sees Olivia with the friend of hers. He burns down the house with her and the guy in it. Once again, I was disappointed with Family Guy. They are doing horrible, which explains the lower ratings. I don't see why it's still on the air. Sorry for saying that to all of you super-crazy "Family Guy" fans.
  • It's a good episode.

    I kind of loved this episode.I loved that Cheetos commercial where Chester gets Cheetos in his nose and got broken glass on his hand.That part was a very funny moment or clip on this episode.I really loved that movie Peter made.It was very funny and I loved that movie when Peter gets hit by a giant bag of leaves,Cleveland putting more Spigetti-O's on Lois and Joe getting his legs at a computer animated picture.That scene was very funny and that scene and some of the scenes of this episode was one of the awesomest moments of this very funny episode.
  • Season 5, Episode 7.

    Haha, I really liked this episode. "A New Orleans man says that his socks are finally dry." LMAO! So mean... "Open your mouth, baby. Here it comes." Haha, the Star Wars spoof. Great episode, haha. I liked Peter's thing for chick flicks. LMAO when Peter met Sandra Oh. "I thank you with one dollar! That's a lot of money to them." "Not even a maybe they are, maybe they're not gay guys. The here they come, floatin' around, makin' noise gay guys." LMAO! I liked the sarcasm guy. "Ohoho! Now you funny too!" LMAO! I love this show so much! =]
  • On the whole; good but still a little off

    Stewie tries to win over a retired child actress Olivia Fuller and they end up getting married. Meanwhile; Peter becomes a fan of "chick movies" and makes his own titled "Steel Vaginas". This episode is high on jokes and includes the standard wink wink Family Jokes involving; sex, drugs, physical gaffes and offbeat celebrity references but most of them go on too long; the episode is like a giant skit that refuses to end.

    The plot for both Stewie and Peter are very interesting but both of them feel a little under - written especially Peter's even though the final product of his movie is so terrible, it's hilarious.

    It's time that the writer's stop demanding more money and realise that the random filler jokes on this show don't work especially the overly long ones here like the sitcom album infomercial, when Luke Skywalker humiliates the rebel pilot and the jabs at Woody Allen.

    The very much improved animation is used to great effect in this episode but the standouts are wasted on the worst sequences in the episodes while the interesting parts are stuck with the show's standard animation.

    Seth Macfarlane's sister provides the voice of Olivia in this episode and proves that her vocals aren't limited to age factors. Drew Barrymore also pops in as the ditzy Jillian. Chick Cancer is a good episode; due to the fact that it can retain it's quality regardless of so - so material but at this point the show looks like it's headed for a deja vu; cancellation.
  • Taste it; Drink it; then convert it to pee!

    Taste it; Drink it; then convert it to pee!

    That made me laugh so much, seriously. It was a great line, and that's what made this episode soar to the tops!

    Really what I didn't like was the ending. Steweie lights the house on fire, then it goes black, the credits roll, then it shows Brian asking Stewie, "So, what happened?" Stewie really didn't answer that question... I wanna know what happened! Well, I guess that's Family Guy for us.

    So, all in all, this was a great episode, and deserves a very high score. I gets that score,. but it still isn't the best greatest episode of the whole series, so...

    9.1 out of 10.
  • I like it. A sequel for From Method to Madness.

    Olivia returned to Quahog and made a final appearance at the mall. Then Stewie wanted to humiliate her after she turned him down. Using advise from Brian for treating women and hearing Quagmire calling a stranger lady a whore, Stewie became a Bad Boy against Olivia convincing him to go out with her. Classic when he called her Ray Liotta! Then the two ended up getting married. I appreciate them focusing a lot on Brian's girlfriend, Jillian. Later, Stewie and Olivia's marriage becomes constant bickering, and after finding out the she cheated on Stewie for another playmate, Stewie set their cardboard house on fire when Olivia and her new friend were in it. I think Olivia survived, though. I actually wouldn't mind Olivia appearing occasionally in future episodes. Even if she did die, reappear as a ghost, you know, like the Vaudeville Guys in Back to the Woods, except she'll make a major appearance like usual.
  • Good episode... Loved the ending line of the episode.

