Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 4

Family Guy Presents: Seth and Alex's Almost Live Comedy Show

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on FOX

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  • My favorite show

    Really good
  • Pure Genius.

    Ok. If you are a true Family Guy fan, then this is something you should not miss.

    It all makes much better sense now, I mean these people are SO Talented, that its just not fair!

    Its quite short in length, like all their episodes, but the quality is just unbelievable. They also have a few surprises on the show. Especially one that will blow your TV minds away! ( not spoiling it for those who haven't watched it yet.) Seth and Alex at their best. I have watched it at least 4 times so far.

    The scene that makes me wet my pants always, is the casting actors who did not make it ! Especially Renes and Gregory Peck! LOL!!!

    " Now I am a Robot... Hou hi ki kou hi hi ka ko! Now I am a Truck!]

    Many many Thanks to you Seth for making us laugh every week!

    Gigity !
  • Dear Seth and Alex, your better off animated.

    After watching a (almost) good episode of Family Guy, I was forced to watch this very dull, unspectacular special. Jokes are dumb, and we heard them before so it feel tiring too. The musical numbers are very boring. The skecths are SNL-funny meaning they are stupid. The only thing funny is when Alex is singing "Poker Face", though it only made me smile actually. The rest are unwatchable. Could the two at least brought the really good Family Guy writers to help them assemble this special.? Uggh,, I'm so mad at myself for wasting my time watching this special. I gave this special a "5" for the effort of Seth and Alex.
  • Live sketch...

    It's really hard to pen down an opinion about this half hour of TV, mainly because it's not fair to compare this with any of the Family Guy material.

    And whatever be it, I guess Microsoft actually benefited from not sponsoring this one. Not because the show took a swing on the Jews, Nazis, Fox, and Asians, but because the viewership numbers were far less than what you would normally expect from a special program. And there was this creepy, unusual, and absolutely brilliant sketch to promote the Cleveland show. I am sure the people in the audience would have felt really uncomfortable, but they'll sure as hell remember the name Cleveland.
  • Awkward, should be called Seth & Alex's Almost Funny Show

    I'm an absolute fan of Family Guy & I even was one of the people clammering to the show back on the air when it was cancelled. So I must say that I was terribly disappointed with The Seth & Alex's Almost live Comedy show.

    They used the laugh track too much, things that weren't funny were getting a fake audience laugh repeatedly. There were alot of awkward pauses, & looks as if someone forgot their cue. Seth MacFarlane has a great voice & did not need to sing in his characters voices. There were brief shots of the audience which tells me they didn't find most of the show funny either. Marlee Matlin's appearance to get Alex back for making fun of her was funny, but went on for too long, thus losing some of the humor in it. With all the hype this show received I was expecting it to be much much better than it was.