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Family Guy

Season 2 Episode 6

Death is a Bitch

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2000 on FOX
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Episode Summary

When Peter tries to get out of paying a doctors bill by faking his own death, he is visited by Death himself, who wants to take Peter away. After Death twists his ankle while chasing Peter, everyone on Earth becomes immortal while Death is incapacitated.

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Decent comedy

    Classic show.
  • A great episode,and one the best to date.

    The classic Death character! Great pop culture jokes and lots and lots of fun.
  • Death's first appearance

    When Peter tries to get out of paying a doctors bill by faking his own death, he is visited by Death himself, who wants to take Peter away. After Death twists his ankle while chasing Peter, everyone on Earth becomes immortal while Death is incapacitated. I thought this was an excellent episode. It was so funny for most of the parts. This episode featured the debut of Death. He was very funny in this episode. Some other funny parts include the beginning, Peter writing the bill that he is deceased, Stewie's role throughout the episode, some cutaway, and a few more. Overall, a very funny episode. 10/10moreless
  • An alright episode

    Death comes to take Peter away after he lists that he is deceased after a breast lump scare in order to avoid paying for his hospital bill. Death ends up breaking his foot and needs to rest until he is better, leaving everyone on earth able to do whatever they want without dying. Peter is then forced to take over Deaths job by trying to kill the Dawsons Creek kids.

    I'm not a Family Guy fan, I think the show is overall awful, the writing is silly, the random jokes get old, and the jokes that writers think are clever and or funny that they drag on forever are terrible. This will be the only Family Guy episode I rate and review. It's a good episode for such a crappy television show.moreless
  • Overrated, but still hilarious

    When Peter tries to get out of paying a doctors bill by faking his own death, he is visited by Death himself, who wants to take Peter away. After Death twists his ankle while chasing Peter, everyone on Earth becomes immortal while Death is incapacitated.

    What I liked- the octopus, Peter jumping off the building, the schtick Doctor Hartman made, Stewie breaking Death's toe.

    Overall, a superb episode

Seth Green (I)

Seth Green (I)

Chris (and various)

Alex Borstein

Alex Borstein

Lois (and various)

Seth MacFarlane

Seth MacFarlane

Peter / Stewie / Brian / Quagmire / Tom Tucker (and various)

Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert

Meg (Production Season 1) [uncredited]

Cara Newman

Cara Newman


Guest Star

Norm MacDonald

Norm MacDonald

Death [uncredited]

Guest Star

Lori Alan

Lori Alan


Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong


Recurring Role

Mike Henry (VI)

Mike Henry (VI)


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • In one scene, Stewie accidentally breaks off one of Death's toes, but in all following scenes Death's toes are all intact.

    • When Peter and Lois are in the doctor's office to hear the results of his test about the lump in his left breast, he his grabbing his right chest.

    • Peter's bill was $1.26

    • In the waiting room of the doctor's office, the bottom left corner of the picture is light green in one shot, but in all of the other shots it is dark green.

    • In this episode, apparently, Death's touch does not kill Peter, Lois, or Stewie (as in later episodes, Death's touch kills people) . However when Peter is Death in this episode, his touch kills people.

    • In one of the scenes where Lois is trying to talk Death out of killing Peter, Death's legs are lying on the couch but in the next shot, his legs are not there.

    • Tom Tucker tries to kill Diane Simmons with a chainsaw, but Death turns off the TV before anything happens.

    • Stewie's e-mail is loismustdie@yahoo.com.

    • Death explains to Peter about how bad it would be if Hitler was still alive. There is a small skit with Hitler having his own Jay Leno style show, in which Hitler announces the phone number of the show: "213 - Du Werdest Eine Krankenschwester Brauchen". Roughly translated that means "213 - You Will Need A Nurse!"

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Death: (To Meg) Go get me an Entertainment Weekly. I hear it's got a great picture of me sneaking up on Tom Snyder on the cover.

    • Peter: Wait a second. That's it! They can't make a dead guy pay his bill. All I gotta do is write "deceased" right here where it says name and where it says sex, I'll write "no thanks, I'm dead". It's bulletproof.

    • Peter: I'm fine! What are ya, coming on to me now?
      Lois: Peter, he's not coming on to you. He's trying to tell you that you're healthy.
      Doctor: Can it be both?

    • Death: Great. The whole world is laughing at me. This is high school all over again.

    • Peter: (yells to a biker) Hey, aren't you Richard Simmons?
      (gets hit with a pool stick, but does not get hurt)
      Peter: (yells to another biker) Hey, aren't you Richard Simmons' best friend, Richard Simmons?
      (Peter gets shot but does not die)

    • Diane: And now to Asian reporter Trisha Takanawa, who filed this report... all by herself!
      Trisha: Thanks Diane. I'm standing here at the bar where townsperson Peter Griffin withstood a barrage of bullets and did not die. Peter, you're telling me if I shot you with this channel 5 pistol you will be completely unharmed?
      Peter: Why don't you give it a shot? (Trisha shoots peter in the head) Ah ah ah! Oh god! Oh god! (people panicking) Ah... haha just kidding.