    Stewie sees on the news that his old friend, child actress Olivia's Hollywood career is coming to a close and she is making one last appearance at the Quahog mall. He goes to the mall to gloat but winds up falling in love with her. She does not return his feelings. Stewie takes Brian's advice (after seeing Quagmire being mean to a stranger by calling her a whore) to be mean to her, and soon they tie the knot with Rupert officiating. But their relationship quickly turns into a stereotypical marriage filled with resentment and bickering, which comes to an ugly head when they join Brian and Jillian on a double date. When he discovers that Olivia is cheating on him, Stewie sets fire to their pretend house, presumably killing Olivia and her new playmate in the process.

    Meanwhile, Peter watches a chick flick with Lois and is so deeply moved by it that, after renting several other chick flicks, decides to make one of his own. The plot of Peter's movie, Steel Vaginas, is as follows: Peter plays a man who claims he did not care much for women until he met a girl named "Vageena Hertz" (played by Lois), who happened to be his own daughter. Vageena then one day eats a sandwich before swimming in the lake and nearly drowns. She is then rushed to the hospital where she dies of an angry hymen and, on that note, the film ends. Because of the film's poor editing and undeveloped plot events, everyone thinks Peter's movie is completely pointless.

    During the closing credits, it is suggested that Stewie's troubled relationship was because of his ambiguous sexuality; when Brian teaches Stewie what it means to be gay Stewie replies, "Oh yeah, I could totally get into that."
  • wonderfull

    Alec Sulkin and Wellesly Wild do it again, normally see good stuff from these guys. Well, I pretty much enjoyed the entire episode, much like last week. The scene with Olivia and Stewie "people watching" was great, as was the Lion attacking the robot that followed. Chester Cheetah snorting the cheese puffs as if it were cocaine while listening to Rush was friggin hilarious. As a fan of arcade games, I loved the Q*Bert reference. Also, I am really liking these call backs, ala Brian showing his unconscious hatred towards the blacks. I cant decide line from Peter I liked better "She died from an angry Hymen", or "Cry from my Penis both were gold. Overall, an excellent episode, and according to Zac Moncrief, the director of the next episode, its supposed to be even better, so here's hoping!
  • Family Guy is on a roll with these past 3 episodes.

    Nice to see Olivia return to the show, albeit for only one episode. Stewie and Olivia's "subplot" was definitely better than Peter's stupid chick flick scheme, which felt like another random (the bad kind) Peter plot that involves him doing something stupid for no reason, except he doesn't even learn a lesson this time, other than everyone thought his movie sucked. The only memorable line from that plot was Peter saying that women now make him cry through his eyes as well as his penis (lol).

    So Olivia returns to Quahog and Stewie falls in love with her. He wants to impress her, so he tries looking grown up (with some of Brian's hair from his brush and dice shoved in his diaper, lol). Ironically, he acts tough and mean to her and they start going out and eventually get "married". Before long, they argue like every other married couple. Stewie had a funny line when Olivia claimed he didn't even know what sex was ("It's a kind of cake?" lol). They go out to dinner with Brian and Jillian one night, where things get worse but more hilarious, especially when Stewie starts picking a fight with a guy across the restaurant. I don't know if I really liked the ending, though. I guess I would have liked Olivia to stick around a little longer or at least stayed alive, but I could see where she might get overused. And you couldn't escape this episode without a gay Stewie moment (again) when he learns from Brian exactly what gay is and realizes that he "could totally get into that".

    Overall, a great episode. Definitely a highlight of Season 5.
  • Unirigonal...YEAH RIGHT!!

