Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 12

Extra-Large Medium

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • Sweet

  • Copper20 is an SOB bossy boot!

    Copper20, you do not say that "whoever was responsible for writing episodes (on this show) needs to be fired" because you're not the boss of that person and boasting about things that you opine as "extremely offensive" is selfish, uncivil and nothing that you can do about! So always accept things that have nothing to do with you, even the ones that offend you... or better yet, tick you off.
  • Eeeh, not there best classic.

    It was ok, but the plot was extremely sloppy.
  • Whoever was responsible for writing episodes needs to be fired.

    I'm autistic and I find this episode EXTREMELY offensive. In fact, it's probably even more offensive than that one South Park episode where Cartman fakes a mental disorder.
  • Weak premise and only a few funny gags.

    I didn't really care for this episode. The premise was very weak for a Family Guy episode. The episode is about Stewie and Chris getting lost in the woods and Lois goes to a fortune teller to find out if they're OK. Since then Lois has been addicted to getting her fortune told. The jokes were hit and miss in this episode. The Starlight Express and the Thorton Melon gags were lame while the ones with Quagmire as a condom and Stewie and Meg in the bathtub were funny. The Down Syndrome Girl song wasn't funny, but I can't say it was bad either. Very average episode that is only worth watching if you're a true Family Guy fan.
  • Are all of you's supporting Sarah Palin's and the Parents Television Councils criticism of this episode?

    This was one of the best episodes of the season and the treatment of someone with down syndrome was refreshing and the musical number was great the best since the FCC song. I found it funny that Seth MacFarlane picked on Sarah Palin for once cos we all hate her and once Ellen said that her mother was the former governor of Alaska Sarah Palin probably threw her down syndrome kid at the TV. One of the greatest episodes of the season B+.
  • Boring.


    After Stewie and Chris go missing for several days, Lois goes to a psychic, who reassures her that the kids are safe. Newly obsessed with psychics, Lois and Peter start charging people for Peter's "abilities". Meanwhile, Chris develops a crush on a girl at school.

    The song was WAY too long, but Chris' plot was better than peter's


  • COME ON People!!! this episode wasn't anywhere close to being bad or being offensive

    I thought that this was a very enjoyable episode of Family Guy". I honestly don't see how some people can hate this episode. It wasn't offensive or terrible at all, at least in my opinion it wasn't bad. I was laughing all the way in this episode. Chris and Stewie being in stuck in the woods for like the first 5 minutes was funny. The cutaway with the founding father was hilarious. Mayor West's cameo appearance was hilarious. Stewie helping Chris' confidence by Chris asking out the girl (who has down syndrome) that he like. The cutaway with the snail on the turtle had me laughing hard. Meg and Stewie making bubbles in the bathtub and then Stewie runs out of the bathtub was very funny. That song that Stewie sang which was called "Down Syndrome Girl" was a very enjoyable and fun song to listen to... in fact, I can't get that song out of my head because it gets stuck in my head. Peter thinking that he is a psychic is so hilarious. It was very funny when Peter ruined a family's picnic and then he says "psychic". That "Doggy Dominatrix" cutaway really made me laugh so hard and I couldn't stop laughing. Peter being a psychic at a theatre and predicting the silliest things was hilarious. The ending was also funny when Peter said "I'm not a physchic" (although kind of rushed there). The only thing I didn't like was that girl that Chris went out on a date with... she was just treating Chris like he was a slave by telling Chris to give her a back massage, telling Chris to make her an ice cream and then she gets mad when Chris puts chocolate syrup on the sundae. She was just a rude and nagging girl and I'm glad that Chris stood up to her. Overall, an enjoyable episode of "Family Guy" and I really don't see how people can hate this episode except for that rude and nagging girl (that's the only thing I will understand) but I really like it in my opinion for the most part. 9/10
  • Not Very Funny.

    I know that Family Guy is suppose to offened everybody in the name of comedy, and they do it very well, but I think that they went way too far in this episode. Their portrayal of a girl with downs syndrome as a nagging witch I found terribly offenseive. I went to school with people with downs syndrome, and they were very nice people. I ti s totally understandable why Sarah Pailin was offened since her baby has it. The only good part of this episode was Stewie's song and dace as he prepared Chris for his date. I give this episode a one, even if it deserves even less than that.
  • Boring, repetitive, and for one second even in bad taste - 4/10

    There are three aspects to talk about in this episode.

    The episode itself was rather boring; there were no scenes that stood out. This episode was stealing a bit more than usual from other shows, and the "been done before" feeling was stronger than in other episodes.

    The second aspect - "is it ok to make fun of people with Down's syndrome?" Well anyone with half a brain knows that this question does not apply. FG does not make fun of people with DS at all - it makes fun of the way 'normal' people deal with them. I don't think anyone can call himself a FG-fan and then be offended by this episode, because there are many similar episodes in the show.

    But - third aspect - FG definitely crossed the line with the Palin-reference. There is no question that it was in bad taste, and that alone costs the episode lots of points.

    All in all, boring, repetitive, and for one second even in bad taste - 4/10.
  • fair

    there was one joke in the episode that literally had me laughing for like 5 minutes, but that was it. The overall episode, besides that one joke, was boring, and just not really funny. Maybe if the whole episode was them being lost and Lois trying to find them or something... I dunno. Overall the episode was boring and did not make me laugh a lot but it gets extra points because of that one jokes that made me laugh for like 5 minutes. So because of all this the overall grade would be a C- or so, me thinks
  • Sick

    The Psychic stuff and stewie /Chris routine very funny but to portray a character with Down Syndrome as such a nasty person was uncalled for . I know Family Guy is a sick show and I defend many of its extremes but not this.I sometimes wonder what the script writers are thinking of . I know they dont care who they offend but mentally disabled is pushing the boundaries. I know many will not agree which is sad because it really did well in this episode making fun of the Psychic fakes out there.I look forward to the attacks soon lets see what happens,
  • It was great! Though it could have been better.

