Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 10

Friends of Peter G

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2011 on FOX

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  • Classic

  • terrible episode

    One of the worst. The only funny joke was the catdog reference, and the mr booze song was entertaining, but everything else sucked. The episode teaches a terrible lesson that pretty much says you need alcohol in your life or else you're a loser. And moderation? Really? I'm pretty sure an alcoholic needs to stop all consumption in order to kick their addiction. But the worst part of the entire episode had to be Brian's anti-religion comments and that horrible cutaway that says there was no conflict before christianity. I know religious disagreement can be a cause of war, but it is not the only cause of war! The writers act like it is. I'm really getting sick of the writers constantly spewing their biased propaganda.
  • Wrong People

    The episode is 12 and the season is 9. This is one of my favorite shows and it keeps the heart pumping and me smiling. There is areas that seem to go to far but their saying what some of us are thinking and we get to see how ignorant we can be. LOL Fav-epi by FAR!
  • God, so boring.


    After a public disturbance, Peter and Brian are forced to attend a 12-step meeting to help kick their drinking problems. Unable to recognize his issue, Peter gets a visit from Death, who gives him a glimpse of what life would be like with and without alcohol.

    It was nice to see Death again, and the song was freakin' awesome. Most of the gags were dumb though.


  • It was kinda boring


    After a public disturbance, Peter and Brian are forced to attend a 12-step meeting to help kick their drinking problems. Unable to recognize his issue, Peter gets a visit from Death, who gives him a glimpse of what life would be like with and without alcohol.

    Parts I liked:

    * The first two logo productions.

    * Peterdisruptingthe movie.

    * Return of Death. Great to see him again.

    * CatDog reference. However, I don't really understand what's Peter saying. (Sorry, I don't understand people when they're drunk.)

    * Peter's life with being drunk.

    * The seagulls part.

    Parts I hated:

    * The logo productions was too long and tedious. I wasted a minute and a half Peter talking during the logo productions.

    * The Mr. Booze song. Super annoying and once again, tedious (long andirritatingsong, btw)

    * Boring in some scenes

    Overall score: 6/10 (Fair, but tedious)

  • Boring and bad...

    Honestly, this is just tiring. Don't get me wrong, I love family guy, but seriously, this is just getting old. A drunk peter episode, we already had an okay one like that with the kidney, but not only did they not even have a reasonable plot, they didn't have a side story either. This episode was half minded, and mediocre. I can pick ANY episode and it would have been ten times better. Don't get me started on the song that lasted five minutes... It didn't even have a point. I don't want to be hating, but Family Guy needs to pick this up.
  • mediocre

    Peter and Brian are forced to attend AA meetings, and neither wants to. They eventually get everyone at the meetings drunk, and Peter gets in an accident, where he is visited by Death, who teaches him how much he should drink.

    It was alright. The only parts I actually liked were the Cat-Dog reference, and Peter going off on Stewie (Laughing Cry, Effing cry, what's the difference). The rest was kind of boring. The opening with the actor's name in the theater was REALLY similar to a scene in the Simpsons like 9 years ago. And the ending was kind of lame. So overall my final grade for this episode is in the low "C", maybe high "D" range. Not great but not absolutely terrible either
  • The drunken seagulls eating KFC was hilarious.

    So at the movie theater, Peter & Brian get drunk and mess with the movie so Joe takes then to court and they get a month of AA. so as their first session wasvery boring, they get the idea of usinfg the AA meetign to get drunk. Then Joe goes there as multiple people complained about bnose, and Peter & Brian turn the room into a churhc and sing a song (that was very very verty very long) and Joe buys it.

    Going home PEter dies in a car accident, so Dath comes and shows Peter how life pwould have been if he was a super alcoholic (cigar burns!) and how would life bee if he never touched alcohol (Mr.Sitcom Dad). So he teaches Peter a lesson moderation. Peter now throws away2 beers of every 6-pack.

    Overall: It is a good episode with great cutaways (the dudes killing themselves cause of JEsus, thw water slide, the drukne seagulls) but the Mr. Booze son was terribly long. 8.5/10.
  • 910

    There was not a single laugh in the first half of this episode. Brian and Peter acting drunk should have been funny, it is almost impossible for it not to be funny, but bless their heart, they found a way. They had another one of those annoying songs too. But the real problem was the propaganda being spewed in this episode, suggesting that it was possible that people were better when drunk. Just ridiculous.

    Family Guy had another swing and miss here tonight. It got better during the second half, but this was one of the worst installments of the season.
  • I enjoyed A New Kidney in Town. That was the best Peter and Brian episode in a while and I hope there will be more of them. This one bombed. We have seen Peter drunk before but this was low and as usual Seth just can't keep his beliefs out of the show.

