Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 8

Cool Hand Peter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on FOX

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  • Great episode


    When former Griffin family neighbor Cleveland Brown returns to Quahog for a week, he visits his old friends Peter, Joe and Quagmire at the local bar. When Peter gets tired of his wife, Lois, constantly demanding for him to do chores, the group decides to take a road trip to New Orleans, Louisiana. While driving through a rural area in Georgia, the group is pulled over by a police officer, causing Peter to talk down to the officer. This results in the sheriff punching out one of their headlights, and planting a bag of marijuana in their trunk. He then takes the group to the county work camp, where they are forced to perform various tasks, including ditch digging and rock crushing.

    As their stay in the jail supposedly comes to an end, the warden then approaches them and tells them that their stay has been extended an additional thirty days. Another prisoner then tells them that his imprisonment was also extended, and he has been in the jail for 45 years. Scared that they'll also be locked up forever, they decide to break out of the prison once the prison guards's eyes are diverted. Successful in their attempt, they soon come across a home, and discover a set of handcuff and shackle keys. They then find out that the home belongs to the sheriff that originally arrested them. When the sheriff returns home, Peter tries to pretend to be his wife while hiding in a closet, but he inadvertently jumps out of the closet, and causes the sheriff to chase after them. The entire police force then comes after the group of friends, until they are able to jump on a train and and arrive in Quahog. The police force follows them, however, causing Joe to then reveal his own police force, and letting the group go free.

    Now this was a funny episode. it was very funny and i loved all of it XD i loved how lois and the other wives were drunk

    but my favorite part wass the simpsons jury.