Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 8

Dog Gone

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2009 on FOX

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  • This episode was written by an oldschool writer and it shows.

    I hate the direction this series has gone in.
    Im a fan of mostly only seasons 1-3 and some of 4

    This episode was written by oldschool writer
    Steve Callaghan It definitely shows.

    Although i still feel the jokes were much lazier than the first few seasons the style of this episode and characters felt allot more like the first few seasons than anything they have shelled out recently.

    And fewer unnecessary cutaways.
    There were like two or 3 in this episode.

    I still dont like the way they lead into most of them.

    Either way this episode had allot more heart as well.

    If family guy was still at least this good i would still buy the dvds.
  • Poor at best.

    The episode of family was horrible, poor, and downright stupid. When I read about this episode and found out a "old school" family guy staff member would be involved; I thought this would be a pretty good episode. In the end I found what that I was wrong. The episode wasn't funny at all , many jokes became old, such as the cleaning woman's "No", or "He is not here". Funny for the first few seconds, but not when it is used for every couple of scenes. Even though their were less cutway scences, the cutway scenes were not funny. Also it seems to family guy's comedy is now based on gore and blood, such as shooting a rabbit or dog killing a man. What happened to the vibrant verbal banter that used to be a major component of family guy. Another swing and a miss for family guy. I'm tired of saying hope the next episode will be better, so I give up.
  • After Brian hits and kills another dog he becomes an activist for animal rights. In the end, after a whole episode of 'poor me', Brian realizes that his family (as crazy as they are) love him.

    I usually watch Family Guy (like most people) when I am about to go to bed or in need of a laugh. I did not laugh while watching this episode. Some parts were amusing at best. No wild laughing here. No spitting out food/drink, or collapsing in a hysterical fit. After the first episode of this season premiered I had high hopes for the future of Family Guy. I (personally) really liked the episode Road to the Multiverse. And this episode? It was fair at best. I do admit that it may be because Brian is not my favorite character (bland, overused, the same role for every episode) but this episode was disappointing. From the jokes about annoying foreign housekeepers who steal to Brian's constant 'poor me' attitude this episode was dull. And, as a teacher, I found the jokes about the students with special means was mildly irritating. Aren't the writers paid to make their script funny? Or were they drunk when they wrote the script for this episode? No. If they were drunk than this episode might have turned out better. My (only) favorite part of the episode had to be the part that switches to a cat awakening and looking for his lover only to find, "Welcome to the World of Feline Aids" written on the mirror. It was mildly amusing. So, after viewing the episode twice I find that this episode is fair at best. The writers will have to work a lot harder if they plan on reeling in this critic.
  • Disturbing


    After Brian accidentally kills another dog, and no one seems to care, he tries to convince everyone that they should value the life of a dog the same as a human. Meanwhile, Lois hires a maid who doesn't listen to Peter.

    the beginning was disturbing, but the episode was kind of funny until the dramatic end.

    5 out of 10.

  • Sweet

  • Pretty Dog Gone good.

    This episode was pretty good and I thought Brian was pretty likeable in this episode. Yes, he did drive drunk (or was he just tired?) thus getting another dog killed, yet felt remorse for doing so. What I also liked was how Brian spread the word about animal rights and how Brian pretended to be dead. I did feel bad for Brian in this episode, who was being burdened by guilt, as well as the dog that got killed.

    The subplot with the maid was good too and I liked how she spent the night, just because it was raining and how she told Chris that his fat would keep him warm. I was like, "But isn't she fat (Okay that may have been a bit offensive) I also liked how she wanted Brian to go out of the house.

    Other things that I liked about this episode were, Joe sleep dragging and that there wasn't Meg abuse. I can't think of any thing bad about this episode, so it gets a 10/10.
  • Good episode..

