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Nov 03, 2017
idea for a future episode: The Purging Clam
A New Mayor was elected and throws an annual Purging Clam where all crime is legal between 6pm to 6am which mostly focuses on Quagmire plotting to kill Brian during the purge Because after all the times he has done to Quagmire but Peter wont let him kill his dog thus Peter and Quagmire start to argue and ended their friendship once again. Brian asked Stewie for some help but he also needs help to assassinate the mayor as a condition.
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Jan 11, 2017
Family Guy Forum
If anyone is interested, this is a fairly new Family Guy forum where you, well, can discuss anything Family Guy. Review the episodes, share your fan made content etc. It's new so excuse the low member count, natrually. But I hope to see some new people join :D http://macfarlaneverse.boards.net/
Oct 24, 2016
Sketch Idea
Lois finds Chris playing with a life size Catwoman doll that Quagmire stole from Mayor West, and tells Peter that Chris needs a girlfriend. Peter runs over the school gym teacher with his car and volunteers to be a substitute in Chris's gym class. Peter reveals he was quite the wrestling team member in highschool, once pinning Brutus the Beefcake Barbar in a state competition. Peter pits Chris against two senior girls volleyball players, saying that 'two on one is fair, because they're chicks', and then Peter encourages them to sit on Chris' face while they're wrestling him to the ground. Chris suddenly screams and runs out of the gym covering his crotch, crying, "I need to go home!"
Jul 08, 2016
Help find a FG episode please
Years and years ago i was watching a family guy episode recorded on foxtel and after it was done it played a little bit of the episode after it, all i got to see was an ad that had a talking butt or something in a bathroom and i remember laughing so hard at it, it probably wont be as funny now that im older but its just been this itch i need to scratch to find this god damn episode, any help would be greatly appreciated thanks guys
Jul 01, 2016
Find an Episode?
Hi guys! Hoping you can help me find an episode. I vaguely remember a cutaway with a board room full of guys - tv executives I think it was. One of them suggests they start coming up with original ideas. The guy at the head of the table calmly crosses the room and beats him to death with a picture frame or something. I can't find the episode for the life of me. Any help? Thanks!
Aug 25, 2013
Family Guy - Music Identification - Season 03 Episode 17
I'm new to the forum & a BIG FAN of Family Guy.
I obviously have a Family Guy related question and I figured where else could I have the chance of finding the answer eh?
Anyhow, I really like this music in the Episode Brian 'Wallows Peter Swallows' - Season 3 - Episode 17.
The part where Pearl gets hit by a truck and dies, then Brian puts on the Virtual Reality Glasses for both of them & then the sad music plays as he takes her through her last moments alive.
Roughly From 19:30 to 20:40, yea its about a minute long.
So yea if anybody has any luck finding it please let me know. It'll be of great help. Thanks.
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