    After causing a disturbance at a movie theatre, Peter and Brian are sent to AA meetings for 30 days. After disagreeing with the whole thing, Peter and Brian decide to bring beer to the meeting. Peter gets into an accident and Death shows Peter how life would be like with and without alcohol. Peter learns his lesson by drinking in moderation. This was a cop out. Brian has returned to his holier than thou attitude after I liked him in the kidney episode. People think Brian has never changed. WAKE UP!! He has. He could at least gave AA a chance. The only way to be happy was to be drunk was a horrible idea. That song also made me mad. Enough of the singing Seth!!! It was another song from an old movie and it proves you are a hack. It lasted forever and that proves that the writers need to write longer material and not put in fillers. Peter was worse. He should have known better after the kidney episode. The only funny things were the movie logos and Peter seeing his life with and without alcohol. Death should stayed longer but not even he can save this terrible episode.
  • Another Drunken Peter episode...He needed kidneys only a few weeks original thinking.

    Yeah..this episode TRIED...but I was not LOL again. The whole season has been a disaster. Uneven, unfunny, and just repetitive of other seasons. I think Seth isn't showing up for work much and letting 'others" write and supervise. This episode should have been a lot funnier. Stewie was of no use when he could have been. The song was rather pointless and went on way too long. Most songs are either really funny (fat Guy song) or really edgy (Stewie singing about pot) but this song was bland. Another 9th seaon FAIR episode. Time to cancel if they can't get back to what used to be controversial, funny and irreverant. Where were the cutaway jokes this time? Slouching and laziness is no excuse even for Family Guy, I was mostly bored. .Episode doesn't deserve much more thought.
  • One month waiting to get a 5min episode stretched to last 20min.

    You know... I've been reading reviews on, your reviews, for some time. and mostly i like them, there is always something you miss and others might not, there is always some new perspective or even if you just want to know how good a series is. my point is: i was satisfied. I never felt the need to write myself since in my opinion you guys had it covered. but today, after seeing this episode i felt the need to at least come and rate it... yes... it was THAT BAD! I've been seeing family guy for some time now, and this might have been one of the worst episodes so far, if not the worst. Even though i see family guy expecting a certain, lets say, degree of "randomness" and and even a certain detachment from what you can call a storyline, this episode was just laughable, and not in a good way. The storyline was just miserable. This episode can be summed up by this: Peter and Brian go to rehab, Peter does something stupid, big pseudo-emotional finale. As a fan of family guy even I have to say: if you can't do it anymore then just stop. The episodes have been slowly getting worse and worse until we finally end up with this one.

    ======Spoiled Down=====

    The very start was showing a sample of what we were in for. The endless cinema announcements. But it wasn't all bad. There weren't any really funny jokes but it was watchable even though not as funny as family guy once was. The only times I really remember laughing was when Peter ripped the cinema screen and say "I think I'm in Narnia" and when Peter crashed hes car in the pool.

    And what was the big singing number with 4min in the middle of the episode? The song itself wasn't funny, the moments the song stops so someone can "testify" weren't funny and it wouldn't stop. I normally like the musical parts in family guy but this one? I was praying that it would end. It was just dull... that and the scene, short after this one, where peter is talking about cat dog with Brian. It takes too long and it is not funny.
    And Death appears and gives him a second chance (again...) and he completely changes his way... just like that... Peter's character is nothing like that most of the time. It was odd since this wasn't the Peter we know and love. So they have a month for this episode and this is the best it gets? It seemed they just wanted to fill the time and went with over extended jokes that weren't funny to begin with like they couldn't be bother to write anymore story preferring to waste time not even bothering to include any other characters. I miss the times when family guy had at least to parallel stories per episode.

    To me this was the worst episode so far. And even though i have the hope that it gets back to their original glory this show is going through some bad times.
  • Offers very little.

    This episode has proven one thing. At least Family Guy can be consistent... consistently bad. This was another episode of Brian and Peter taking their drinking too far which leads to another cameo of Death coming to show Peter what life is like drinking too much, or not drinking at all. The moral of the story was to learn to drink in moderation. Some good gags were a shot at Justin Longs success, Peter's life as a non drinker was pretty funny but that's it. The musical score which felt like it lasted 15 minutes was dreadful. Come on Family Guy! Go back to how awesome you used to be like in Seasons 2 - 5.

    Mediocre at best.
  • It was overall good but not great

    Peter and Brian went to court after being drunk at the movie theater. The beginning with Peter and Brian being drunk at the movie theater was funny and when Peter jumped through the screen and said "I'm in Narnia" was hilarious. I also thought the song "Mr. Booze" Peter and the others sang was really good and it was stuck in my head for the rest of the night. I was laughing hard when Death said "Please be Rosie O' Donnell". I also thought the ending with the two birds drinking beer was hilarious. It was cool to see Death again because it has been a long time since we've seen him. Although, this episode did have its moments but it wasn't that great of an episode. The story could have been better and it was boring at times. Overall, it was a good and funny episode of Family Guy but it's not so great. 7/10
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