Family Guy

Season 3 Episode 6

Death Lives

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Aug 15, 2001 on FOX

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  • Decent entertainment

  • Some odd and in stuff but who cares.

    The sequel to "Death is a Bitch" which happens to be one of my favorite episodes,well this was not nearly as clever or hip or funny but its got enough gags to recommend.
  • Another excellent episode

    Peter sneaks away on his and Lois' anniversary to play golf at an upscale country club, only to be struck by lightning and have a near-death experience. Death promises to give Peter a revelation to help his marriage if Peter helps him get a date. Meanwhile, Peter sets up a fake scavenger hunt for Lois and the kids, which takes them all over Quahog. Another excellent episode of Family Guy. It was mainly funny but interesting. It was actually interesting that we get to see how Peter met Quagmire and Cleveland (as well Lois' dad, Carter).Peter exploring back in time was good. I laughed at the parts like Peter getting struck by lighting, Peter putting himself, the whole scavenger hunt, and a few more. Overall, a perfect episode. 10/10
  • It's kinda overrated


    Peter sneaks away on his and Lois' anniversary to play golf at an upscale country club, only to be struck by lightning and have a near-death experience. Death promises to give Peter a revelation to help his marriage if Peter helps him get a date.
    Meanwhile, Peter sets up a fake scavenger hunt for Lois and the kids, which takes them all over Quahog

    What i liked:

    Death's face and Peter's reaction

    the scavenger hunt


  • hahahahaha!

    This episode is just one of many examples of why Family Guy was at its best during its early seasons. Original jokes and gags, not as much reliance on popular culture even though this episode itself was quite dependent on it. There were some times where it felt dry and boring, but then it redeemed itself with jokes like when Peter mixed up his words and called Lois worthless rather than priceless, and when he was drawing Lois and gave her bigger boobs. Some other great scenes concerning death, such as when he tried picking up those girls at the beach and the ending where he kills the women. Just hilarious!
  • Great, but not spectacular.

    Another reasonably interesting episode of Family Guy, but this one was not as great as its predecessor, but still among the best in this season so far, in my opinion.

    Although I thought that the storyline wasn't the greatest but they did execute it very well, especially with the scavenger hunt set up by Peter. That was an interesting concept, but I didn't think it was perfect in its execution, although still quite interesting.

    Also, I thought that the episode didn't have as many funny scenes as I would've hoped, but it was still quite funny at times.

    I would recommend this episode quite highly, but I would prefer the previous one over this one any day.
  • there's something very special about this episode, i just love it! every gag hit the spot. brilliant episode from a brilliant series of a brilliant show

    i think family guy hit its peak in the third series (as released in the uk, i think it differs in america?), and the series hit its peak in this episode. lethal weapons, screwed the pooch and this one, death lives, are all in my top 10 family guy episodes, i cant be the only one, pure gold

    death and his mother, 2 GREAT characters

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  • How Peter met everyone

    What a great episode. lets start by saying Peter avoiding Lois on he's anniversary was really selfish, but i shall mention that again in a sec...

    The return of Death was a welcome one - such good contiunity too as he remembers Peter and Peter remembers him. i liked how Death was trying to win a girls heart (only to kill her at the end out of sheer boredom)

    Flashbacks reveal how Peter met Glen 'does-this-look-like-a-Q?' Quagmire and Cleveland 'we're being chased by ghosts' Brown. very well written and very funny flashbacks.

    but the main point of the episode was peter avoiding Lois on their anniversary, which i thought was selfish... until the final moments of the episode where they heard their song (Ohh baby i love your way)where they reconciled. its a beautiful moment and shows why Lois loves Peter.
  • "Death" has returned!

    "Death" is a formal expression for the skeleton himself which is a laugh out loud. But he has, and that's what made this episode into something very fancy and humorous.

    So, in this very exciting and entertaining episode, Peter Griffin almost died - again... (*Sighs) and his old friend "Death" from "Death Is a B***h" (Season 1) has come back to give Peter the heads up. Peter almost died by having lightning strike him at a near death experience.

    This was Peter and Lois's annervesary obviously but that wasn't so much the funny parts. The best scenes were anything to do with "Death" walking around trying to pick up chicks, or of course his wife who lives up in the sky... Nice...

    The other characters were also funny, but this episode showed us Peter's obsession towards his wife and how he must appreciate her for who she is. Finally in the end, he was placed back into his body ready for show Lois her dream annerversary surprise!

    "Death" was a great character once again and I laughed a few times.. But the Peter/Lois storyline is something to never forget.

    Overall, this episode of a near-death experience was very great, and enjoyable. Once again, I can't wait to watch more Family Guy next time.
  • Death is so funny and so is this episode.

    Peter sneaks away on his and Lois' anniversary to play golf at an upscale country club, only to be struck by lightning and have a near-death experience. Death promises to give Peter a revelation to help his marriage if Peter helps him get a date.
    Meanwhile, Peter sets up a fake scavenger hunt for Lois and the kids, which takes them all over Quahog. Another great episode of Family Guy in what I think is the first part of the golden age. What a great episode this was!!! Pretty much an episode with Death in it is flippen good. In the end make an effort to watch this episode.
  • Read my review for Death is a **** before you read this one.

