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    [1]Nov 11, 2012
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    I have a question for the "early" episodes of Family Guy (first run) and Episodes (starting w/ North by North Quahog)

    -Were the first 50 episodes and episodes 51 - present of the

    same calibur..meaning was the "wow" factor of being how "wrong but funny"

    consistent - or were the first 50 (first run) "boring" compared to when the show

    "returned" three years later after the initial cancellation...

    -Like anything, there are before and after moments... and am just

    curious if part of the reason the show was cancelled was it was "lame"

    [versus what airs in season 11]

    the list of the 29 shows, and the "unlikely event" those get cancelled

    would bring back Family Guy was FUNNY!! However, that was a RARE

    out of character moment for FG - as it is almost always taboo..

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    [2]Nov 12, 2012
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    It was canceled (twice) because it was 1999 - 2002 and on FOX - times & television tastes were not as crude as they were today on network television & Fox kept moving it around on its schedule so it couldn't build an audience.. Family Guy was a lot more tame & more clever in its writing. You never saw the F-bombs or vulgarity in the early episodes like early Rock n Roll because of innuendo - it's more fun to hide it than actually say it - until you've run out of ways to do it, some 120 episodes later.
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