Family Guy

Season 3 Episode 10

Fish Out of Water

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 19, 2001 on FOX

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  • Great show

  • A great comeback.

    I love this episode and its much better than the last 2(The Kiss Seen Round The World & Mr.Saturday Night). This has to be in my all time top 10 episodes of Family Guy.
  • Superb episode

    Peter, Still out of a job, and now severely obese, decides to take on a new profession: Fishing. After buying a boat at a police auction, he soon finds himself in debt to a loan shark. When Peter hears of a legendary fish that, when caught, could win him the money he needs, he and the guys go searching for the mystical creature called 'Daggermouth'. Meanwhile, Lois tries to cheer up Meg with a spring break trip, where Lois is the one getting all the attention. I thought this episode was superb. Both of the storyline here in this episode are equallity the same. They're both good but with a few parts that were boring. This episode had a bunch humor, but I don't really want to list all the funny moments. I laughed at much of the cutaway here. The new family playing some cards then Stewie gets upset was definitly the funniest part. Overall, a superb episode. 9/10
  • great


    Peter, Still out of a job, and now severely obese, decides to take on a new profession: Fishing. After buying a boat at a police auction, he soon finds himself in debt to a loan shark. When Peter hears of a legendary fish that, when caught, could win him the money he needs, he and the guys go searching for the mystical creature called 'Daggermouth'. Meanwhile, Lois tries to cheer up Meg with a spring break trip, where Lois is the one getting all the attention.

    What I liked:

    - Peter being obese

    -"I had sex with all these fish" thing

    - Flying Dutchman's voice actor appearing again


  • Gonna kill Daggermouth

    After losing his job at the toy factory, Peter becomes a New England fisherman because he is severly obese, and Brian needs to carry him on a forklift everywhere. All the other fisherman try to get rid of Peter, so Peter gets a loan from a loan shark, and losees the house, but tries to catch a shark named Daggermouth to get the house back.

    This was pretty good episode. There were some funny parts, like Peter being huge, Lip hair Steve, and, of course, the episode marks the first appernace of the pirate with the wooden legs and arms, Seamus!

    Overall Grade: 85%/B+
  • Who wears short shorts? Lois Griffin does in "Fish Out of Water", my all-time favorite "Family Guy" episode.

    The writers apparently got the idea for Peter catching the fish named Daggermouth from an early Simpsons episode in which Homer is forced into a dilemma on whether to catch a fish named General Sherman or save his faltering marriage to Marge. However, it is Lois who stands out more so than Peter, as she struts her stuff at a spring break resort while wearing only a halter top, sandals and blue trunks (obviously a homage to the clothing Laverne and Shirley wore in 1978's "The Dance Studio" episode). Why Lois can't wear these clothes as her everyday uniform, I'll never know...I'm not generally a fan of "Family Guy" because of its ribald humor, but this episode is a glaring exception.
  • Peter sets off on another wild caper with his three layabout friends and meanwhile Meg gets ever closer to a teenage breakdown.

    Following a massive slump after losing his job; Peter decides to become a fisherman but when the cost of the boat gets their house put on the market it looks like Peter's last resort is to catch "Daggermouth" the deadly fish and win the money to pay for it. Meg and Lois go on a virtual Spring Break to make up for Meg missing hers but when they actually go to Spring Break Meg isn't happy at all.

    These stories aren't too good on their own but the countless hilarious moments make up for it. You can't have an episode based on the sea without a Castaway reference which is present here, there's yet another verbal game that the guys play while drunk "Who would you do?" And a reference to the Monty Python gag "Find the fish" which made no sense in the Meaning of Life film but is used to great effect here. Quagmire is given about five minutes of dialogue all up and manages to steal the show from right under Peter's shtick and having the sub - plot of Peter's house being sold to another owner is priceless. It was very hard not to zone out during Meg's story as it was too predictable and flat and was mainly used to pan out the length of the stories as Peter's wasn't substantial enough to fill 20 minutes. (Had they of used more of Clevelands elongated voice they'd filled the time, no problem.)

    With this episode we say "Arrrrr" To Seamus the crippled sailor and "Hi!" to the sleazy salesman who's always smiling and both of them provide nice cameos despite only appearing occasioanlly on the series.

    The visuals are as good as they ever were back in the woolly early seasons and the voice acting is first - rate.

