Family Guy

Season 7 Episode 8

Family Gay

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2009 on FOX

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  • Classical

    Too funny.
  • hahaahhahahahaahhahahhaahaahah

    Funny as hell! I laughed so much on this episode. The plot was funny and I got to see a different side of Peter.

    Bravo! and hahahahah.
  • Peter turns gay

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "Family Guy" and it really had me laughing very hard for the most part. I thought Peter being gay was very funny after he got injected and one of them was gay gene. I thought Peter bringing the horse home in the beginning of the episode was very funny. The horse peeing on the floor and then Peter telling everyone to pee was hilarious. It was also hilarious when the horse was chewing on Stewie's head and the horse was licking Peter's butt (although kind of gross). It was hilarious when Cleveland fell from the bathtub and then the horse was licking the bathtub water. I thought it was when Peter put the horse in Mort's store. I thought the cutaway with Peter being Matt Damon's neck was hilarious. I also thought it was hilarious when they were experimenting on Peter and Peter was a squirrel and Seth Rogen. The James Bond cutaway was also funny. It was also hilarious when Peter ran out of the gay people's house naked and then he got the balloons and said "This is mine". The ending was also hilarious when Mort threw the horse (who is dead) through the window. The only thing that I didn't like was that they made being gay seem like a bad thing and I don't have anything against gay people. Overall, a superb episode of "Family Guy". 9/10
  • I do not have a problem with gays, but this episode was just retarded.


    To make money and pay off his debts, Peter participates in medical experiments, including one that makes him gay. He winds up in a relationship with another man and leaves Lois and the family brokenhearted, however, they realize the important thing is that Peter is happy.

    Okay first of all, Brian made me mad because he sent Peter to a straight camp because Lois was upset. Why it made me mad is because Lois accepted Peter for who he was, and that Scott loved him, why can't Brian accept Peter for being gay.


  • Peter turns gay after being affected by the gay gene


    This was a great episode of Family Guy. It was hilarious but I gave this an 8 because I thought Peter saying "Guilty" for a long time wasabsolutelyunfunny and some of the scenes bored me. Anyway, Peter telling the family to pee was hilarious especially Stewie's "We're an unusual family." It was funny that all the horses were named after cancelled FOX shows. The horse hitting on Cleveland's house was funny especially Cleveland's tub falling down and then the horse licks the water. Peter being affected by Seth Rogan and the squirrel was also funny. As for the funniest cutaway I laughed so hard at the part when the Asian dad told his son that was doctor. Also, Chris knocking off Lois and farting on Meg was really funny (after he become the man of the house). Overall, a great Family Guy episode. 8/10

  • Peter partakes in medical experiments.

    I find it funny that Family Guy is taking shots at Til Death. Sure, it's not one of television's best, but it's been much better than Family Guy has this season.

    Not to mention they already did the whole listing canceled Fox shows once before. No need to rerun that gag (although I did get a brief smirk out of Cleveland falling from his tub to the ground yet again). I will be happy when he departs for his own series though.

    The only thing funny about this episode was mocking Seth Rogen (I really, really hate Seth Rogen), but other than that this was just as poor as they come. Did anyone else notice that Gay Peter sounded exactly like Roger from American Dad?
  • Hilarious episode!

    I thought this was a very funny episode. A lot of parts made me laugh, like Peter bringing the horse home, the horse peeing on the floor and Peter saying "He's probably self-conscious. Everybody pee!" I also thought it was funny when Cleveland fell out of the bathtub and the horse started drinking the bath water. Peter being Matt Damon's neck and getting the shots that turned him into a squirrel and Seth Rogen were also hilarious! Peter taking the balloons and saying, "These are mine!" was also very funny. Peter acting gay was pretty funny too, and the ending was great. My only complaint is that this episode made it seem like being gay is a bad thing, and I really don't see anything wrong with it. I guess I'm not really surprised, though, since I've heard Fox has pretty conservative views. Oh, well. This was still a mostly great episode, and for my final grade I'll give it a B. Marebear2009, out!
  • great

    To earn money, Peter takes part in an experiment where he is turned gay He winds up leaving Lois and his kids and winds up with a Man named Scott. Brian sends Peter to a straight camp, but Lois decides she wants Peter to be happy, even if he would be happy with Scott. Will Peter ever go back to being straight?

