Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 11

Dial Meg for Murder

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 31, 2010 on FOX

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  • Love family guy

  • Spot On Funny.

    This is a favorite. Joes cop skills were funny too.

  • Best Meg episode since Barely Legal

    Nice to see Meg fight back against her tormenters, including her family.
  • wasn't really feeling it


    This episode had so many weird gags- Peter and the bull attacking him, the goofy cutaway (which i didn't find offensive, just far from funny), the bull calling peter on the phone... there were probably more but still.

    The first half of the episode involved peter being attacked by a bull, then we find out meg is seeing a convict. She is arrested for harboring a convict.

    Then, she comes home and bullies her family, such as when she attacked Peter and made him hit Stewie.

    The pacing was weird for this episode and i only laughed like twice- Meg asking who the "funny one" was and Peter raising his hand, and the end credits made to look like The Simpsons. The rest was weird and just not really funny. D+/C- or so is going to be my final grade. Not a terribly awful episode, but far from perfect

  • I loved it.


    Brian gets a job writing for a teen magazine. After trailing Meg around for research, he discovers that she has a secret boyfriend who's in jail. When Brian attempts to inform the family of Meg's secret life, it is revealed that her boyfriend has broken out of jail, and has been hiding in the Griffin's house.

    I loved every moment of it, except the ending, which was dramatic.


  • WAY better than I expected

    Last year in 2010 when I first saw the promo for this episode, I thought it was going to be an awful episode but I was proven wrong big time and was very impressed. It was interesting to see a whole new side of Meg after she was released from prison. I thought the drunk Billy thing in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. Peter signing up to be in a rodeo in the beginning of the episode was hilarious. It was hilarious when Peter used Chris as a bull and when Peter did a lasso on Meg and drag her downstairs to burn her butt but her butt says "AW" (Adam West) which means that Mayor West already burned Meg's butt before Peter did (which was hilarious). Peter at the rodeo and the bull beating up Peter was hilarious. It was also funny when the bull was calling Peter. I also thought the Goofy cutaway was hilarious. Brian writing a story for teenage girls and finding out that Meg has a boyfriend that is in jail was interesting. It was pretty cool when Peter called Joe to tell him that Meg's boyfriend (who escaped from prison) is running off and then Joe chases after Luke (Meg's boyfriend). Meg becomes a complete criminal after she was released from prison. It was absolutely awesome to see Meg stand up to herself to those mean popular kids and smacks them with a sack of soda. It was also funny when Peter punched Stewie after Meg told him to punch Stewie. The ending was also great when Brian showed Meg the column that he wrote about her before she robbed Mort's store and Meg turns innocent again. Overall, an excellent episode of "Family Guy". 10/10
  • Awesome episode!

    Overall, I thought this was an excellent episode. The plot of Meg dating a convict and ending up in jail was interesting, and there were many funny parts, such as the bull calling Peter on the phone, Peter riding Chris like a horse, the cutaway with Goofy, and Mayor West's cameo. I also loved the breaking of the fourth wall when Peter was reading the TV guide, and seeing all the realistic photographs in this episode was pretty neat too. It was also great seeing Meg stand up for herself for a change, and it was interesting to see another side of her. For my overall grade, I'll give this episode an A+! Marebear2009, out!
  • Good - except for the ending

    Once again, Family Guy comes up with a good episode that fails a few inches from the finish line. Almost everything in this episode was funny and well-made. My favourite joke was Stewie saying "oh now suddenly you can understand me", but there was enough in here for everyone.

    Once again Meg was treated like a piece of furniture rather than a human being, but this time she got her revenge, and each step of it was fun to watch. (Obviously the scene where she crushes Peter's teeth on the steps is only funny if you know the movie American History X, otherwise it could be considered too violent).

    But then we come to the solution. What the hell kind of solution is that? The scene in the pharmacy doesn't fit to the rest of the story at all. Sorry, but even a comedy needs a story that works out in the end, else it's a failure.

    BTW I don't get the Simpsons reference in the end; huh?
  • Could have been better, but at least Meg gets her revenge!

