Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 17

Foreign Affairs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 15, 2011 on FOX

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  • Sweet

  • Una nona stagione perfetta.

    L'esempio perfetto di come concludere una stagione miglior filnale di stagione della serie assieme a quello della decima e della dodicesima.
  • Mediocre

    The main plot was good and quite liked joe being the stan in the american dad sub plot was nice but they could have made it a bit more exciting.
  • Family Guy continues its never ending fall with this episode

    My friend recorded this on his DVR the other night, and wanted to show it to me saying it was a decent episode. I watched it, and after seeing this episode I wanted to slap my friend for wasting my time with this awful excuse of an episode. The plot is that Bonnie and Lois go to Paris so Bonnie can have an affair. Meanwhile at home, Peter teaches Meg and Chris with his own version of homeschooling after a "Goat Virus" outbreak at the high school causes Peter to pull his kids out. Now I will grant this episode the benefit of the the doubt, both plots could have been so great, but once again Seth fails to execute it properly. The homeschooling but was just dull and unfunny in every moment of it. I was hoping Brian and Stewie would get in on the antics, but Seth decides to not have them in this episode at all. Instead we get a 3 minute music video of "Dancing in the Street" with David Bowie and Mick Jagger in it. I am not kidding, this is literally a 3 minute music video. Is this even supposed to be funny at all? It's just like that stupid Conway Twitty music video in "The Juice is Loose" episode. Why would we need to see something that is obviously not funny at all? The rest of the plot is boring and unfunny as well. Having Peter ride a scooter naked was a waste of time, and not funny at all, and the Muppet parody is something I could have really done without. The other plot about Lois and Bonnie is a waste as well. It could have been so much more, but instead it's Bonnie having an affair with another handicapped man. Joe comes in and wins back Bonnie, and everything is back to normal. There wasn't anything funny in this plot as well. The cutaways were awful, and not one joke worked in this plot as well. Seth when will you learn to stop using jokes that have been beaten to death already? Seriously we have had Peter drunk several times in a row, the scrapping knee joke, and now music videos. Is Seth this desperate for time filler? Also I hated how Bonnie acted in this episode. She loves Joe no matter what, and would never do something like cheat on Joe. If maybe she was swept off her feet by another handicapped man that may have worked, but here it's way out of character. Overall unfunny for every second, waste of time, and shows Family Guy's never ending fall from grace. Even the most loyal Family Guy fan should avoid this episode at all costs.
  • Great "Family Guy" episode

    I thought that this was a great episode of "Family Guy". I thought that this was a funny episode for the most parts and it was well written for the most part. Not as good as last Sunday's new "Family Guy" episode "The Big Bang Theory" but it was overall great. I thought it was funny when Joe was in the cage with the other dogs in the beginning of the episode. I thought it was funny that Peter decided to homeschool Chris and Meg after he watched the news about the diseases spreading in school. It was hilarious when Peter was riding around the room naked in a scooter and then Chris gets naked also. Joe being in the "American Dad" theme song was also hilarious. The cutaway with Quagmire being abducted by aliens was hilarious. I thought the David Bowie and Mick Jagger music video "Dancing in the Streets" was kind of a waste of time and is the reason why my score is a little low. This episode is actually 19 minutes long because of the music video taking up 3 minutes. Joe standing for Bonnie to show how he loved her was hilarious because Quagmire was taped behind him helping him stand up. My score was mostly low because I just thought Bonnie was out of character in this episode and she almost want to make me punch her. Overall, a great episode of "Family Guy". 8/10
  • Mediocre Family Guy episode

