Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 8

Cool Hand Peter

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 04, 2011 on FOX

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  • This started funny and kept right on going till the very end. I had fun and it brought back memories of the old FamilyGuy from seasons one to three. Having Cleveland back with the gang is what made Family Guy great in the first place.


    Cleveland came back to visit Quahog for a week and he brought Donna. The men ditched their wives and went on a road trip to the deep South. Peter as usual gets the boys in trouble with the law and they ended up in a chain gang. They escaped back home and when they got home, Joe used his power to put the Southern police in their place and the Southern police knew how it felt when they abused their power. Lois,Bonnie and Donna meanwhile get drunk and played pranks.

    I loved this one. It was great to see Cleveland back with his friends. Cleveland seems more comfortable with his friends in Quahog than in Virginia and there was that chemistry that worked so well when all four are together. The black and white prison songs were funny and so was Peter voicing the sheriffs' wife was a hoot. I'm glad Joe got back at the end because it was true of law enforcement down South and it was redeeming. This is the second time Family Guy had an episode set in the South and this is a good close second. I enjoyed when Donna got along with Lois and Bonnie. Seeing them dressed Brian as a bee was classic and Stewie came out with a gun ready for them was icing on the cake. Now if only Cleveland would move back and bring his new family with him. Donna got along well with Lois and Bonnie, I wished The Cleveland Show was cancelled.

    Overall, a great episode.