    Good episode. It didn't start that well, with the stupid horse, but after Peter became gay it was a pretty funny episode. Not the best ever, but it was an enjoyable way to spend a half hour. Final grade for this episode, from me, would be in the "B" Range. Pretty enjoyable episode, for the most part
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    Well this was pretty funny

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  • This episode does not belong in the Family Guy repertoire.

    This is the least original, and most unfunny episode I've seen of Family Guy. My expectations continue to rise as I watch each episode and this was a grave disappointment. The story was stretched and I didn't laugh out-loud once. This should have been saved for a reunion Christmas Special 20 years from now, when another attempt is made at boosting ratings for a dead show, rather than putting this story-line among some of the most cutting and clever comedy I've seen in a long time. Come on Family Guy. Step Up. (And it was also offensive and overly crude).
  • Peter gets a Job as a lab test Guinea-pig. He is injected with the gay gean. Of course you know whats going to happen.

    Family Gay was a very funny episode. Well written and not to many cutaways. What I liked about this episode was for one Meg got a desent amount of lines. Brian was trying to be a good friend to Peter and Lois. Brian sends Peter to a straight camp so Peter will go back to Lois. Brian is shore making up for his past mistake. I loved seeing Peter not only acting like a tipical gay but the way he was dressed through out the episode was very funny. I was disapointed because Brian's cousin Jasper was not in this episode. Hello you hear Family Gay you assume Jasper would be in it.
  • A pretty good episode.

    This isn't the best Season 7 episode, but it is definitly not the worst. So Lois tells Peter to get a can of beans, but instead buys a horse. It turns out, the horse is brain-damaged! It was funny when the horse licks Peter's butt and Peter thinks Lois to doing it! So then Peter gets the horse in a race with many other horse's. He then goes crazy (He runs like he's brain-damaged for sure!) and crashes into the stands. The horse is dead and Peter gets rid of it buy crashing it into Morts's pharmacy! That part was the best part of the episode! And when Mort threw it back at the end. Then Peter gets the Gay Gene for money. I thought that after the horse part, it didn't get that funny. Peter leaves Lois and gets with a man. Brian takes him to straight camp, but he leaves and goes back to his mate. (can't remember his name) But then the gene wears off and he goes back to Lois.
  • Guuuuuuuuuuuuuuuiiiiiiiiillllllllllllllllttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

    It's one of the funniest episodes made by Family Guy.I loved it when a shot turned him into a Squirrel and Seth Rogan.I loved it when Peter went naked out of that room and grabbed the balloons saying "These Are Mine!".I really loved it when Peter was saying Guilty! for a long time.I can say that this episode was very funny and it's one of the best episodes ever made.I can now say that it's next to one of the best episodes of Family Guy and it's one of the best funniest episodes ever made by thsi very funny show.
  • Not a total failure at all. It had a couple of good gags but it was nothing special.

    To make money and pay off his debts, Peter participates in medical experiments, including one that makes him gay He winds up in a relationship with another man and leaves Lois and the family brokenhearted, however, they realize the important thing is that Peter is happy. Well this episode pretty much put Family Guy back on TV talking about a controversial issue. It had some great jokes like straight camp, but then there were a couple of bland scences. The beginning was good with the brain dead horse, and the end with Peter's gay gene wearing off was good. This was a decent episode to say the least. Give it a watch. 7.5/10 or C.
  • On his way to buy groceries Peter buys a brain-damaged horse, which causes $100,000 worth of damage.To make money,Peter works as a test subject for gene therapy experiments As a test subject Peter is injected with several genes including the gay gene

    There was basically two stories in this episode, and if the episode was obviously titled after one of them for the easy wordplay, that doesn't mean it was the one that worked. Because, yes, of the two stories only one of them worked and was funny, while the other one was clearly not to the level of what you'd expect from the show, or even the other story of this very episode.

