Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 5

Hannah Banana

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 08, 2009 on FOX

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  • Love it.

    Best episode ever.
  • hated it!

    this episode was god awful! the plot with Stewie was ok, but the plot with Chris was really bad. I especially hated the scene where everyone does nasty shit to him while hes asleep. the way Peter and Lois treated him was also dreadful throughout the episode. Season 8 was generally really bad, but this episode was terrible
  • Stewie wins ticket to see Miley Cyrus; Chris tries to prove that the evil monkey is real

    I thought this was a great episode of Family Guy. I liked the evil monkey is real plot better than the Hannah Montana plot. It was interesting that the family already know about the evil monkey. Chris was too shouty at one part where he yelled screw you at Peter and called him the worst father ever (which eventually did a trick on Peter) and that the only problems with the evil monkey plot. Hannah Montana plot wasn't my favorite but it was okay. I didn't like how Stewie change Miley Cyrus' back but her rampage was funny. The song for the episode was very good. Funny parts in this episode were pretty much all of the cutaways in the episode, Stewie watching Hannah Montana, the videotaping (Herbert's sudden cameo), Chris catching the evil monkey, the monkey doing Chris" homework, Meg's line about having a poop and it felt great (Peter said that line made him smile a bit), and the ending with evil monkey now living at Tom and Jake Tucker's house. Score 8/10
  • Great episode of "Family Guy"

    I thought it that this was a great episode of "Family Guy". It wasn't my favorite episode but it was overall great in my opinion. I thought it was funny that Stewie loves to watch the Disney Channel show "Hannah Montana" and he wants to meet Miley Cyrus. I also loved the plot when Chris finally revealed to everyone that the evil monkey was in his closet for all those years but it turned out that the monkey wasn't evil after all. At first, Chris still thought it was evil but then after the monkey did nice things for him such as write a report on "Curious George" and Chris earns an A, Chris becomes friends with the monkey. There were alot of parts that made me laugh so hard such as Brian tells Miley Cyrus that Stewie has cancer and that he has a tumor that is the shape of a football head. The cutaway with Peter thinking there were DVDs but they were actually books was funny. Peter also pretending to be Chris at school and saying that he was gay was also hilarious. There were also several more funny moments as well. I also loved the song that Miley Cyrus and Stewie sang together which was "Best Friends". I also loved that Chris and the monkey became very good friends. My score was just a little low because I thought it was pointless that Miley Cyrus was an Android all this time and I thought those two logs squishing Peter's head was a little over the top. Although, even though I didn't like the fact that Miley Cyrus was an Android... I did find it funny when she was acting like King Kong and Quagmire and Peter are the plane trying to shoot her off the tower. It was too bad that the monkey wasn't going to live in Chris' closet anymore but I thought the ending was hilarious when he lived in Tom Tucker's son's closet. Overall, a great episode of "Family Guy". 8.5/10
  • Both plots were bad, but the episode wasn't awful.


    After attending a concert of a teen superstar, Stewie discovers a surprising secret about the singer. Meanwhile back at home, Chris tries to prove the existence of the Evil Monkey.

    An okay episode


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  • mediocre

    What I liked- Chris capturing the evil monkey, the evil monkey moving into Tom Tucker's son's room (And Tom Tucker saying he does not care), Stewie and Miley singing, the fact that Stewie likes Hannah Montana so much, etc.

    Eh, it was alright. The revelation that Miley is an android seems like something that came out of South Park. In fact, I might have liked this more if it did come from South Park, because In my opinion it is a little too over the top for Family Guy's standards. But the rest of the episode had some mild laughs here and there, so a low C is going to be my final grade.
  • Really dumb.

    Did anybody think that the "evil" monkey was eerily similar to the New Brian from last year in his behavior? The two were one in the same with a similar voice, and effect on the rest of the Griffin family, but then again originality was not the focal point of newer episodes of Family Guy.