    Lois and Bonnie takes a trip to Paris, France. But Bonnie want to has a affair. Meanwhile, Peter teaches Meg and Chris at their home. I thought this episode was mediocre. I used to thought it was a decent episode, but now I changed my score to a mediocre score. Humor was not as great as the previous episode. Some scenes that were funny/great were the muppet scene, the American Dad opening with Joe (the best scene in this episode), and the mimes scene (even though it has violence). Because of its lack of humor in most of the episode, there's too much cutaways!!! Now they showed the gay music video by David Bowie called "Dancing in the Street." This scene REALLY ruins the score. If that lame music video wasn't mention, this episode should had less negative comments. Also, I didn't like the ending. What's up with that jack*** getting hurt and saying my least favorite bad word 5 times?! UNNESSCARY!! I was going a WHOLE episode without a bleeped word until he trips God, what an A-hole. Overall, this episode was mediocre. It would have been less criticized if weren't for that music video. 5/10
  • This proves that Family Guy is on the way out. What a waste of time this piece of garbage was. I didn't laughed once and Peter was more annoying than he ever was. I wouldn't mind if he dies in the final episode. I won't miss him and the same for Lois.

    Bonnie and Lois decide to go to Paris together to have fun. Peter doesn't like how Meg and Chris are being educated at school so he takes them out to be learn at home. His teaching is unorthodox and so out of hand that Meg and Chris want to go back to their school. Bonnie tells Lois that she came to Paris to have an affair. Lois tries to talk her out of and calls Joe who flies to Paris to rekindle their marriage and they went home together. This was 100% trash. Bonnie was out of character and I hated how Peter was as a teacher. Out of his mouth was mindless babbling that I wanted to shoot to shut his big fat mouth. Seeing him naked and going around the room on a scooter makes me vomit. The same goes for Chris. I got a chuckle out of Bonnie and Lois as muppets but that wasn't enough. The part I hated the most that destroyed this episode was that video with David Bowie and Mick Jagger. Seth, fire these writers and stop with the live action clips. They are pointless and are a waste of time. Brian and Stewie weren't in this one and it wouldn't have mattered if they were. The only part I got a smile was when Peter,Meg and Chris were in the desert but that still wasn't enough to save this piece of trash. I really thought Joe was walking but the moment was destroyed when it was Quagmire behind Joe. Another bad episode in another bad year.
  • Really?


    When Bonnie and Lois take a trip to Paris, Bonnie crosses the line while in the City of Love. Meanwhile, Peter homeschools Chris and Meg using some unorthodox teaching methods.

    Another 4 minute cutaway, which was a music video, really lowered the score, please avoid this episode.

    1 out of 10


  • Seth Macfarlane reminds me of that dick who makes you sit through sh**ty gay youtube videos he not-so-secretly has a hard-on for. They played the whole three minutes because that's just enough time for Seth to reach an orgasm.

    Here is the basic run-down:

    Bonnie and Lois go to Paris, meanwhile Peter home-schools Chris and Meg.

    Right off the bat you might have a ton of ideas about what this episode might entail. Unfortunately, the writers haven't any. In fact, they were so hard-pressed for material, they resorted to another 3-minute music video cutaway.

    It's pretty clear how brain-dead the writers are when they don't have Brian or Stewie to work with. I don't even like the two of them, but they tend to drive the story forward unlike Peter, who tries too hard to be funny and fails. It should not shock Seth Mcfarlane that this episode was a waste of time to his audience, when his writers evidently shared the same opinion.

    Let me tell you what I mean. How many times did Bonnie reiterate to Lois that she wanted an affair? Lois repeatedly objects to this. That is the extent of the first plot; there is nothing happening. There could have been a creative progression, rather than suddenly having Lois reveal at the end that Joe flew over to convince her. Doesn't that defeat the whole point of them being in Paris? They really could have thought of a better resolution, which could have been possible if they'd developed that plot AT ALL to begin with.

    The secondary plot was just a ripoff of some old media as usual. Peter is painfully unfunny, and blabbed on about useless crap. I find Ben Stein a million times more entertaining.

    This episode was just all over the place. It had no real direction at all. I'm wondering if Seth and his team are aware of this, or if they just revel in the prospect of boring the audience. As Peter lists major events to Chris at the end, he mentions "scraped knee", in reference to the 'joke' they ran into the ground repeatedly for some reason. It was only funny once, the first time, but they have it on a glorified pedestal. The writers need to understand that simply referencing things isn't funny. To me they only appear unoriginal and lazy.