    I have seen alot of reviews for this episode be called, Uniroginal, now that's bullcrap, why in hell could it be called Unorgigonal. Allright let me get down to it. From Method To Madness is one of my all-time favourite episodes, it's great and has a good song in it, so this, it's sequal is hilarious! I mean Stewie acting like a badboy so he can go on a date with Olivia(his old singing partner, from a season 3 episode for those of you idiots that just joined the show after it's 4th season, don't even get me started.) and then she falls in love with him, and then of course we have them getting married and going on a double date with Brian and Jillian, which is great with Stewie argueing with someone in the restaurant, it's realistic moments like that that make Family Guy, Family Guy. Anyone that doesn't like this episode can take a flying leap. It's completely origonal and great!
  • This episode was really funny! Absolutely loved it!. . .

    This episode was really exciting. It's exactly why I watch this series. I thought it was really funny and a brillant installment. Family Guy is starting to give The Simpsons a run for their money. . . if you know what I mean. Family Guy is definetly sky rocketing to popularity. The characters are brillent. The basic plot makes you want to watch more and keeps you glued to the couch for hours. All the characters, as always, were fresh and original. Peter, the lovable idiot, always has his scemes and ideas. The whole idea for him to make a "chick flick" was funny, especially when he (tried to) parody all chick flicks made. Overall a very entertaining and great episode!
  • Stewie re-unites and later marries Olivia, a girl from past episodes. While Stewie and Olivia experience obstacles in their marriage, Peter decides to make his own chick flick after being inspired by watching one with Lois.

    This episode was a little bit better than last week's, Prick Up Your Ears." It had a few more funny instances such as the Luke Skywalker and the pilot, Peter and Lois meeting the female writer and Peter giving her one dollar, the guy slapping the other guy with pictures of his children in his wallet, Stewie putting on Brian's fur for pubes and the dice hanging out, Quagmire calling the woman something bad and the woman decides to come back in the house, the Cheetos guy sniffing cheese, the Lion and the Robot fighting, Stewie yelling at the guy in the restaurant and decides on what to get, in Peter's horrible movie, Steel Vaginas, it shows Joe running with these horribly animated legs, and Brian repeatedly saying "It's not your fault" to Stewie and then Stewie commenting on Brian's racism against black people.

    Wow, spent most of the review writing what was funny in the show. Some parts that I really didn't find funny or a waste of time were the ending and the stereotypes. Some of them were funny but it didn't really go with the plot. The ending wasn't so good; it felt like the writers just threw it in there to quickly finish the episode.

    Overall, it was a decent episode with a lot more jokes than last week.
  • Possibly, probably, it's gotta be! It's the best episode of Family Guy this season so far.

    Stewie meets the girl from acting class again, and he gets attracted to her. He then learns that girls respond to mean jerk guys, which isn't true in real life, but it did work... sort of. They did get married, but then they were always fighting, and then they went to a fancy restaurant with Brian and his stupid girlfriend that I wish would die in an episode, Jillian, she's lame! I think this is the episode where the piano guys died, which is cool! Herbert even had a small role in this episode, talking to Jessie, his dog! Great episode!
  • open your mouth baby here it comes

    when i read the line from chuck berry was from a urination sex tape i had to laugh....animated joe legs.....curb and rush jokes thrown in....stewie getting cant vote low on this the pop culture jokes are spot on some are hit and miss but someone else will be laughing when they get the joke and you dont...better than last weeks so no big thing all.....still the best adult animated show ever made
  • Stewie is supprised to see a familiar face he thought he left behind.

    While louis and Peter are occupid with making a chick movie, Stewie is shocked to see a memerable face he now desires, Olivia. He wants to have a realationship with Olivia but he finds out it\'s hard to get girls to do things without yelling at them and being mean. Olivia gives in and Stewie takes power over her with a pretent marrige. Now knowing that Olivia has a career in filming, Stewie gets over protective when one of olivia\'s friends starts cheating on her. Peter\'s chick movie ends in horrible conclution and Stewie breaks up with the one girl he proble had most in common with. In all the family was back to normal waiting for another random day.
  • What a letdown!