    • Peter: Look. Here they are. My family. Guys, I don't say this often enough, but I'm gonna die!
      Lois: Oh my god.
      Stewie: High five! Anyone? Anyone?

    • Lois: I'm so worried about your father.
      Chris: You mean because he's a borderline alcoholic?
      Lois: No. Mommy's made peace with that.
      Chris: Oh, cause he's got a lump on his booby!
      Lois: Chris, that's a terrible word! "Booby."
      Meg: Mom, Debbie Miller's dad had a lump on his breast, and he turned out okay.
      Lois: Really? Who's Debbie Miller?
      Meg: A girl I just made up.

    • [To Death]
      Stewie: Hello, I'm Stewie. Big fan.

    • Peter: I am going out.
      Death: Wait, you can't tell anyone I'm here. (Darkness appears and Death's voice becomes diabolic.) For if humanity discovers that I'm not lurking in the shadows, consequences will be dire.
      Peter: Go on.
      Death: That's it. (To Lois.) What the hell do you see in him?

    • Lois: Peter, who cares how much it is? You've just got the most important bill of all. A clean bill of health.
      Peter: (sarcastically) Jeez, Lois. How long have you been waiting to crack out that gem?

    • Peter: Oh, look. My first bike. I have a lot of fun playing with it.
      (Flashbacks with Peter as a kid.)
      Young Peter: More tea, Mr. Bike?

    • Peter: No. I am not going to see a doctor, Lois. The healthiest thing we can do is just ignore this and pretend it doesn't exist. Just like we do with the squid.
      (Giant squid appears in front of them, and hits the table and throws off all the dishes.)
      Lois: Earthquake.
      Peter: Truck going by.

    • Peter: I'm gonna jump off this builing.
      Cleveland: Excuse me Peter, I think I had something crazy in my ear.

    • Peter: Where did you get that?
      Death: It was e-mailed me by your HMO.
      Peter: Just because my doctor was hittin' on me, doesn't mean you have to call him names.

    • Death: (sarcastically) Oh Glamour, now I can learn how to please my man.

    • Death: Come on, man. Which one of you is Peter Griffin?
      Peter: (He picks up a lamp and shows it to Death) This is Peter Griffin.

    • Death: You gotta kill the kids from Dawson's Creek
      Peter: I knew it! As soon as that show came on the air I said, "I'm gonna be the one who has to kill 'em."
      Lois: It's true, he really said that.

    • Doctor: This doesn't look good, no this doesn't look good at all.
      Lois: Oh no.
      Doctor: My nephew drew a picture of me. It doesn't look a thing like me. Look at the nose, it's all wrong!

    • (Death and Lois playing the game of Life)
      Death: You know, I should find this ironic, but I'm really just bored as hell.

    • Stewie: But you promised the fat one would perish!
      Lois: I know, Stewie, isn't it lovely?

    • Peter: Woah, woah, woah! Is this the price of my bill or my phone number?
      Nurse: Your phone number

    • Death: What did you make this hot chocolate with? Crap?
      Lois: If you want me to make you another, just say so.
      Death: I just thought you would make it with milk. Instead of crap.

    • Meg: You could kill all the girls who are prettier than me.
      Death: Well, that would just leave England.

    • Peter: Look I've had a good life and you can always be proud of your father in all of his accomplishments.
      Meg: What accomplishments?
      Peter: Go to your room.

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode was supposed to air as a Halloween special, but the schedule got jumbled up, and as a result, it did not air as one.


    • Dumont Network

      Death states that the Griffin TV is so old that they probably get the DuMont Network. DuMont is the long-forgotten 4th TV Network, which aired programs from 1946-1956.

    • Titanic

      Rose: Oh Jack, now we can get married and everything you promised.
      Jack: Yeah, about that... Uh, I was pretty sure I was gonna die... Uh, 'cause actually there is this girl in New York, and it's getting kinda serious, but , you know, thanks for letting me draw you naked, I still can't believe you let me do that.
      Jack and Rose were the main characters in 'Titanic', where Jack dies at the end, however, with death incapacitated by Peter, we get to see what might have happened.

    • Norm Macdonald Peter: Note to self don't go to the bathroom
      In Norm Macdonalds 1998 movie Dirty Work he constantly says "note to self" into a recorder, Norm Macdonald was a guest voice in this episode.

    • Three's Company

      Peter: How are we gonna explain you to Mr. Roper?
      Mr. Roper was the first landlord on the tv series "Three's Company", whom the threesome often had to make crazy explanations to.

    • Fatty Arbuckle

      Peter: How could a dead comedian from the silent era be lodged in my bossom?
      Peter misunderstood the doctor when he said "fatty corpusle" he thought he said "Fatty Arbuckle" Fatty Arbuckle was a comedian from the Silent-Movie Era.

    • Airport '75

      Peter: Airport '75! It was a movie....in the 70s....
      "Airport 1975" was a movie starring Karen Black as a stewardess who has to land a 747 without a pilot.