    If you've read my review for Death is a **** you'll know how much I hate it, but this one is really funny and I quiet enjoy it, and I have pretty much no complaints with this one except that it almost feels like a season 4 or 5 episode, I do like this one and it grows more and more apealing to me every ti me I watch it and I've been watching Season 3 alot lately. If only Death is a **** were this good I would be a very, very happy teen, if you call me a teen...
  • Death Gets A Date

    On their wedding anniversary, Peter sends Lois off on a scavenger hunt so he can play golf. When he's struck by lightning on the golf course, Death comes to him as a near-death experience. Peter must have an epiphany before he can go back into his body, so he does a deal with Death; if Death helps him, Peter will get him a date. Death takes him back through time to see the various stages of his relationship with Lois, with Peter finally realising he needs to pay her more attention. Death's date, however, doesn't go so well... Adam Carolla voices Death from now on, and he's great. There's also a nice voice performance by Estelle Harris as Death's mother. This episode is full of surreal little moments, such as Peter's frying pan antidote- which doesn't work; Death's tiedyed robe and afro in one of the flashback sequences; Stewie enjoying going up the greasy pole; Chris being held hostage by the goldfish he flushed down the toilet and Peter Frampton's suggestion that Death should really be at Keith Richards' house. It's an oddly sweet episode too as you realise the lengths Peter went to in order to be with Lois. Nice.
  • Nice to see more Death!

    I have probably seen this episode more than any of the others, but even now it\'s still hilarious and can make me laugh like an idiot almost all the time.
    The scenes with Death trying to get a date were hilarious, as was Death\'s mom. Funny to see that Death, the most feared person in Quahog, is a loser who lives with his mom and can\'t get a date!
    The subplot with Lois and the scavenger hunt was also pretty good. However, while I loved this episode, it just seems to lack that one percent of intangibles that makes a great FG episode. It\'s still good, but not quite great.
  • I love Death! One of the best.

    Peter abandons Lois on their anniversary to play golf, and gets what he deserves - a special lesson from Death. I love the Death character, it was nice to see him brought back from an earlier episode (Death is a **** I\'ve seen this episode several times and it is always funny. The scavanger hunt is a great side plot, and Death trying to get a girlfriend was very creative. Death\'s mother is hysterical (\"If you don\'t zip your fly, a seagull will get you!\"). I also like how the episode ends up romantically, working out well for Peter and Lois.
  • Funny, Dealth gets to go out on a date!

    Peter wants to play golf instead of celebrating his anniversery with Lois. So he pretends that he set up a scavenger hunt to through her off. Cleveland has to cancel on last minute because Loretta's mom is visiting. Meanwhile, it starts to rain when they are playing, so Brian and Quagmire decide to go back in. In the middle of the game, Peter gets hit by lightning. Then he sees dealth, again, he tells him that he's not dead, but he can't come back into his body until he learns his leason. So Dealth takes him on a flashback adventure to show him what he needs to do. So when he learns his leason, Dealth does him a favor since Peter helped him out with something. Dealth has Peter Frampton sing "Baby I Love Your Way" for their anniversery.
    We get to see how Peter met Quagmire and Cleveland, and how much he really loves Lois. We also get to see Dealth's mom, and Dealth on a date that turns out to be terrible.
  • It is the best episode I have ever seen!

    This is such a great episode, Peter goes out with Death and discovers that Death is just a single loser very likely to a typical stupid adult that still lives with his mother, so Peter helps him to get a girl, while Death takes him around past clips in order to remember why did he fall in love with Lois, so it all turns into funny stop and how did Lois's father kick him out of the house. This is simply just one of the best episodes of Family Guy I have ever seen of this season.
  • Great Ep. Peter misses his aniversary to go golfing, gets struck by lightning and has a near death experience where he remembers how much he loved Lois and how he gave up $1million to be with her.

    This is a brilliant episode. There are a few allusions to other programs, books and political agendas, but not half as many as the more recent Family Guy Episodes. Family guys great sense of timing and their use of dry humour in relation to other material is what makes it so great. THis episode has a goof in it. When Peter meets Lois' father fot the first time you see Lois' father in a purple dressing robe witha pink cravate style necktie. The angle at which the shot is done changes, and the tie changes to a definite purple colour. The Sailor references in this episode are classic!
  • Lois may be worth a million to you but to me, she’s worthless!

    Death appears once again in this episode, this time for Peter's near death experience which reveals much about Peter's life.

    The fake scavenger hunt was priceless, Peter even going as far as putting a clue in the sewer.

    Though not as good as the first Death episode, this is quite entertaining with many laughs like "I hope you live next door to me some day" and Death's look back when Peter was young.

    Death's mother is also great in this episode as is the end with Death's crush being so annoying he kills her.

    Overall, this is one episode that is very memorable with the hilarious character that is the grim reaper.
  • Peter has a near death experience and in his ignorance fails to meet the needs of Lois on their Anneversary. Death teaches Peter a lesson as they travel through time to see how things were earlier with Lois and Peter. Peter Frampton is a guest star.

    This is one of the episodes I first saw and was one of the episodes that drew me to Family Guy. Peter is his usual self and wants to avoid Lois as much as possible. Why does she stick around with Peter? Well we sort of get a glimpse of that more and more in the episode. Death makes another appearance in the series and knows Peter is in trouble. This is the first time we meet Death's mother! A few times we hear Peter Frampton's Oo Babey I Love Your Way, even an appearance by Frampton himself! "Aren't you supposed to be at Keith Richards house?"
  • Good episode with funny moments.

    Death Lives is a real good episode of family guy witch Death comes back and Peter has a near death experience. The idea's are funny and enjoyable to watch. You also get to see how Peter met Quagmire and Cleveland while dating Lois. You also get to see death in the 60's or something and lets see he was with the...."trend" that he doesnt like when he see's it. Death's mum is also shown for the first time and maybe the last. She treats Death like a kid and bosses him around. Meanwhile Lois is on a scavenger hunt Peter set her on so he can play golf.
  • Great Episode

    Death Lives is one of my favorite episodes. It jumps the shark! I especially loved the part when Peter Frampton made his guest appearance and sang his song. But another reason I like this is Death. Death is my favorite character so far, next to Stewie. But the part I loved the most was the whole episode!
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