    And don't even get me started on the Miley Cyrus storyline. Family Guy does not need to resort to mocking this awful person wasting a perfectly good heart, If you want to parody something, at least do it in a smart, intelligent way like American Dad does.
  • funny episode

    A funny combination of the evil monkey and Hannah Montana. Last season of Family Guy was terrible, but this year they are making a come back. I never though that they would have an episode about the evil monkey. It is kind of weird that the monkey is out of his closet now though. I thought the funnist part of the episode was when Chris was sleeping and they family came in and started messing with him. I didn't think it was as good as Road to Multiverse, but it had to be second best episode so far this year.
  • Not the best, not the worse.

    Family Guy is far removed from the show it was when it began, I think it's unlikely that a character like Hannah Montana would have been parodied during the first few series, when the Griffins were still essential viewing. As is often the case, as Seth has become a bigger star and been given the chance to introduce other shows he has lost something of the genius that make Series 1-4 so good.
    Now, 8 series down the line we get the 'evil' monkey concept destroyed and a pleasant monkey in it's place, what a let down. The evil monkey idea was overused but to bring the monkey into an episode and have him be nice is just silly and a waste.
    Hannah Montana being a robot was a nice touch, but Family Guy is no longer the cutting edge and downright funny series that it once was. It may not be popular to hear, but if it had stayed cancelled we would still be talking about 4 brilliant series, with almost no filler. As it is Seth spreads his good stuff between Family Guy and 2 terrible shows with identical set ups as the original. To save the quality of FG maybe Seth needs to give American Dad and The Cleveland Show to other people (or even better cancel them) and concentrate on the Griffins before it's too late.
    I also think it's funny that the perceived dip in quality of The Simpsons is often talked about after 20 odd years, whereas the Family Guy slide started about 5 years in. Maybe that says a lot about which is the best show.
  • Great,Funny,and Exciting episode!

    This episode was great,i like the Hanna/Hulk scene.Brian wanting to "do" Hannah was gross and vry pedo.The Evil Monkey plot turned out better than i thought it would.The monkey seemd to have a good personallity and he was very well written.I kinda like how the plots interwinded.Meg was funny with the "this morning i had a hard poop that hurt,but it flt good"!I liked Lois in this episode aswell.Overall,good no awsome episode thyat will livee on in my top 10.

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  • I thought it was pretty good!

    Althought the episode was not very funny, it was still a pretty interesting storylnie and that is the best part of this episode. Stewie's obsession with Hannah Montana wsa hilarious, but Hannah as an android was epic, in my opinion.

    As I mentioned, I didn't think that the episode was very funny, apart from Hannah's androidness, but still interesting. I also loved the idea of the evil monkey finally being caught and leaving, and I thought they did that very well!

    I wouldn't recommend the episode if you only watch for the humour, but if you watch for good storylines, I will highly recommend this episode.
  • It's ight.

    This episode was a pretty unique one. It had some absolutely gut busting hilarious moments, but then just as often it had a lot of boring ones. Some of the opening scenes like the gags on popular culture with those two celebrities being made by God looking hideous, wasn't an impressive way to open up the episode, but then the scene where Chris records the bedroom and Peter and Quagmire play pranks on him was absolutely knee slapping. The scene where Chris is arguing with Peter was also a bit dramatic and effective. Stewie's sidestory about Miley Cyrus is whatevers, but it redeems itself a bit later on when she becomes The Hulk and mimics the famous building climbing scene from King Kon.
  • A special, 444 word review of a hilariously perfect episode of "Family Guy!" :D Enough said! ;)

