Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 8

Christmas Guy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 15, 2013 on FOX
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Peter tries to show Carter how great Christmas is after he cancels the town's Christmas carnival out of sheer hatred for the holiday.

  • What's the point of killing a character if they're coming back a couple episodes.

    Brian dies in November, than three weeks later in December, he comes back. That is wasted plot outcomes and for Vinnie has become a wasted character which I hate wasted characters. The Life of Brian had no point to exist at all and now the meaning to this show has bad goings with what comes when Cleveland and his family will come back to the show.
  • Brian's Back

    I'm so happy! Brian is Back!

    What I love about this episode is that Stewie uses time travel to save Brian. Any episode where Stewie and Brian are together or there is Time Travel involved, are my favourite episodes. This one was even more special because Stewie found a way to save Brian from being hit by a car and since Stewie crossed his own timeline one of the versions of Stewie had to be erased and the remaining Stewie has no idea that he saved Brian. But Brian knows. How Great!moreless
  • Welcome back buddy!!!!

    It's nice to see the creators of Family Guy to bring back Brian. He was different from all the other characters, he had class and he knew what he was taking about. Welcome back Brian!!!!
  • wheres peter by:annieover4life

    peter wakes up one morning and lois isn't in bed with him. brian comes and asks if he could use his car. peter says okay but you have to take stewie to his freinds birthday party. so peter goes down stairs and lois is in thekitchen cooking and peter gets super MAD because lois didnt cook him any cookies. so peter stomps away pouding and runs into stewies room and belly flops onto stewies cribbreaks it and passes out. while that brian and stewie are at chucky cheese and stewie is in the ball pit and brian is hitting on a really hot that happened chris wakes up peter and peter gets up and trips over stewies toys box and two metal doors pop up and asks for a hand scan and peter matches it and peter and chris go inside stewies abandoned lairand peter sees like a termanator suit and peter puts it on and starts shootin everywhere and this glass shield protects this wath that can only go forward to the future and peter, chris are really shocked. while that happened stewie gets an alarm trigered into his watch and tells brian to go back home and on the way out stewie kicks the chucky cheese mascott in the balls and tells him your horible. while that was going on peter and chris use the watch and got to cohawg 30 years later and chris says hey dad look theres presedent douchbag and peter starts laughing really hard. WELL, THAT'S ALL I HAVE RIGHT NOW THANK YOU!!!!!!!!.moreless
  • Welcome Back, Brian.

    It was nice to see them resurrect Brian from the dead. I think that they only killed him off in the first place for shock value. Let's face it. Together, he and Stewie are Family Guy. The subplot with Carter was a bit weak however. As for Vinnie, they stated that we haven't seen the last of him.

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