    Well, I liked the plot that Stewie and Chris had gotten lost in the woods. It was new material from Family Guy, and I thought it was great along with how Peter thought he'd become a psychic. However, the plot that Chris asked Ellen out seems like it had been outdated and over used. I overall thought the episode was terrific, and I also think/hope the next episode will be better. Sounds like it'll be new material (I read the plot). That's what makes a good episode. However, this wasn't the best of episodes, as it had some flaws, including the ones I explained earlier. Keep up the awesome work, "Family Guy".
  • Loved It.

    This episode was one of the funniest so far. I loved it when peter said "I'm etheir gonna fly or ruin this family's Picnic" but the whole episode was funny. Extra large medium was a VERY funny episode. I saw the clips online, Wondering if i could see the full episode. Turned on the television, It was on. One of my favourite things about this episode is that it is funnier then the others. I used to have another favourite, But now i hardly care id it comes on! When i heard about this episode the first time i coulden't wait to see it. When i watched it i coulden't wait to see it again. Another thing i like about this episode is that it's one you have to see at least two times. This episode aucally makes family guy better, Even though it was one of my favourites from the start.
  • Psychics are con artists......discuss

    Recently Family Guy has been pretty decent after a run of fairly bad episodes. It now follows the Simpsons route of storytelling which consists of inserting a whole piece at the start that has almost no relation to the main story, which was Stewie and Chris getting lost. The main story with Peter becoming a psychic was decent because it summed up the con that is cold reading perfectly, only Derren Brown does that better. There were several bits that were laugh out loud which remind you of the way Family Guy used to be before Seth started expanding every joke until it's gone on for so long that you just want to turn off. The chicken fight for example, or Peter hurting himself which are just lame now.

    The portrayal of a person with Down's Syndrome didn't exactly ring true based on my experience but that was a smaller part of the episode and the main part made too many good points for it to get in the way.

    Overall a decent episode which can't always be said about newer Family Guy.

    One last thing if an English man, like the one chasing butterflies ever talks about his 'fanny' then

    a)He's not talking about what you sit on
    b)He's not a man...............

    International character fail.

    I thought that this episode was pretty good. Peter was so stupid and funny. A lot of the review up here said that they copied other shows but I couldn't really tell.

    I loved the snail gag, that was hilarious and Quagmire and the condom was pretty good. Stewie's musical number was priceless!

    Overall, very good episode. I'm very upset that I have to wait 3 weeks for the next one. March 14th. Why do they take so long to release a new episode, all the other shows like Simpson, American dad and Cleveland show is all having new episodes next Sunday.

    Oh well!
  • I liked this episode better when I saw it 8 years ago as "The Biggest Douche in the Universe"

    I liked this episode better when I saw it 8 years ago as "The Biggest Douche in the Universe" oh wait... this isn't that show is it?

    I'll concede that this episode defiantly contained some good lol's (Quagmire reincarnated as a gay couples condom? priceless) but they stole so much from that episode of South Park it was ridiculous. Some parts were damn near word for word, I wanted to turn it off right after the park scene, but kept watching as I thought maybe they were skewering that episode & I was waiting for it to happen... it never did.

    If not for the few good laughs it had scattered throughout I would have given this a 0, boooooooo @ you Steve Callaghan. I nominate you for this years biggest douche in the universe award.
  • Nobody does show tunes like Stewie Griffin!

    Well, Stewie did it again. The fine art of bad taste lives on in 'Down Syndrome Girl', one of my favorite Stewie Griffin musical numbers and one of my Family Guy favorites since Peter Griffin's 'Drunken Irish Dad' bit from the infamous Peter's two dads episode. The writers are really on a roll this season, one good to great episode after another this year as opposed to last year when I greatly feared Family Guy had run it's course and slipped past the point of no return. It's always painful to watch that happen to any really good show and in regards to Family Guy...not this year I'm happy to say. Family Guy still has some mileage left on it!
  • Slow down!

    "I wanna get there, but I wanna get there alive."

    Let's be honest, this episode was not exactly original. We just saw an argument about the believability of psychics on The Big Bang Theory a few weeks ago, and the idea of Peter thinking he was a psychic was infamously on done on an episode of Rugrats. Family Guy, in its 8th season, has resorted to so many cliched storylines to fill episode orders for FOX. No one will dispute that.

    But the show is still pretty funny, one cannot dispute that. As I quoted, the scene with the snail riding the turtle was the best, but there were some other good ones as well. You know Family Guy will make you laugh, but the question always remains: how much insanity are you willing to put up with?
  • im being very generous.

    "Extra Large Medium" is the twelfth episode of season eight of the Fox animated comedy Family Guy, and aired on February 14, 2010 on Fox. The episode follows Peter as he discovers his newly developed "psychic ability" after Chris and Stewie go missing. Meanwhile, Chris tries to win over a girl who has down syndrome.The episode's title is referene to the NBC show Medium.[1]
    The episode was written by Steve Callaghan, and directed by John Holmquist. When Chris and Stewie go missing for several days, Lois is at her wits' end until she sees a psychic who assures her they are safe. Even after the boys return home, Lois and Peter's psychic obsession continues, and Peter takes it a step too far when he starts charging neighbors for his extrasensory perception. Meanwhile, Chris develops a crush on a girl with down syndrome at school.