    It's about time "Family Guy" got around to ragging on the whole pretentiousness that is "Hanna Montana" and how its nothing more than Disney's lame-butt attempt at manufacturing crude, unimaginative, uninspiring, soulless, artificial, spoiled, bratty, inconsiderate, pushy, talentless, sex-selling teen idols who wouldn't even BE 'famous' teen idols if it weren't for the fact they are either related or know somebody who USED to actually be famous for 15 minutes until their act got old! :roll: Normally, this reason would be enough of a reason for me to give an episode of a show a perfect 10, but throwing the Evil Monkey into the mix and developing his character into something that creates a complete 180 degree turn on him, is something that really makes me wish the scale would let me give a score higher than just a 10! After eight seasons of Chris' discontent over an Evil Monkey living in his closet, Chris finally manages to capture the simian and prove to his family that the Evil Monkey actually exists! But what's even more shocking than THAT reveal is the fact that Chris' Monkey can TALK!!!! :shock: Not only that, Chris' Monkey ISN'T evil!!!! :shock: Chris' Monkey used to be married, have a job, a family, and everything was good for him. But the supposedly 'Evil' Monkey found his wife cheating on him, he lost his focus and got fired from his job, and he lost his house to his wife, and he moved into Chris' closet 9 years ago, hoping for a chance to get back on his feet. The formerly evil monkey begins to do nice things for the Griffin family, but it isn't until the Monkey helps Chris write a book report and improve his Algebra scores so he gets an A on both of them, that Chris finally realizes his Monkey is actually good! But Peter isn't liking Chris' new friendship relation with the good Monkey so much, because Peter is jealous that Chris thinks more highly of the Monkey than of Chris' own father. Lois utilizes the Monkey as a mediator to settle the difficulty Peter and Chris have with each other, and make father and son realize they need to spend more time together bonding in a friendly way because that's the way real relationship works. Meanwhile, Stewie is head-over-heels for Miley Cyrus, and BEGS Brian to get Stewie on backstage for a concert in Quohog. Brian does this, and Stewie has a perfect time. Everything is perfect until the unpleasant truth is discovered of Miley Cyrus being an evil Android! :twisted: And its only through Peter's efforts that the evil Android is destroyed! 8)
  • The only good episode since Multiverse this season

    Chris is once again trying to prove to the family that the evil monkey is real. He catches him, and shows it to the family. The monkey tells him that he wasn't always evil, he is just misunderstood. Chris and the monkey become best friends, and Peter is jealous of the monkey, and Peter and Chris start to hate each other.

    Stewie becomes friends with Miley Cyrus, but he discovers that she is an evil android, and Miley goes on a killing rampage.

    This was an awesome episode. There were so many funny scenes, like The giggity gun, miley cyrus as the evil robot, the monkey, and much more

    Overall Grade: 90%/A-
  • Worst Family Guy Episode! This episode shows blatant evidence of retardation.

    Out of any famous actor/actress to use for this episode they had to use an actual good one, which makes no sense, but that's what you can expect when you have retarded people working for Family Guy. They could have even used the obvious one, Zoey Banana, aka. Jamie Lynn Spears, an actual bad "actress." Some other "actors/actresses" they could have used in this episode to actually make sense are Miranda from iCarly or any of those so-called "actors" from Naked Brothers "Band." It was so easy and simple to find a bad actor/actress and they couldn't even do that right. Wow, that's really stupid...

    The ONLY good thing about this episode is the Monkey since Monkeys are cool. :)
  • Meg: " This mouring I had a hard poop that hurt, but than it felt great."

    Hannah Banana was another great episode. I guess most of The Griffins also hate Miley. I guess we have more in common than I thought. It turns out also that the Evil Monkey is a nice guy. I loved how Chris and him bonded. The scene when Chris and Monkey pop out of Meg's closet and scare her out the window was funny. We also find out that Hannah is a robot after Her number one fan Stewie and not much of a fan Brian spy on her. This episode kept me laughing. My favorite joke was when Meg talks about her painful bowl movement. Great Episode.
  • Seems like something South Park would do...only South park would have done it way better.

    The Evil Monkey is finally exposed and Stewie is a fan of Hannah Montana. The Episode was just stupid the hatred that develops between Chris and Peter seemed like filler and the gay jokes were lame as anything.

    Hannah Montana being an android continues Family Guy's baffling attacks on Disney. The only really funny gag here was the whole "Oh so Miley is my daughter but Hannah isn't? GET YOUR WIG...that's not a joke" That gag alone gets the episode the score it got. But the rest of this episode was stupid. The Manatees tried to do something with the Evil monkey and it didn't work and the Hannah Montana stuff seemed like a lame attempt at doing something like South Park only not even half as good as they would have done it. Time to fire the manatees and get some Dolphins to write Family Guy.
  • Evil Monkey and Miley 'Cyborg' Cyrus make this a good episode.