    It has its flaws but this is yet another example of how a hit and miss show like Family Guy has its moments.
  • A step back, for me.

    This was an OK episode, with quite a bit of good humour, but I didn't enjoy the storyline that much, and I didn't like the concept behind it.

    I thought there were many good laughs in the episode, which was the main plus side for this episode, but it really was a below average storyline, and that's what disapoointed me.

    I would still recommend this episode, becuase if you enjoy your humour, this is the episode for you. It's not as great as many other episodes, but still very worthwhile.

    Keep it up Family Guy, and I hope to have an improvement in the coming weeks.
  • Knee slapping hilarious!

    This is exactly why I love the early Family Guy episodes over the more recent ones. Instead of relying on a series and series of flashbacks and absurd and over the top references to pop culture, it actually packs in a lot of original gags and jokes, this episode a great example of that. It was hilarious how Peter, after losing his job, becomes so grotesquely overweight, that Brian needed a lift in order to carry him around. The whole sidestory about Meg's spring break was also pretty funny in its own right with how Louis gets completely drunk at the bar, forgetting about Meg, and people mistaking Meg for a guy.

    While some of the gags here are original, what makes these early Family Guy episodes so great is that the pop culture references are also pretty damn funny themselves that offer more than just a scene of parody. The Castaway part provided a great laugh, and Quagmire thinking Taylor Hanson was a girl was also hilarious. Overall an awesome and hilarious episode.
  • This episode was hilarious...

    This episode was freaking sweeet, I mean, a man-eating fish, Meg becoming part of the popular click, Peter owing the bank $50,000 - those were the impossible but funniest parts of tonight's show.

    So, the Springbreak trip was sweet as it was potentially a laugh out loud. A drunk Lois was exciting, and then there was also that dork who was Peter's new emermy. However, it was very great though, Peter finding a way to pay up for the house just by locating and shooting a "fake" fish robot LOL! Joe, Cleveland, Quagmire and Peter all together during most events made this a tad better.

    Overall, this had got to be one of the funniest episodes to date, seeing as though you must expect the unexpected, and prepare for what is not there --- Excellent storyline and very hilarious. This ladies ans Gentlemen, is what we're talking about! An easily non-forgettable episode.
    FYI - A topless Meg??!! Now, that's just wrong. But I'll never
  • Peter finally decides to find his true calling: fishing. Lois takes Meg to a beach party and Meg gets jealous of all the attention her mom is getting.

    Lois takes Meg to a beach party and Peter finds the perfect job for a New England Man: fishing. “Fish out of Water” is one of my favorite laugh-out-loud episodes of the entire animated series. What is the perfect job for a New England Man? Peter learns the ins and outs of being a fishing boat captain. Peter attempts in fishing makes him the joke among other fishermen. He often reminds me so much of Homer Simpson. The purchase of a fishing boat costs him his house. Peter must get his house back before Lois gets back. In order to pay back the loan, Peter and his friends set sail to capture a dangerous fish but end us discovering a strange mystery. Things also don’t go well for Meg during Spring Break. Lois is constantly taking all the attention. Quagmire is absolutely hilarious throughout this episode. The scene where he bids on a prostitute’s panties was great but his suggestion to sleep with 1000 fat chicks for $50 or 50 really fat chicks for a $1000 was absolutely hilarious. Episodes like “Fish out of Water” are reason that I watch “Family Guy”.
  • How can you half expect something?

    Peter begins his career as a fisherman, meeting many interesting characters including one man whose father is a tree!

    Tom Tucker thinking Peter was a planet, Mercury to be precise, was a great way to start the episode aswell as Brian using a forklift to move Peter’s body around.

    I didn’t particularly like the episode compared to other Family Guy classics but the Spring Break and fishermen plots both had some memorable scenes such as the name of the boat: more powerful than Superman, Spiderman and the Incredible Hulk put together.

    Although the plots weren’t all that well planned and I don’t like the idea of Peter as a fisherman, the episode is entertaining and an okay watch.
  • Great episode, plenty of stuff here to make me laugh, Family Guy is the best cartoon show ever!

    This episode is very funny. I would add an error but I don't have enough points yet. >_<


    Lois takes the car to Spring Break vacation yet Peter drives home in two scenes. One where he sees people taking crap from his house and the other where he drives home to see someone else has moved it. Strange.