Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 22

Family Guy Viewer Mail #2

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • family guy viewer mail 2

    this was just an alright episode it was not as good as the first viewer mail i enjoyed that alot more my there were some funny parts like the british griffins and their accents made me laugh this was probably my favourite segement by the way my least favourite was probably fatman and robin because i didn't laugh at that at all and i thought the ending of point of stew was funny overall a very average episode
  • A subpar sequel. Could have been better.

    If you are a family guy fan, you would know that Family Guy Viewer Mail #1 is an episode in the 3rd season of Family Guy. This episode is the sequel. Since this episode is divided into 3 different segments, I will rate each accordingly to how interesting and/or funny they are.


    Peter and his family are in a stereotypical London fashion dress-up, and Peter along with Chris tries to find out if they are related to the Queen so they can get luxury. End up killing the queen and they aren't related.

    Could have been better 7/10


    Peter gets struck with lighting and gets the power to transform anything he touches into Robin Williams. Peter being an idiot, abuses the power and turns everybody into Robin Williams, and then goes crazy. Decent segment 7.5/10


    First-person view of Stewie. Nothing really special and they could have done a better segment. 6/10


    For a Family Guy episode it's pretty well written, save for the last segment which isn't anything special. The second segment was funny and the 1st was interesting. Overall, I'd give the episode a 7/10.

  • It was difficult trying to average all of the segments together but I finally got it and it probably won't be right but hopefully I'm close at least

    Chap of the Manor: Out all of the segments in this one episode, this one has got to be terrible and I couldn't even stand ALMOST every moment of it. Only reason I say ALMOST is because there was one hilarious part. The one and only hilarious part in this episode is the brief scene between British Peter and the Quill (a.k.a. The Chicken). Other than one hilarious moments, I just couldn't stand the rest of the segment and it was just pure awfulness. Overall, avoid this segment... I'm begging you, just avoid it. 2/10

    Fatman & Robin: This is another segment I really didn't like that much but I thought it was better than the first segment. The fact that Peter wishes that everyone in town could be like Robin Williams was funny and the montage with Peter touching everyone in town and turning them into Robin Williams was very funny and enjoyable to watch. There was maybe one or two more funny parts in this segment as well. However, I just found the segment overall to be unwatchable but the WORST part of the segment is definitely the very ending... not funny at all and it will probably give you nightmares instead. Overall, a POOR second segment. 4/10

    Point of Stew: This third and final segment is definitely the best of the three. Only thing I didn't like about this segment was that "roadkill" scene, that definitely proves Brian is such a cruel and stupid jerk... what is wrong with that dog for running over a squirrel?. Other than that, I found the rest of the segment to be hilarious and I really enjoyed seeing Stewie's point of view because it was just so freakin' cool seeing on what he's seeing. A lot of parts in here such as Meg's brief cameo appearance, Herbert under the bus (that was random and expected), and more. Overall, a SUPERB third segment. 9/10

    OVERALL (averaging all three ratings together): 6.5/10