    I love the way this season is going so far(with the exception of 'Spies Reminiscent of Us') and the writers have finally started focusing more on Team Stewie-Brian. It's about time that Seth realizes we care more about these two than any other character on the show. The plot involving Miley Cyrus was great and the scene where Stewie admits that he is a Hannah Montana fan was hilarious. I also loved the way they made Evil Monkey a good guy and was actually glad that he stayed good throughout the episode. I hope he is a returning character and also hope the season has many such good episodes to offer.
  • Almost on par with the season premiere.

    After a wonderful premiere, an okay Jewish episode, a mediocre celebrity voice actor episode, and a boring fourth episode, my hopes were honestly not high for this episode. Fortunately, my fears weren't realized.

    The Evil Monkey segment was hilarious. It was great to get some action with him and actually staying canon to an old cutaway of him. The night pranks were hilarious, especially Herbert, but for a second there I thought they were going to spoof Paranormal Activity, which I only saw a few days ago and is still keeping me up at night. D: So it turns out he's an awesome dude, and the father-son hate pranks are crude yet effective.

    Meanwhile, I had been hoping for American Dad or South Park or Family Guy to mock the atrocity that is Miley Cyrus and Hannah Montana, the horrible singer and the worse television show. The joke with her father was hilarious. Stewie's crying was funny and the duet was cheesy yet amusing.

    I especially liked how the two plots coincided, something that doesn't usually happen with the really random and stupid plots of recent episodes.

    All in all, I'd give it a 9/10. The only flaw was this episode is that the Evil Monkey gag is gone, now in the Tucker household, never to be seen again (unless they have some clips in Jake Tucker's room, which I highly doubt).
  • A great episode

    In this episode we learn that Stewie is a mega big fan of Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and then Stewie gets tickets to see Hannah Montana after Brian lies about Stewie having cancer. Stewie becomes friends with Miley Cyrus but we don't see it with the Hannah Montana wig. Then Chris proves that the evil monkey in his closet is real and Peter becomes jealous when the monkey turns out to not be evil. And the evil Monkey can Talk uh most animals in Family guy can talk And Miley Cyrus is a android created by Walt Disney Imagineering and then Miley destorys the City and a spoof of King Kong i love it and what does Miley Cyrus think of all this man
  • Mediocre

    Family Guy now falls into a category of shows that have run its course and have now pretty much lost it. It's not like the writing is different or Seth is trying to switch strategies. It's just that the material is so overused and it doesn't sound funny anymore.

    And as always, there is an attempt to bring in some normal stuff to suit societal norms, like stress the importance of family and friends. Here we saw the father-son relationship between Chris and Peter getting renewed after the evil monkey finally comes out of the closet. And yes, there were some funny moments. Stuff like Chris' attempt to film his night (inspired by the movie Paranormal Activity, maybe) and he finds out that Peter, Quagmire, Lois, and the creepy gay old guy are trying to mess with him. And stuff like Brian's attempts to make out with Hanna Montana's robot body after reprogramming her, are some funny though creepy moments that I enjoyed.

    Overall, this just wasn't the quality you expect from this show.
  • Stewie and Brian go to meet Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus. Chris is on the verge of grabbing and revealing the monkey that has been tormenting him for years.

    Two pretty cute stories in this episode. Stewie and Brian plots are always special. The big news though was the revelation that Chris hadn't been making up the story of the evil monkey in his closet all these years.

    It turns out that Stewie is a huge Miley Cyrus fan and that she is coming to town to do a concert. The sad news is the concert sells out in a few seconds leaving Stewie with no way of seeing the show. He actually cries to Brian to get him to help and off they go on their adventure. They manage to meet Miley and reveal a huge secret. A great Stewie and Brian caper like always.

    Intermixed in all of this we have Chris finally able to reveal the existence of the mean monkey in his closet who turns out to be not so mean and a great guy. In the end everyone loves the monkey and it causes a rift in the family until the two stories of Miley and the Monkey intersect.

    A episode only Family Guy could put together. Using so many cliches and bringing so many double meanings to things as they occur. Very funny and well done. Thanks for reading...