    Honestly, what else can I say.
  • bad

    what i laughed, or chuckled at:

    act 1:

    Joe in the dog cage on the plane. "Indonesia better be worth it."
    stewie complaning about Joe's facebook was mildly amusing
    peter's flashback with the coach was kinda funny i guess

    that act had a dumb act break. the muppets thing might have been funnier if lois hadn't mentioned it right beforehand.

    act 2:

    american dad was kinda funny. funny in spirit but not that funny when watching it, if that makes any sense.

    Wow. This episode now has the least funny joke yet of the series, I'd say. Dancing in the Street. Not only was it completely unfunny, it lasted like 3 whole minutes. Wow. I thought it would never end.

    pretty terrible second act. maybe third is better?

    third act:

    peter listing things over and over as chris says 'no', 'never heard of it', 'sounds fake', was lame and not funny.

    mime on mime violence was ok.

    like someone else said, the whole plot is like... we have to take Bonnie's word for it all. It's not like we see Joe and Bonnie a lot so we have little of an idea of how they act together. So, I just could not feel for Bonnie.

    Peter's plot was OK but tried way to hard to be funny.

    2/5 because the first act had some laughs for me.
  • Better than I expected, but that's not saying a lot.

    After seeing how this episode has been critically panned in the reviews, I thought it was going to be terrible, but it actually wasn't. This actually would have been a great episode if it hadn't been for two things. 1. The three-minute "Dancing in the Street" video was really unnecessary and just shows how lazy the writers of this show can be sometimes. 2. I didn't like the premise of Bonnie going to Paris to have an affair. I just thought that was really out of character for her. However, there were a few things I did like about this episode, like the cutaway with Peter being an Olympic gymnast, the American Dad reference and Quagmire helping Joe stand up near the end. I also thought the quick scene with Lois and Bonnie as muppets was pretty cool even though that really had no point. The rest of the episode didn't really capture my attention, though, and after being impressed with the last couple episodes, this one was disappointing, although the people giving it 1s and 2s are sort of underrating it. Final grade: C-. Marebear2009, out! ~dedicated to tigerdude22~
  • Quagmire: So, do you guys not do the anal probe thing anymore? Alien: No, that's more of less been retired. Quagmire: I see, I you guys still have the thing?

    Sooooooooo Lois & Bonnie go to Paris, where Bonnie wants to have an affair, and leaves Lois shocked. After some muppets-style sightseeing, we see Bonnie flirting and Lois hatin it. Then Lois goes to the hotel and finds out Bonnie did a crippled french dude, and is mad, ad turns out she brought Joe. Joe & the french dude both want Bonnie, and then Joe stands up and walks so Bonnie picks him (turns out Quagmire was taped to Joe's back).

    Meanwhikle Peter got freaked out by the goat flu (dated swine flu parody) so he took Chris & Meg out of school and homeschooled them (just an excuse to show TONS of cutaways). But then, after realising the kids didn0t learn a thing from him, sends them back.

    Overall: It was a good episode, the cuaways weree funny, until that hideous musci video appeared and went on for FAR too LONG. That video pulled the score down A LOT. Anyways, the best gag was JOe in the American Dad theme song. 7.5/10.
  • Home Schooling was the cherry!

    I don't know if you have to have been a teacher to get the homeschooling joke, or what, but it really took me by surprise, so much so that I burst out laughing! Some foreign students can be quite gullable, since they don't know what are the customs in a foreign country, and as an educater one COULD mess them about a lot, with wordplay, but then correct them afterwards. Running around naked could have been some local custom, hence the laugh. The video was just overkill. A segment, perhaps, but almost the whole thing??? wow, but exposing some accepted gay-like shots. People should not forget Family Guy is a team effort to make viewers laugh. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. One's state of mind while viewing can also have an effect.
  • One of the worst in years...

