Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 8

Cool Hand Peter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on FOX

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  • Entertaining

  • crossover

    There has been a lot of specualtion of where "The Simpons" and their town Springfield is located in the USA-WELL HERE IS THE ANSWEAR DUNNEGAS COUNTY GEORGIA After ALL THE JURY that convicted PETER SLOB and his friends ARE ALL CHARACHTEERS FROM THE SIMPSONS TV SHOW!
  • family guy cool hand peter

    this was another really funny episode i laughed all the way through basiacly the story is about Ceter Cleveland and Joe take a stand against their wives yep Cleveland comes back to quohog along with Donna and they go to the south but then a mean cop arrests them there were funny moments such as the cop realising he doesn't have a wife the simpsons jury and quagmire complaning about french fries saying they don't own french fries the subplot was kinda dumb but funny at the same time but the main plot was very good.
  • Cool Hand Peter

    I liked Cool Hand Luke when I saw it and this parody of the movie was certainly not terrible, but considering they were bringing the gang back together for this I expected a little bit more. While their scenes were not bad, what I did not like were the scenes with the girls back at the house. Completely unfunny and painful to watch at times.

    Better than the last episode though.
  • This started funny and kept right on going till the very end. I had fun and it brought back memories of the old FamilyGuy from seasons one to three. Having Cleveland back with the gang is what made Family Guy great in the first place.


    Cleveland came back to visit Quahog for a week and he brought Donna. The men ditched their wives and went on a road trip to the deep South. Peter as usual gets the boys in trouble with the law and they ended up in a chain gang. They escaped back home and when they got home, Joe used his power to put the Southern police in their place and the Southern police knew how it felt when they abused their power. Lois,Bonnie and Donna meanwhile get drunk and played pranks.

    I loved this one. It was great to see Cleveland back with his friends. Cleveland seems more comfortable with his friends in Quahog than in Virginia and there was that chemistry that worked so well when all four are together. The black and white prison songs were funny and so was Peter voicing the sheriffs' wife was a hoot. I'm glad Joe got back at the end because it was true of law enforcement down South and it was redeeming. This is the second time Family Guy had an episode set in the South and this is a good close second. I enjoyed when Donna got along with Lois and Bonnie. Seeing them dressed Brian as a bee was classic and Stewie came out with a gun ready for them was icing on the cake. Now if only Cleveland would move back and bring his new family with him. Donna got along well with Lois and Bonnie, I wished The Cleveland Show was cancelled.

    Overall, a great episode.

  • Two excellent episodes in a row


    Peter and the guys take a stand against their wives and flee to the Deep South on a road trip. On the way there, the men earn a one-way ticket to jail. But when they decide to make a run for it, Joe's quick planning and Peter's seductive ways help them escape. Meanwhile, Lois spends some quality time with the girls and they engage in childish antics. Just like last week's episode "Amish Guy", this episode was hilarious and interesting. In my opinion, "Amish Guy" had tad more humor than this episode but I still love it. It was also great to see Cleveland make an appearance in this episode. I hope he can make another appearance soon. Man, if only Cleveland was still in this show and not working in "The Cleveland Show". There was tons of parts in this episode that really made me laugh so hard such as the cutaway with Joe's housework, the cutaway with Quagmire's refrigerator, the cutaway with Peter trying to chocolates, the cutaway with Peter stealing chocolate from a pre-mature baby, Peter having "The Cleveland Show" theme song as his ringtone, The women getting drunk and dressing up Brian as a bumblebee and then Stewie making an appearance and saying "Alright! I guess tonight is where the b**** come to die", "The Simpsons" cast being the jury (literally cracked up on that part), Peter pretending to be the sheriff's wife and then sheriff saying "Wait a minute... I don't have a wife" (that part literally cracked me up), Mayor West's cameo appearance near the end of the episode when he said "Are you four out on a date?... GAY", and some more. I also enjoyed the brief the White Guy Song that Peter, Joe, and Quagmire were doing. The storyline wasn't the best but a lot of humor made up for it. Overall, another excellent Season 10 episode of "Family Guy"... this episode "Cool Hand Peter" and tonight's new Simpsons "The Ten-Per-Cent Solution" were definitely the best of this week's FOX Animation Domination. 10/10

