Family Guy

Season 2 Episode 6

Death is a Bitch

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 21, 2000 on FOX

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  • Introduction Of Death

    "Death is a *****"

    Grade: A*

    One of the early Family Guy episodes and probably still the best one. Death is a ***** introduces us to the character of Death, and is hilarious and has so many good moments in it that I can almost remember the episode off by heart!

    It starts off with Lois discovering a lump on Peter's cheast, thinking its cancer. Peter is so worried that he ends up setting up a yard sale for life insurance and buying a casket for his funeral. The test results come in and Peter is fine.
    The trouble rises when Peter is confused by the hospital bill with his phone number, and not wanting to pay he declares himself deceased and on sex he puts "No thanks! I'm dead!".
    Returning home, Peter and the family celebrate his health, until somebody comes knocking on the door. Peter opens it and it turns out to be Death. Death is looking for Peter Griffin and Peter unsuccessfully tries to trick Death by pointing at a lamp and saying "This is Peter Griffin". Death can't stop laughing for ages, and then Lois asks him why he's here. Death tells Lois that Peter signed the paper that he is deceased.
    To try and buy Peter some time, Lois invites Death to dinner and Stewie is liking the guest alot. Unfortuantly, this doesn't change anything and Death still wants Peter to go. They all say their goodbyes and just as Peter and Death leave the door, Peter tries to run away from him and Death trips up, and badly sprains his ankle.
    Death is brought back in the house to recover and Lois uses this time to try and convince Death not to take Peter away. Death warns that because he is inactive doing his job, it means that no one can tell he's there or the consequences will be dire. Realising that this means people cannot die, Peter tells Quagmire and Cleveland that he will jump off a building and still live. Peter jumps off and is still alive, and Quagmire and Cleveland pay him for the bet.
    Peter goes to the Drunken Clam and drinks hundreds of bottles of alcohol and not receive alcohol poisoning, whilst daring to call the toughest guys in the bar Richard Simmons. Peter gets hit by Snooker cues, shot continously, and they end up realising something is wrong when they accidently hit Cleveland. They end up shooting each other and laughing about it.
    Meanwhile, Stewie attempts to kill Lois for good by knocking her down the stairs and throwing some hand grenades down to her, but is unsuccessful. Stewie realises that people can't die with Death inactive so he tries to help Death get better too.
    Death becomes annoyed that everyone knows they can't die due to it being posted on the news, and tells Peter to temporarily replace him and kill some people to ensure that Death is still around. He decides to pick the kids from Dawson's Creek on a plane as a good event to prove it for Peter.
    Peter ends up on the plane and can't end up killing them, so he goes to the pilot's cockpit and ends up killing the pilots with a touch of Death. Peter realises he's screwed things up but finds Karen Black is on the plane and that she can land it.
    The plane lands successfully and Death is again annoyed at Peter for not killing them. Lois backs Peter up by saying that the pilots died so people know the rules of Death are running again. Death spares Peter's life and ends the episode with the quote "I'll be back, really, really soon!"

    One of the greatest Family Guy episodes easily and well plotted. The jokes worked all the time and the plot was really good. Death Is A ***** is definatly in my top 5 and if you want to see the best of the early seasons of Family Guy, then this episode won't disappoint!