    Okay, Meg is visiting a prison and it turns out that she's in love with a convict there named Luke, who she's known through a school pen pal project. Stewie and Brian, who's been assigned to writing an article about the average American girl for Teen People, both find out about this and Brian tells the rest of the family about it. Though Meg defensively explains how she and Luke connect with each other deeply and that his crimes were for a good cause (he robbed a convenience store to help his mom), they don't want her seeing him again (if I could, I'd edit the entire scene where Lois and Peter talk to Meg after Brian tells them about her relationship with Luke to make it a little better). However, they're in for a shock when Luke escapes from prison to be with Meg. Peter calls the police and not only is Luke taken back to prison, but Meg is also taken in for harboring a fugitive. After three months of being in prison, Meg returns as one bad*$$ chick who finally gives those who have treated her like crap for years their comeuppance. She bosses her family around and even shows Connie D'amico and the kids at school who tease her a thing or two. She even bullies Brian into taking her to Mort's Pharmacy so that she can rob Mort, but then Brian shows Meg the article that he wrote all about her. Meg is so touched by how the article states that she's different from the typical American girl that she has a change of heart and returns to her old self.

    Overall, it's refreshing and subtly funny to see Meg FINALLY stand up to those who have treated her badly over the years. However, there were some scenes that I didn't like, like the scene where Lois and Peter talk to Meg after Brian tells them about her relationship with Luke. If I could, I'd definitely edit that entire scene to make it a little better, as stated above. But in conclusion, if you're a Meg Griffin fan and you're wanting to see Meg get her revenge, this is one episode that you don't want to miss.
  • Meg's Revenge.

    For years now, Meg has been neglected, insulted, abused, and ridiculed by almost everyone around her, even by her own family, and especially Peter. This running gag has long ran out of gas and has gone from boring to annoying. What I love most about this episode is that after going to jail, she finally gets a whole load of well-deserved payback when she gets out as a vicious bad girl. I must say that I felt sorry for Meg because of all she suffered, but this episode more than makes up for it as far as I am concered. I give it a perfect 10.
  • Meg fights back big last!

    I've been waiting for this episode. Meg finally gives back some of what she's been getting since the series began...and she she gives it back in spades! She's been every body's doormat since the beginning and it was great to see her break her foot off in a few deserving behinds. Being betrayed by the family dog and sent to prison can do that to you, I suppose. In the last season of Family Guy, the writers seemed to be suffering from a general malaise and I was beginning to suspect that the show was in a tailspin from which it might not recover but they seem to have snapped out of it. Family Guy is back!
  • very good episode. family guy is back

    Brian gets a job writing about the average American girl for a teen magazine. When he starts following Meg for research, he discovers that she has been talking to a guy in jail. When Brian tries to expose Meg's secret, he finds out that the inmate, Luke, has broken out of jail and has been hiding in the Griffin's house.While Meg is back at school being ridiculed by her classmates as usual, she begins filling an entire pillow case of unopened soda cans and proceeds to viciously beat her classmates with it. This is in reference to the 1983 teen action drama film Bad Boys in which Sean Penn's character uses this very method to avoid being assaulted in a juvenile corrections facility.
    The Billy Joel song "The Ballad of Billy the Kid" is played during Peter's stint in the rodeo.
  • The family checks "the guide" to see that Peter gets involved in some Rodeo antics and Meg gets involved with a convict and goes to prison herself changing the sweet teenager to something quite different.

    Good for Meg. After seeing her take it week after week for years you have to give it up for Family Guy in giving her a little payback. It was extremely funny when she came back to the house and asked who the head honcho was and then the bit with the soda cans in the lunch room.

    Stewie's little random sandbox bit was clever as always. Also Brian and Stewie following Meg was a riot as well. Brian trying to act intelligent and sophisticated with the Editor was classic. A few too many stereotypes thrown into the mix, but it's Family Guy and you knew they were coming. Joe chasing down Luke was great, especially when Meg warned him not to "run downhill". Very funny.

    The Peter rodeo bit was OK, but I could have done without it. It did set up the bit with Meg later on, but what was with Mayor West and the branding? I guess best not to ask. Standard Family Guy "wouldn't it be funny if?"

    An entertaining, violent episode of Family Guy with a little payback for Meg after all these years. I'll leave you with the picture of the bucket next to the bed! Thanks for reading...
  • Peter joins the rodeo; Meg likes a convict

    Mort saying, "This isn't a library, you know?" when Meg was reading the magazine in his pharmacy, Brian growling at Luke in the closet, the dialogue of the fly that could not find his way out of the house and Peter looking for a Bill Cosby sweater. Those are really the only four memorable moments from this episode, but that doesn't mean it wasn't a good installment. Funny how some of the Meg-heavy episodes the past two seasons have been superior to those that are not.

