Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 8

Dog Gone

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 29, 2009 on FOX

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  • After Brian hits and kills another dog he becomes an activist for animal rights. In the end, after a whole episode of 'poor me', Brian realizes that his family (as crazy as they are) love him.

    I usually watch Family Guy (like most people) when I am about to go to bed or in need of a laugh. I did not laugh while watching this episode. Some parts were amusing at best. No wild laughing here. No spitting out food/drink, or collapsing in a hysterical fit. After the first episode of this season premiered I had high hopes for the future of Family Guy. I (personally) really liked the episode Road to the Multiverse. And this episode? It was fair at best. I do admit that it may be because Brian is not my favorite character (bland, overused, the same role for every episode) but this episode was disappointing. From the jokes about annoying foreign housekeepers who steal to Brian's constant 'poor me' attitude this episode was dull. And, as a teacher, I found the jokes about the students with special means was mildly irritating. Aren't the writers paid to make their script funny? Or were they drunk when they wrote the script for this episode? No. If they were drunk than this episode might have turned out better. My (only) favorite part of the episode had to be the part that switches to a cat awakening and looking for his lover only to find, "Welcome to the World of Feline Aids" written on the mirror. It was mildly amusing. So, after viewing the episode twice I find that this episode is fair at best. The writers will have to work a lot harder if they plan on reeling in this critic.
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