Family Guy

Season 1 Episode 3

Chitty Chitty Death Bang

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 18, 1999 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • Peter's Shirt has 4 buttons throughout the episode but during the beginning of the "3 little pigs" flashback it only has 3 buttons

    • When we first see Stewie writing in his journal he is wearing red trousers, but after that he's in his pajamas.

    • One of the articles in the Soldier of Fortune magazine is titled Top 10 Sexiest Chemical Explosives.

    • Brian is seen reading Doggy Style.

    • After Peter loses his Dukes of Hazzard watch at Cheesie Charlie's, he is seen at the cult meeting wearing a blue watch. Though it is gone after a few seconds.

    • When Peter and Chris are leaving Cheesie Charlie's, you can see that all of the arcade machines in the background are the same, even though they're walking away.

    • When Jennifer turns to Meg to say that they are friends forever, and ever, she has no glasses. Next shot, she has them again.

    • At the end of the episode when Stewie is thinking of a birthday wish - one of Hitler's speeches plays in his head. It was changed for subsequent re-runs to just the sounds of explosions.

    • Stewie's full name is Stewart Gilligan Griffin

  • Quotes

    • Peter: Chris, it's a big day for you. Today's the day you become the man of the house, because when I tell your mother she's going to kill me.

    • Peter: Brian, Stewie's party is gonna suck. The only things I could get on short notice was the cake and that big-ass piñata.
      (Shows Brian a piñata in the shape of an ass)
      Brian: I sure hope candy comes out of that.

    • Peter: Face it, I'm a bad husband, a lousy father, and a snappy dresser.

    • Meg: Daddy, you must think I'm the worst daughter ever.
      Peter: Oh no you're not honey. What about that fat girl from the Judds?

    • Chris: It's cool dad. They have this game where you put in a dollar, and you win four quarters. I win every time!

    • Peter: Meg, you're home late.
      Meg: I stayed after school to try out for cheerleading.
      Peter: Well, don't keep me in suspense. How'd you do?
      Meg: I'll give you a hint. I S-U-C-K-E-D! Sucked! Sucked!
      Peter: Yay! Oh, I mean, sorry, honey.

    • Doctor: Congratulations, Mrs. Griffin, it's a boy. Wait, there's more...
      Lois: Oh my god! Is it twins?
      Doctor: No, it's a map of Europe.

    • Stewie: I say, am I to spend the entire day wallowing around in my own feces? A little service here.
      Peter: Hey stinky. Have we got big plans for you.
      Stewie: Plans? What the devil are you talking about?

    • (Riding a circus elephant)

      Peter: Hey, Lois, look. The two symbols of the Republican party: an elephant and a big fat white guy who's threatened by change.

    • Cult Leader: What the hell is this?
      Stewie: It's a boy.

    • Brian: She's a whiney little runt, isn't she?
      Lois: (gasps)
      Brian: I said RUNT.

    • Stewie: I shall require an in-flight happy meal, but NO PICKLES! Oh, God help you if I find pickles!

    • Jennifer: Meg, you didn't tell me your mother was just like Martha Stewart!
      Lois: Oh, no. Once you get to know me, I'm really very nice.

    • (Stewie is taken by an airport security guard)

      Stewie: Damn you! You're one of them. What are they paying you? I'll double it! I'll give you whatever you want! Money, women... men?

    • Timmy: I have 13 tickets, now. Is that enough?
      Man: Oh, I'm sorry Timmy, but you need 15 tickets to live.

    • Cheerleader #1: Boy, it sure is great being thin and popular.
      Cheerleader #2: Let's go throw up.

    • Stewie: What do you want?
      Cult Leader: I want to get the hell out of here!
      Stewie: Oh, I'm sorry, We're fresh out of that, but what I can give you is UNTIMELY DEATH!

    • Peter: (To Lois) C'mon Lois, I hate to see you so upset. Look we got animals, we got clowns, I mean, a party couldn't be any better if Jesus himself showed up.
      Jesus: Ok everybody, for my next miracle I'm going to turn water into funk.

    • Cheesie Charlie Employee: We have many flavors of ice cream, vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and people.
      Peter: What was that last one?
      Cheesie Charlie Employee: Chocolate

    • Brian: Well Peter you've only got a couple of hours left, if you're gonna pull a party out of your ass you may wanna stand up.

    • Chris: Hey birthday dude you want some Ice Cream?
      Stewie: Yes. But no sprinkles! For every sprinkle I find I shall kill you

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Hong Kong Phooey

      At Cheezy Charlie's, Peter dives into a pile of balls and yells, "Hong Kong Phooey!" A reference to the popular Hanna-Barbera cartoon superhero from the '70s.

    • Farrah Fawcett

      In the flashback to Meg's first birthday party, Lois' hair is styled like that of Farrah Fawcett (Majors), star of the hit series Charlie's Angels. It was the most popular women's hairstyle of the time.

    • Animal House

      The scene in which Peter knocks out the parade leader to lead the circus parade off course is a reference to this comedy.

    • Couplehood
      A copy of Couplehood, a book by Paul Reiser, is added to the punch in the Heaven's Helpers clubhouse, along with arsenic and other assorted poisons.

    • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
      The title for this episode is based on an old family movie Chitty Chitty Bang Bang starring Dick Van Dyke and Sally Ann Howes.

    • Chuck E. Cheese

      Cheezy Charlie's is a take off on Chuck E Cheese, a restaurant chain in North America that caters primarilly to children's parties. They serve pizza, and have loads of games for kids.

    • West Side Story

      Dancer: Why don't you just hang back and stretch?
      Peter working on a choreographed dance number and talking about rumbling with the "greasy sharks" is a reference to the musical, West Side Story.

    • Children of the Corn

      Peter: Holy crap, it's the children of the corn!
      Children of the Corn is a Stephen King movie from 1984 where children kill adults for the glory of God.

    • Dukes of Hazzard

      Kid: Hey, what's the 'Dukes of Hazzard'?
      Dukes of Hazzard is an early 80's Warner Bros TV show set in the Hazzard County, which is small town in in the hills of Georgia, where anything can happen!

    • Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back

      Stewie: As for you, kind sage, I only hope my heartfelt thanks will keep you warm as you spend the next ten years in frozen carbonite!
      The old man at the airport is frozen in a block of carbonite, just like Han Solo in "Empire Strikes Back"

    • Brian: "Next time...."
      At one point in this episode, Brian is sitting on the couch. A miniature covered wagon suddenly rolls into the living room, and Brian chases it as it goes into the kitchen, and dissapears into a cupboard. This is a reference to Purina's Chuckwagon dog food commercials of the early 1980's. In it, a tiny covered wagon would emerge from an open bag of food and race across the floor - the family dog would be the only one to see it.

    • Cult:
      "Heaven's Helpers Youth Cult" Obvious parody of the Heaven's Gate Cult lead by Marshall Applewhite that committed mass suicide during the emergence of the Hale Bopp Comet

    • Brian: You are the Spalding Gray of Crap.
      After Peter gives his excuse to Lois (which includes a reference to the Hulk), Brians calls him the 'Spalding Gray of crap'. Spalding Gray was an actor/writer best known for his performance monologues, which deal with events from his own life in a style characterised by humour, paranoia and acute self-consciousness and was sometimes criticised as exploitative for the way he appropriated the fortunes or misfortunes of others for material for his monologues.

    • Peter: Look, buddy, don't make me angry. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.
      The famous quote said by David Banner on the 70s show, The Incredible Hulk, warning someone right before he transforms into the Hulk.