    No Brian. No Stewie. Ridiculous plot with absolutely no back story. But the worst part? That god-awful 10 minute music video "gag" that the writers used as filler during the writer's strike. And to add insult to injury after the gag Peter basically said yeah that just happened and we're proud of it. If I see one of those stupid gags again I will never watch this show again. This episode was an embarrassment. Just when I thought this show got funny again the end of days for the Griffins has never been more clearly visible. Don't waste your time.
  • There was no humour involved whatsoever, and it seems that Seth MacFarlane has finally forgotten what it means to let a joke die.

    This episode features two main plot points: Lois and Bonnie leave to take a week-long vacation in Paris, and as a direct result of this, Peter is left in charge of the children. After an announcement that goat flu was sweeping through the kids' high school, Peter decides to pull them out of school and home school them, just until the outbreak subsides. Shortly after he starts the home school process, the episode (already lacking in humour as it is) takes a turn for the worse: the music video "Dancing in the Street" featuring David Bowie and Mick Jagger is shown in its entirety. That's right, a full three minutes of the show is dedicated to a single joke that wasn't funny to begin with.

    Seth MacFarlane has taken jokes too far in the past, such as when Peter banged his knee after tripping, or any of the Conway Twitty cutaways. But to show an entire music video in the middle of an episode is just ludicrous. Seeing as how the episode is less than 22 minutes long, "Dancing in the Street" took up almost 14% of the episode's airtime.

    In my opinion, this is the worst episode of the season thus far.
  • 5/15

    The premise here was Bonnie going to France to have an affair with another handicapped person. I wish that I was wrong, I wish that I could make this stuff up, but I just could not. Family Guy strikes out again here tonight first with some bizarre references including showing an entire lame music video, a dated Muppets parody and then you also had "humor" in the form of Peter riding around on a scooter without any clothes on.

    What happened to the days of this show tackling social issues and actually being funny? FOX recently cancelled a hurricane crossover episode of Family Guy, but they should have cancelled this one. Terrible showing from the comedy.
  • If you look up the meaning of "Cancelled" in the dictionary, you will find this exact episode in it.

    I gotta say this was a horrible Family Guy episode. I did not laugh at all and it was just really bad. It had two bad plots, Peter teaching Meg and Chris at home because of the "Goat Virus" that is around the school. Bonnie and Lois go to Paris so Bonnie can have an affair which was just stupid. I think the worst part in the whole episode was the music video. Have you noticed that the music Family Guy shows never goes out well? Like Conway Twitty singing for 3 minutes in that O. J. Simpson episode and now this?... And yes, that music video was really really gay
  • just lazy (spoilers)

    This was obviously a bad episode. But it didn't have to be.

    The homeschooling idea was a great idea. There was so much they could have done with it. Right from the start I expected Stewie to barge in and take over from Peter, or Peter using Brian for some reenactment in a history lesson, or some such. But once again Brian and Stewie were left out of the episode completely, and instead they showed that video. Why would they do that? It makes no sense.

    The second story around Bonnie and Lois also had tons of potential. Quagmire could have come to Paris trying to seduce Lois and ending up with Bonnie, or Bonnie could have had ten different lovers driving Lois insane. But instead, we get the least interesting version possible - Bonnie meets someone, falls for him, Joe arrives and wins her back. And inbetween the American Dad intro - more filler.

    Too bad; this episode could have been good.
  • What a WASTE of Time.

    Really BAD episode. Another loser in this loser season. If the plotline alone wasn;t bad enough (Joe's wife wants to have an affair), They actually wasted over 3 minutes showing the ENTIRE Mick jagger/David Bowie Video "dancing in the streets". Unfunny, uninspired without one really funny joke. No Stewie, no Brian, no interesting cutaways. I think if they held a High School writing contest they would get better scripts than what Fox has let air this season. If They tyhink consumers will be spending 19.99 for this crappy season on DVD...they are going to have a lot of unsold DVDs. I think you should get this season FREE with the purchase of any other season LOL...this was a really bad episode.