    Which is, again, somewhat disappointing not only because you know this show can be much better, we've seen it in the past, but also because it's been off the air for so long you'd think they took their time to come up with some great, hilarious episodes. Alas, that was not really the case…

    Things started good though, as Peter decided to buy a brain damaged horse for some reason, and while that lasted the episode was actually funny. Many of the jokes worked, from the simple dead look of this horse, to Peter asking everyone to pee and Stewie commenting how they were an unusual family, to the sugar cube and the look of horror on Stewie's face as the horse was sucking is head, the horse refusing to move from behind the car which eventually led to Cleveland's house being destroyed and the poor fellow falling down while in his bathtub for the fourth time, Stewie still eating his cereals even after Peter warned them it might not be milk, to the race of course and how. It wasn't a bad episode the only problem was that the plot should had only one storyline instead of two.
  • How not to do this

    Peter decides to waste money on a brain damaged horse, sends him into a horse race where he practically kills most of the crowd, then gets a gay gene where he sounds like Roger and acts camper than Christmas.

    Seriously, this episode had a lot of plot-holes, and was just an embarassement to watch with the group sex session, straight camp and the ton of gay jokes. Highlight was Stewie making the episode , and the horse thrown out of the window.

    A very poor episode and another example of how the creators only care for the pay-cheques instead of the show.
  • Family Guy takes on another overused plotline but pulls off more laughs than normal.

    This was one of a few episode since it's revival that has consistantly made me laugh. Turning a charecter gay is not exactly new idea in comedy and for a show made by bleeding heart liberals they did a fine job of perpetuating a distorted sterotype. Yet this made me laugh time and again which really is saying something as I have become very cynical toward the show.

    Credit to this episodes higher quality has to in part go to a much more solid plot structure. Charecters weren't all over the place and gone was that regular feeling that 'oops times run out, just wrap the episode up now.' All focus went on Peters antics with his family by his side reacting to his behaviour. With all time on this rather than 2 or 3 completly different stories and an overload of clips.

    The Brain Damaged horse storyline was a literally a laugh every 10 seconds. The taniod moment almost went on for too long but it did give for a few srprise laughs and shocks. What possessed the writers to get Peter in debt (The reason for taking the medical experiments) by inadvertantly causing death and disaster by putting a Brain Damaged horse into a race, doesn't bear thinking about! but it was very funny. Credit also goes to a reduction in time spent on clips and those sed being generally better than normal.

    A curious but funny and fresh aspect to this episode was Brian and Stewies unpredictable behavior, not to mention thier change in speech traits. Brians short and sharp answers came as a surprise as did Stewies chavanism. It was good as a viewer to be thrown off by these things.

    Special note goes to Chris' fart in Megs face. Yeah it's an old and immature joke but I bloody cracked up!
  • Really,really funny.

    This episode is hillarious.It starts out hillarios and the parts with the brain damaged horse were some of the best parts of this season.Like when the horse was licking Peter's butt was disturbing but,hillarious and when it was racing and crashed in the stands.When Peter threw the dead horse into Mort's store and destroyed everything was hillarious.Also when Peter replaced the milk with horse sperm and Stewie continued to eat it was really funny and really disturbing.The gag were Cleveland falls was again very funny and the James Bond spoof was very funny.Also the end were Mort Threw the horse in the house was very funny.The only negatives were it was o.k when Peter was gay and had some strange gags but otherwise a very funny episode.
  • Peter's brain dead horse causes several thousand in damages, so he resorts to medical experiments to pay for them. One experiment makes him gay

    Ok so this was as mediocre as it gets. There was a couple of really funny moments, but they are seriously overshadowed by the majority of poor jokes and writing. Im suprised that with the topic of homosexuality, there was little to no controversial statements made, a la Family Guy tradition. It seems that their hearts just arent in it anymore, why bother if you are not going to try and stick to the formula that has proved to be so successful? Why use such a touchy subject if you are not going to do anything good with it, gay and straight people alike would ordinarily have found this hilarious (if it where written and produced to the same standard as other Family Guy episodes) yet it fell below par. Really disappointing episode guys, lets hope the next one is better!
  • blah