    This was a good episode of Family Guy. There were some genuinely funny and original jokes this time around. Apart from from producing the much needed comic relief, I must admit this installment was quite successful in pushing across the message of Animal Rights. And of course, the writers made sure they followed the sure-shot formula for success - a Brian-Stewie combination. And Peter's story was also kind of funny. The latino-maid sequence was hilarious. I mean, though offensive in every way possible, the plot wasn't far from the truth. Which is why, we can relate and genuinely enjoy the joke (if we have a good sense of humor for that matter).

    If only they could keep giving us episodes like these...
  • Brian accidentally killed a dog while drunk

    After Brian accidentally kills another dog, and no one seems to care, he tries to convince everyone that they should value the life of a dog the same as a human. Meanwhile, Lois hires a maid who doesn't listen to Peter. This was a much better episode over the mess of the previous episode. Consuela's plot was funnier here. There were humorous moments like Brian accidentally killed a dog while drunk (although the scene was bloody), Joe sleep dragging at night, the whole maid plot (Consuela kicking Brian out, Chris trying to touch Consuela's breasts, etc), and a couple more. The people not caring about the value of the life of a dog was the reason why it wasn't a 10. Overall this was a superb episode and it is one my favorite for the season. 9/10
  • Very good episode. One of the better Brian episodes

    After much anticipation, Brian receives an invitation to an award ceremony celebrating his novel, Faster Than the Speed of Love, by the Rhode Island Society for Special Literary Excellence, convincing him that he is a great writer. Once he arrives, however, he discovers that all the book club's members are literally "special." Brian decides to drown his sorrows at the local bar and drives home drunk at night, accidentally running over and killing a dog. He secretly buries the dead dog's body outside the Griffin's home and tries to keep quiet about it, but Stewie, having witnessed his deed and toying with his guilt, convinces him to confess, after pretending to be the owner of the dog over the phone. However, when Brian does confess to Joe and the Griffin family, they all begin to laugh, saying that no one cares if a dog is killed, especially by another animal. Outraged, Brian starts a support group entitled The Quahog Animal Equal Rights League, to convince the town that the life of animals should be of equal value to humans, but no one is keen on changing their lifestyles if it means no processed meats and medical research. Refusing to listen any further, they chase after Brian in an attempt to eat him, after he mentions how dogs are eaten in some cultures, which unintentionally sparks their interest in how they taste.[4][5]
    from wiki
  • great

    Brian is upset when he runs over and kills another dog, and he is even more upset by the fact that nobody cares. This leads him to wonder if his life has any meaning. Does it? Or does he live just to live?

    Good episode. The maid sub plot annoyed me. I know the point was to be annoying, or I am assuming that was the point, but still. I really liked the ending when Peter and the family think Brian is dead; it is a nice moment that shows they do care for him, and it is one of my favorite scenes in the show. Overall this is a nice episode and my final grade is a B- or so, I think is fair.
  • Great episode

    Brian accidentally ran over a dog and he finds out that dog is dead so he buries the dog. Brian decides to confess to everyone in the household and Joe (since he is the policeman). They all laugh because they said it isn't a crime to kill a dog and Brian didn't like it when no one cared about the value of a dog's life. The plot to this episode was great and well-written. One of the better Family Guy episodes this season. I laughed at some scenes but the scene I can remember laughing hard was the cutaway with Stewie reading the "Curious George" book. Stewie saw Brian crying in the bathtub so Stewie decides to help Brian by grabbing his collar and taking it to pretend that Brian was dead from being burned from a fire. Peter, Lois, Meg, and Chris find out that Brian was dead (which he really isn't) and Stewie gets Brian and wanted to show the four of them crying. Peter, Lois, Meg, and Chris hugging and crying made Brian realize that they do care about the value of a dog's life (well... at least Brian's life). Overall, despite everyone not caring about the value of a dog's life (which is the reason my score isn't higher), this was a great episode and the plot was well-written from Seth MacFarlane and the other writers. 8.5/10
  • A huge improvement on last week, but still not up to par.