    This episode was funny, but this show is more about jokes and cutaway gags then it is about having a well-written plot from start to finish. By the time the episode was over did you even remember Peter being in the rodeo?
  • After getting a job writting for a teen magazine Brian the family dog shaddows Meg for an artical on the life of the average teenage girl. Brian soon discovers theres more to Meg than meets the eye.

    This was another great episode of Family Guy. Meg ended up going to jail for harboring her jailbird boyfriend Luke. When Meg gets out 3 months later the sweet 16 year old is not so sweet anymore. Meg finally taught Connie and Gina not to mess with her. We see that Brian cares for Meg when he warns the family about her seeing Luke fearing for her safty. The ending was very touching when Brian showed Meg the artical he wrote about her and told her that he cared about her. This was a very wonderful funny and touching episode.
  • To paraphrase an Alice Cooper hit song: "No more Mrs. Nice Meg!" :shock: And I absolutely LOVED it! :D

    After 11 years (in cartoon time) of sub-par starring episodes with no real retribution for all the attacks Meg has suffered, she's finally going to have the chance to inflict the payback she deserves! 8) At a bull riding rodeo show (which Peter is participating in) Brian overhears how a magazine is looking for an author to write about the life of an average teenage girl. Always willing to improve his resume, Brian takes the job and decides to write about Meg Griffin. But when Brian follows Meg, he finds out something TRULY shocking! :shock: Meg is in love with a prison convict! (Although to be fair, his crime WAS really petty and unsubstantial as far as real criminals go.) But Brian, fearing for Meg's safety, tells Lois on her own daughter. Brian, without meaning to, hurts Meg's feelings. Lois thinks that by grounding Meg from seeing her would-be boyfriend, there won't be anymore problems; except that there is! While Meg doesn't sneak out to the prison, the prisoner sneaked out to see Meg, and Brian is there to see Meg's love in PG-rated action! Brian DOESN'T want to make the mistake of ratting out Meg again, but Brian's thoughts are all for naught as Peter discovers Meg's affair. Meg's boyfriend gets caught, and now Meg has to go to a woman's prison for harboring a convicted felon, which in itself is a felony. Fast-forward to three months later (once again, in cartoon time,) and Meg finally gets out on release. But Meg LITERALLY comes back as a brand new person! Meg becomes a hard-core chick, kicking buttocks and taking names! She gets back at SO many people who made Meg their whipping girl! Peter, Lois, Stewie, Chris, and Connie all learn the pain of humiliation that Meg has had to live with for so long. It isn't until Meg sees the article Brian wrote about her, that she realizes that being a bully is far worse than being a bully, and that she needs to resolve her conflicts the right way. :idea: This was a really awesome episode! 8)
  • I loved it. I applauded and cheered that Meg finally got payback and gave Peter and everybodyelse what they deserved. She stood up for herself and this episode proves that the fans love Meg. This was a great episode and I hope Meg does this again soon.

    It opens with Peter watching the rodeo on tv and immediatly wants to be a cowboy. At the rodeo, Brian meets a woman who works at Teen People and is looking for somebody to write an article on the average teenage girl. Brian takes the job and Peter fails as a cowboy as the bull got the best of him. Brian follows Meg to a maximum security prison and sees that Meg has fallen in love with Luke who is a prisoner. Luke escapes and hides in Megs' room but is caught. Meg is arrested and is sent to a female prison but comes back three months later tougher and stronger. She doesn't let anybody hurt her now she hurts everybody. She was about to rob Morts' Pharmacy when Brian stopped her and read the article he wrote. It touched her and she went back home. This episode is worth remembering because Meg finally let out her rage and how at the end who she is. I'm glad she finally got Peter. All those years equal great payback. When she kissed Connie, that is classic. Luke really loved her and that was touching but it was sad that he was arrested. Brian wasn't a jerk this time and he gave Meg some hope. He cared about her. He wrote something that was successful even if it wasn't a book. There was less of Stewie and he was normal for a change. Peter trying to be a cowboy was funny and the bull getting the best of him was hysterical. This is the best Meg episode in a while and I hope there will be more and I hope Meg does it again if anybody acts up. This makes up for that horrible Peter gets amnesia episode. There were good jokes that made sense and lets' hope for more Meg episodes.