Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 13

Go, Stewie, Go!

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 14, 2010 on FOX

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  • Nothing noteworthy of this episode, except how much the writers are not trying anymore and are even going as far to tell the audience that.

    Okay, there is SO many things wrong with this episode. This falls to ground of being as bad as "Padre de Famila" and "FOX-y Lady." All the characters are out of place, the plot is just unbelievable, but this episode has pain of having scene that have BEEN done before and just exist just for the shake of being low brow, unlike the funny stuff from Duckman.

    I mean, I like the idea that Meg is finally asserting herself and being treated more like a human by her family, let alone most the town, let alone asserting herself from being a punchbag (referring back to an episode I like, Dial "M" for Meg) But that's just a small gem of goodness in this episode.

    Lois is becoming more and more of a Bee-Itchy Bimbo. I mean look at her. She constantly laughs at Brian's dates, for either being stupid (even though Julian was NEVER as dumb as Peter, let alone as being big jerk like him, so what right does she have to make of Brian's dates) or being too old, and she now is in the other position thanks to Peter just because she has gray hairs. Meg's boyfriend, whose name I don't even bother remembering because I know from the Ghetto that he is not going to reappear an more episodes, much like of the "newer" characters they're introducing to the show, like some of Chris's girlfriends or Peter's real dad. Of course, Lois just goes for Meg's boy, not ONCE considering how morally wrong for what she is doing to Meg, Peter, and the law considering the guy must be underage! And she doesn't just go to a bar or something to just try to hook up grown men, she just goes for the first teenager who compliments her! Are the writers even trying? And I'm starting to wonder why she still sticks with Peter at all. Sure, he apologizes for what he has done in this episode, but the man shows no responsibility in their relationship, leaving her at a drop at a hat (like getting inject with the "gay-gene" or having amnesia) and he really give a fig about his kids until something happens to make him do show (which much like the episode where he promises to treat Meg better, he forgets to do show ENTIRELY later on until she beats him up!)And the fact that she just instantly forgives him in "Stewie Alone" after he recites John Candy's speech from "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles."

    And while we're on the subject of originality in the show, let's about Stewie's part in the episode. My God, they just cut and past together some of other episodes in here. They take the cross-dressing theme from "Boys Do Cry," the whole acting and show business from "From Method to Madness" and they just through in Jolly Happy Farm from "Road to Europe." The whole cross-dressing man begin attractive by a woman who thinks he is a woman has been done on SO many movies/tv shows there nothing special about. And I really hate Brian in this episode. He is SO desperate to get laid, he has the first woman (who is really Stewie) that walks up to him, and have her touch his naughty-bits within 5 minutes? The only thing that the writers of this show seem to actually TRY at is to be raunchy rather than being actually funny; oh, and actual WRITING!
    Also, couldn't Brian see through Stewie's disguise, he DOES have a acute sense of smell, let alone he seen Stewie in drag SO many time.
    Another thing about this episode is that it proves a theory of mine, the show no-longer follow it's own establish logic, it just does as it pleases with its own broken logic of telling jokes and story. Like they always are willing to say anything bad about religion, more of Christianity/Catholicism than anything else, as they always seem to portray Jesus as a douche! Why don't the show actually be daring and try to make something else, like, Muhammad or something, because, you know, it's been establish that you CAN'T make fun of him because it would offend people, but hey, that hasn't stop the show before with the people who worship Jesus now has it! Bottom line: The stories here are stupid, cliche, predictable, and just unbelievable to the regular viewing audience of the show. The jokes here are really not that funny or memorable as others in this show. Overall, their are minor things that make this episode good, but not enough to balance out what is bad about!

    Note to the writers: Stop trying to out raunch all the other adult shows that are on FOX, TBS, and Adult Swim and just come up with laughable jokes and a solid story. Just do that, rather than telling us you're not trying and rubbing it in our faces like a bunch of SOBs