    This was a massive leap on the rubbish presented to us last week, because this episode was actually a little funny and somewaht enjoyable.

    The storyline behind this one was quite good and I enjoyed it, but I still don't think the show is anywhere near as good as the earlier seasons.

    I also thought the episode did have a few moments of good humour, but that was still not that great to me either.

    Overall, it's a decent episode and I would recommend watching it, but don't expect a major improvement on last week, and definitely don't expect an episode of previous season's quality.
  • Brian realizes again that his writing career is going nowhere so he drinks too much. On the way home he accidentally kills a dog and buries it in the yard next door. After Stewie torments him he finds out no one cares he killed a dog. Uh Oh!!!

    This was a decent episode of Family Guy. The bits with PETA, the meeting to change how people see animals, and finally the new maid were all pretty funny in one way or another.

    The maid was probably the highlight of the show though. Everyone felt so awkward that they just let her do her own thing. Poor Chris had to share his bed and she stole little Stewie's play money. :) The bit with the radio with Peter was pretty good as well.

    The dog section of the episode was not as good as I imagined it was going to be. Sometimes Brian's preachy attitude can be very funny. Sometimes not. The whole bit with the confession and then Peter grabbing the gun. That was funny! Also later at the meeting when the whole subject of eating dogs came up. I don't think Brian was thinking this was the way the meeting would go.

    A decent episode that could have been really funny. I'm not sure what was missing, but maybe a little more Stewie tormenting Brian was called for? An enjoyable episode just the same though. Thanks for reading...
  • What's this A GOOD Family Guy Episode?

    WOW this was actually pretty good. Last week was horrible besides Quagmire telling brain off but this week was a good back to basics episode. Peter's childish antics has Lois get a maid, The catch is the maid is stubborn annoying and disruptive, Just like real maids.

    The other part was Brain being his old Liberal A-hole self but it was still great to see everything blow up in his face. The gags were kept to a minimum here and the episode had a great flow to it. Being closer to the Family Guy I enjoyed just a few years ago.

    Did the Manatees die? did they put in new balls? I don't know but this was a pretty good episode and I hope there are more to come.
  • Finally a good Brian episode. After driving home drunk and accidently killing another dog, Brian decides to fight for animal rights. He tries to talk some sense into everybody but not everything goes the way he thought it would be.

    This was differant and I'm glad that it was. Instead of Brian going after another human woman or ranting politics, he does something he had never done before. Fighting for animal rights. This was a strong plot Brian was more compassionate. The maid sublpot was a little weak but it was funny and so was the PETA joke from Peter. The killing of the animals was a little much and I laughed out loud at the big head cutaway. The ending was the best when everybody thought Brian was dead and they all came together. That was beautiful. Meg wasnt' abuse and everybody came together like a real family. Now this is the Family Guy I know and I hope we see more like this one.
  • This was a wonderful episode.

    O my God I loved this episode. I don't know why it only got a 7.8? It was a great episode. I would have given it a perfect 10 except for the british gentlemen's club joke. What I did like about the episode. Brian getting drunk. He always makes me laugh when he dose. The PETA joke was a riot. I loved Brian's breakdown crying in the bathtub. That was very touching and sad. Seing the Griffins react when they though Brian was died truly was a touching sence. We truly find out how much he means to them. In all a wonderful enjoyable episode.
  • Mister, mister Superman no here.

    I cannot believe they brought the maid from Superman's fortress of solitude back! Her dialogue was funny as a whole, and shockingly not too farfetched from how real maids genuinely act. This felt more like a storyline from a live action sitcom than something Family Guy does, but hey, it was funny, it worked, so no harm no foul.

    Brian and Stewie's scenes were good as well, but that's no surprise as the two of them are the few consistently good characters nowadays.

    To argue that this episode was well-written was nonsensical, but did it serve its purpose of making you laugh? Absolutely.