    I'm still happy over the spark shown in Ocean's Three and a Half, so I'm not extremely upset that Family Guy has returned to its Season Six 1/2-Season Seven slump once again. Or maybe I'm too burned out by the emotional rollercoaster Family Guy has put me through this season so I just don't care either way. But in regards to Family Gay . .in Family Guy's heyday, Family Guy would pull off a controversal episode such as this with an odd combination of stinging satire and a surprising amount of sensitivity (I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar, Peter Griffin: Father, Son. . .Brother?). Then there's controversial episodes of middling quality (You May Kiss the. . .Uh, Guy Who Recieves, Padre de Familia) where the best of intentions derail any sort of the unbiased, brutal satire that Family Guy does best at. Then there's episodes like these where Family Guy just doesn't try at all, where there aren't any good intentions, nor is there any good satire here. It's just an episode of Family Guy being Family Guy. That's it. The story starts off lame, which if Family Guy starts off lame, then usually it will end lame. The story: Peter decides to be a horsebreeder for Some reason and creates all kind of havoc. The horse dies and Peter is left with deciding how to pay for damages. Since this is Peter, he decides to undergo gene experimentation, including, getting injected with the gay gene. There're some gay gags, a stereotypical homosexual boy toy, getting booted to straight camp, more gay jokes and then Peter turning back to being straight. The episode was handled better than some of the mediocre ones in Season Seven but this episode, it just doesn't care. Family Guy isn't trying to prove a point and it doesn't want to entertain us with at least some half-baked jokes. Perhaps that's the most upsetting of all, because this episode didn't make me care. In Season Seven, I've seen episodes that got me into a delirously hysterical mood and with the medicore episodes-to the downright awful, I felt like I had been slammed in the face by a shovel. This episode didn't make me care either way. And somehow, that's more upsetting than having awful episodes that made me feel something. There were some perks: Stewie getting all indignant over Peter turning when we're all aware that Stewie has more than a few gay tendecies, Stewie is revealed to have gone into a straight camp (although what happened to last episode where he had a crush on Susie? Let Stewie be gay or bisexual. Come on!), Peter singing Guilty (although I have never seen a gay man that could hold a note that long. Oh well.); yes, when Peter turned gay he did sound like Roger from American Dad, although surprisngly, I've always thought Roger's voice sounded like a gay version of Peter's, so I didn't mind, and the shortest and best moment of the episode was a surprise cameo of Seth Rogen. It is sad and ironic that he did what Family Guy quipped he does: be funny without having to do much. If Peter was stuck as Seth Rogen for the whole episode, that would been more entertaining than what the episode actually was. Instead, we get a story that's not really anything or about anything important. We get a few "controversial" moments when Peter is stuck in straight camp and a sappy "moral" speech from Lois but Family Guy's heart isn't in any of these moments. If Family Guy doesn't care, why should we care? I don't know what else to say. I could whine about Family Guy losing its spark but why bother? Ocean's Three and a Half proved that when Family Guy wants to be funny and refreshing it will be. When they don't want to aspire to their own standards and just be what Family Guy is supposed to be, minus the charm, that's what it will do. There's no point anymore. I guess that's sad but oh, well. Family Guy will stay until at least 2011/12 so, what can you do? Just keep in mind: Family Guy is slipping into the dryness of what The Simpsons is now. The Simpsons at least deserve their amount of medicore episodes since they've done Family Guy's brand of comedy longer and often better. I don't know what Family Guy's excuse is and it doesn't matter to me anymore. I'll keep watching but. . .with episodes like these, I think the fans won't care about Family Guy either.
  • Peter goes through expirments in order to pay some debts, they inject him with the gay gene" and becomes gay

    Sorry Folks, but this episode was horrible. The plot seemed interesting but sadly the episode wasn't. Once again it was full jokes that fell flat.It had less cutways than before. This episode just blasted homosexuality despite Seth McFarlane being advocate for them. And i get it now Stewie's gay before there hints but know there just blantley telling you. Also the dead brain horse was unessceary. The only funny jokes are when peter says Guilty, when hebert tries to get the jokey, and when Mort throws the horse back. Family Guy is dying folks, the writers are not coming up with good episodes, well lets hope next week is much better.
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