Family Guy

Season 9 Episode 10

Friends of Peter G

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Feb 13, 2011 on FOX



  • Trivia

  • Quotes

    • Peter: Alright family, lineup for cigar burns!

      Lois: Aw!

      Stewie: Aw!

      Chris: Ew!

      Brian: Ah!

      Meg: Ah!

    • Sober Peter: Okay family, it's time for a "Family H." The 'H' can stand for a Hug, a High Five or a Handshake. (Lois approaches and hugs Peter) Oh, starting off with a hug, that's good. (Stewie approaches and hugs Peter) and another hug, we're on a roll. (Chris approaches) Are we going for another hug? Make it three for three? Oh nope, it's a High Five and that's alright (high fives Chris, Meg approaches and hugs him) And we're back to hugs. Hugs are good it looks like we're going to win with them today... (Brian approaches and shakes Peter's hand) And we're topping it off with a handshake.
      Peter: Who the hell is that with my family?
      Death: That's you if you'd never touched alcohol.

    • Tom Tucker: This man wants to testify!
      Peter: Very well, my brother. Let us lead him on the path of righteousness!
      Tom Tucker: This poor gentleman used to speak in long, eloquent sentences. But after years of drinking, he can only speak in short, choppy utterances. Why, at one time, if you asked him who his favorite musicians were, he'd say "Leonard Bernstein, Johan Sebastian Bach, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart". But thanks to that old devil hooch, it's all changed. Who's your favorite musician, Ollie?
      Ollie Williams: Cher!
      Tom Tucker: He doesn't even like Cher.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • CatDog

      When Peter is drunk to Brian, Peter sang CatDog which is a Nickelodeon cartoon about a cat and a dog who are one and their origin is unknown.

    • Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

      When Peter is driving home, he turns on the radio to the Lullaby Channel, and the reprise of Hushabye Mountain starts playing the instant he turns on the radio.

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