  • Season 10 gives us another excellent episode

    In this episode, peter ends up in jail. I liked the candy bar cutaway, Joe's household work cutaway,Quagmire's fridge, when Joe explains about the wheelchair porn, Cleveland's return to Quahog, when the four guys think about the beads, "Why do I have to be a cripple Hitler?", Peter making fun of the officer trying to learn Southern, the officer throwing Joe's badge, the officer planting drugs in the drunk, the jury being the whole Simpsons crew, Peter making the sherrif hit Cleveland, the white guy work song, the jetpack, Joe''s escape plan, the wheelchair dog, Peter taking candy from the baby, Lois and friends acting like children, Brian in the bumblebee suit, "Allright, tonight bitches are gonna die", "Heh-heh, these are handcuffs and shackle keys", Peter pretending to be the sherrif's wife, Joe and Peter mispronouncing every food name and place.

    In conclusion, this episode was a great and interesting one at best, it also had some very funny moments.

    10 out of 10
  • Another excellent season 10 episode!

    I thought this episode was better than last week's. The storyline wasn't my favorite, but it had a ton of good humor throughout, like the cutaways with Joe's housework and Quagmire's fridge, Peter's ringtone being the Cleveland Show theme song, the jury being the Simpsons cast, the White Guy Work Song, and the women dressing Brian up like a bumblebee and Stewie's appearance in that scene. My favorite part, though, was probably when Peter pretended to be the sheriff's wife, and the sheriff said "wait a minute...I don't have a wife!" I also loved the fact that Cleveland made an appearance in this episode. So, overall, I'll give this episode an A+ for my final grade, and it's definitely one of my favorites of the season. Marebear2009, out!
  • great


    what i liked- Stewie holding the gun and saying he was going to kill lois, bonnie and cleveland's wife (Whose name escapes me at this moment), the white guy/black guy songs, "Hey, i don't have a wife!", the simpsons characters as members of the jury, the ending of the episode, joe yelling about the tracks, while trying to clean them up, the cleveland show's theme song being peter's ring tone, amongst other things.

    good episode. it got kind of boring when joe, peter, quagmire and cleveland escaped, but the rest of the episode was pretty good. B- or so as my final grade.

  • Great episode


    When former Griffin family neighbor Cleveland Brown returns to Quahog for a week, he visits his old friends Peter, Joe and Quagmire at the local bar. When Peter gets tired of his wife, Lois, constantly demanding for him to do chores, the group decides to take a road trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. While driving through a rural area in Georgia, the group is pulled over by a police officer, causing Peter to talk down to the officer. This results in the sheriff punching out one of their headlights, and planting a bag of marijuana in their trunk. He then takes the group to the county work camp, where they are forced to perform various tasks, including ditch digging and rock crushing.

    As their stay in the jail supposedly comes to an end, the warden then approaches them and tells them that their stay has been extended an additional thirty days. Another prisoner then tells them that his imprisonment was also extended, and he has been in the jail for 45 years. Scared that they'll also be locked up forever, they decide to break out of the prison once the prison guards's eyes are diverted. Successful in their attempt, they soon come across a home, and discover a set of handcuff and shackle keys. They then find out that the home belongs to the sheriff that originally arrested them. When the sheriff returns home, Peter tries to pretend to be his wife while hiding in a closet, but he inadvertently jumps out of the closet, and causes the sheriff to chase after them. The entire police force then comes after the group of friends, until they are able to jump on a train and and arrive in Quahog. The police force follows them, however, causing Joe to then reveal his own police force, and letting the group go free.

    Now this was a funny episode. it was very funny and i loved all of it XD i loved how lois and the other wives were drunk

    but my favorite part wass the simpsons jury.