    This episode failed to make me laugh even once. What happened? I was so looking forward to watching this, and I was left incredibly deluded. The idea of Peter getting into chick flicks had a lot of potential, but it didn\'t get off of the ground. I felt like in places they just got lazy. I was actually inventing better jokes and punchlines! Hopefully the rest of the series won\'t be like this. I don\'t think it will be, it was just a filler episode, but still. I in particular hate when they have about 60 seconds of lame phrases which take up time. Please writers! Do better.
  • I felt that this episode was lost within its self. No true story and bringing back old ideas which weren't really expanded to there fullest.

    I do love Family Guy and i'd never turn my back on it but this episode just didn't fullfil my expectations. There were some good laugh-out-loud moments but not enough for the 20+ minutes of entertainment and i feel that this episode never got going (stuck in the starting blocks). Lets hope the next eppy will give me want i desire.
  • this wasn't the worst episode and it wasn't the best episode either, hence the average classification

    I gave it a higher ranking, because they have had episodes that were over a 10 before, so I will give them a little credit even though it wasn't a great episode. There was some funny parts with Chester Cheeto, listening to Rush, and snorting, and a few others as well. I didn't care too much for the story with Stewie, it could have been funnier but it was still had some pretty funny moments. I think it would have been funnier if he was enemies with her like he was in the beginning, not that Stewie doesn't have enough enemies. I guess it was a different side of the character, even though he is only 2 dimensional. I hope they get a little more raunchy and controversial like they used to when they were first on.
  • Big ups on the "Curb Your Enthusiasm" & RUSH references... that one drew a tear. Unbelievably funny randomness -- this ep had you screamin along with laughter. It's not just random -- it's the use of pop icons to punch hard hitting statement

    Huge ups on the "Curb" reference and the RUSH/Cheetos scene -- they are right about Neil Peart drumming though.

    I think the show was sharp to the end. Stewie and Brian rock the world. Excellent writing. The show has gotten better and better throughout the years. This show will be able to go on for 20 years of more if they wanted to. It can seamlessly add new characters and develops each one beautifully. Peter is outrageously absurd. He is the best character since Franklin Sherman in "The Critic". I love the fact that Stewie's a fast learner -- he's definately the most empowering character since Eric Cartman.
  • Lois, before I found these movies, women only made me cry through my penis. Now they make me cry through my eyes.

    This episode was good but not great, though a better watch than last week's. Bringing Olivia back was an interesting idea but I'm not sure it was the best move because putting relationship cliches in cartoon form without putting any spin on them isn't funny. The ending was satisfying but didn't make up for a fair few laughless scenes in the plot.

    Peter making a chick flick was probably funnier but the ending was a bit like I take thee Quagmire where it shows how ridiculous a director Peter is and the footage is completely unbelievable.

    Overall, this episode was good just nowhere near as good as it could have been.
  • A good reflection of the Family Guy series

    Stewie meets his old flame Olivia and his passion for her just come back when he saw her. But their new relationship turns and becomes a boring mariage. They go on a double date with Brian and Jillian and they don't stop baffle at the restaurant. Meanwhile, Peter sees a movie that make him crying and dicides to make his own movie. The turning is very funny with Peter's stupid idea and the result is so hilarous. That an average episode that is a good reflection of the Family Guy series. Must be see by people who like the series.
  • Stewie marries Olivia (just for pretend, i mean they are little kids) meanwhile Peter is falls in love with chick flicks and decides to make his own.

    I'm really enjoying this season of Family Guy. I guess they needed season 4 to help the new writers and old ones too, to get back on track with the show, because every episode so far this season has been enjoyable and had its share of funny moments. I'm happy to see they are bringing back good characters from the series orginal run to give them their own stories, (instead of a simple random gag like last season). Olivia and Stewie have great chemistry together and seeing them bickering again as a married couple was a lot of fun to watch. The weaker subplot was Peter making a chick flick. It seemed more of a filler for the rest of the episode really, but had a couple funny scenes anyway to keep you from getting bored and wanting to see them return to the other stronger Stewie/Olivia plot. Let's just hope they keep up the good work for the rest of the season. And, next week's episode with Brian taking Meg to prom sounds even better.
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