Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 20

Farmer Guy

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 12, 2013 on FOX

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  • Funny

  • Family Guy and Braking Bad.

    Questo succederebbe se I Griffin si trasformasse in Breaking episodio ne la prova a dir poco.
  • loved it ( high pitched) singy voice

    out of all the seasons I like season 11 the best
  • Daniel

    It's was grate
  • Go to jail. Go directly to jail. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

    Shortly after leaving Quahog due to the crime, Peter finds out that he has a meth lab in his farm. This causes political concerns over the farm, leaving him no choice but to go back home.

    First of all, Seth, you have to stop flooding the show with your political crap. I actually remember a time back in Season 4 when there were no episodes like this.

    And lastly, lay off the drug humor. It's not funny.
  • This episode should have honored Frank Zappa

    How? The Griffins could have moved to Montana so Peter can raise a crop of dental floss and ride the pygmy pony. Unfortunately, they didn't and we had to watch this drivel.
  • Unlike many others I actually enjoyed this episode

    Don't go hating on me for enjoying this episode. Unlike most this season (which has been a poor one but not a lost season there have been diamonds in the rough) This one did not hinge on racism or stereotypes, it did not end with an everything is better because of someone's apology speech (Lois actually made the right decision instead of just apologizing which too often is the case) this episode actually hit the mark with most jokes (love both the fox network calling and specific store jokes as well as stewie not understanding spelling and brian going to the farm) the episode hinges on peter being a horrible farmer and coning lois into letting him sell meth to keep the farm but the boat stayed afloat thanks to good comedy. Not the all time best family guy but I enjoyed seeing this one and can accept it. Hope next week's Road to episode and the finale can redeem what has been a C+ season at best
  • Please KILL THEM ALL

    PRE: WOW- I used the "R" did not knoew this lame web site actually doesn;t allow use of the "R" know the "R" word--what TIMMY is on South peter;s BRAIN "R" refers to a mentanity of the episode or the character--not a put down of disabled people. Wow-you guys are a bunch of cant write that word

    Another STUPID and BORING and useless episode. Im not giving anything Earth Shattering away wit the lame plot. Peter becomes a Farmer-cant find a way t oearn a living off the land and finds a METH LAB in the basement. I guess the previous family couldnt make a living either.

    This COULD have been really good. a nice take off on BREAKING BAD--or a political Statement about FARM AID. but we get none of that. Just a ***ed, YES-***ED -even for this show story and sxcript.

    Another PATHETIC episode. Please---I have had enough--we get about 4 good episodes a Season now---why dod they pay to make the other 17? I guess no one from FOX comes to the meetingd anymore. It must work like this "OK BOYS-I dont really care what it's about-just make sure Stewie doesnt make brian eat his poop again and w're alright-weve already got the advertising sold all just give me the tape--. You dont want to scree nit? WHAT FOR-they ALL Suck--people will watch ANYTHING.

    Do YOU watch it? OH HEavens BNO--i have a family and a wouldnt watch this garbage.

    Ok-here's what they shou;ld do--and I hope thye STEAL ,my idea---becauseit;s time for this show to be put to death with a brilliant episode so fans can beg (sarcasm) again for them to bring it back (PLEASE DONT)

    They enroll STEWIE in a new School. Brian geta a job as a seuity guard. he meet a HOT teacher and doesnt really pay attention to security. STEWIE is pissed off at hes going to GO devises a brilliant scheme to get an automatic rilfe, grenades, tear gas and builds a kills them ALL-EVERYONE---the whole damn too. Stewie gets arrested and in hsi trial--STEWIE defends his actions by bringing up a list of about 30 of thr worst epsidoes ever broadcast on this show----Stewie reasons the viwers are already BRAIN DEAD, the chatracters are so DUMB killing them would make the world better hes helping the cause to ban assault weapons. GO STEWIE. KILL THESE ZFOOLS OFF THE AIR (LOL)
  • What?

    Seriously? A meth episode and no "I am the one who knocks" or any Walter White reference? Shame on you Family guy!

    shame on you...
  • Farmer Guy

    Just another really poor episode of Family Guy tonight. A premise that seemed to be concocted based on one of the writers recently getting caught up on Breaking Bad, and nothing more than that.

    Very few funny lines either.