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How do you think the new season will turn out?

What will the result of the new season be?

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    Do you think it will be a success or will it fail?

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    Judging by the trends on the show, I don't think a light bulb is going to magically turn on & suddenly gets a lot better. Shows don't get better when they get older. I expect about maybe 3 great shows, about 17 average shows & 2 really bad ones. More shows with single plots & on secondary characters, a couple of pro-drug & anti-religious episodes, lots of Brian, Stewie & Peter adventures. Today I was thinking they could somehow parody Richard Mulligan's crazy character Burt Campbell from the TV show "Soap" with his Dr. Harry Weston from "Empty Nest" but alas, maybe 10 people (assuming they're still alive) would get the reference. And of course, nobody under 30 even knows what that is. Hmm, I wouldn't mind seeing actors being parodied from multiple shows like they did with the Robin Williams bit from Viewer Mail #2 & Richard Dawson on Family Feud mentioning Hogan's Heroes "I served in the fictitious army!"
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