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Is the show ever going to parody the Star Wars prequels? Some things I'd like to see in such episodes:

Stewie becoming Stewie Vader, of course. One of his little girlfriends could fill the role of Padme, with other little girls as her handmaidens in episode 1. In episode 3, they find out that the Jedi have known all along about their "secret" romance; they just don't care. A possible exchange:
Mace Windu: Why didn't you tell me?
Stewie: Uh...
Mace: Nah, I'm just joking, dummy! We know you got a girlfriend. In fact, we all
have "secret" girlfriends.
Random Jedi: I don't have a girlfriend.
Mace: That's because you're ugly!
Even Yoda and Yaddle can obviously flirt with each other.
Peter and Lois can be a Jedi couple who appear in the background at various points, having a not-so-secret fling. Or perhaps one of them could be a senator.

Chris could be the young Obi-Wan. In episode 3, I'd like to see him singing Rawhide while riding Boga and keep on singing after the clones blast him and he's falling down the hole.

Meg could play various characters, like one of the stampeding animals on Naboo, all 3 of the creatures in the Geonosis arena, and Boga. Speaking of the stampeding animals, I'd like to see Bugs Bunny stop one of them (Jar Jar, perhaps) and ask what they're running from.
Jar Jar: It's the Tasmanian devil! Run! Run for your life!
Bugs: Eh...the tasmanian devil?
Jar Jar then turns himself into a suitcase and hands Bugs a pamphlet that describes the t.d. and what it eats - Jedi, Sith, queens, handmaidens, bodyguards, pilots, Gungans, Neimoidians, droids - basically, everything that appears on Naboo in the movie.
Bugs: What? No rabbits?
Taz: And especially rabbits!

As for Palpatine (Lois's dad, of course), by episode 3, he should all be shouting from rooftops that he's Sidious. He can have various items in his office that make this obvious. At one point, with Jedi present, he can be drinking from a mug with the words "I love the dark side". But the Jedi remain oblivious. Their "vision is clouded".

I'd love to see other fans' ideas here. Even if Mr. McFarlane chooses to never spoof the prequels, just reading people's ideas will be entertaining.
NO!!!!! a million times NO!!! Those were sucked and leave Meg alone!!!
So you don't like the prequel movies...does that mean that you wouldn't like something that pokes fun at them?
Why bother? They're not worth it.
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