Family Guy

Season 5 Episode 3

Hell Comes to Quahog

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 24, 2006 on FOX

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  • Cool show.

    Epic comedy
  • Hilarious!

    Loved the gang of Tom Brokaws, Stewie and Brian using the tank to destroy the store, and Brian being pet too hard by the special child at KMart.
  • Meg gets a job at the Superstore but it puts the place out of business

    After Peter uses Meg's money to buy himself a tank, she gets a job at the new Superstore in town. However, the Superstore puts all the shops in town out of business and sucks up the city's power supply. Brian and Stewie team up to save the town from the corporate giant. Not as funny as "Stewie loves Lois" but I'll take credit for the storyline to the episode. Oddly, Meg wasn't active in the last two episodes (SLL...she only spoke once and didn't spoke at all in the previous episode) so this is her first active episode for the season. Meg abuse was minor (Peter leaving Meg, Peter making raspberry noises everything they said Meg) but it was actually funny. I laughed at the first few minutes, majority of the cutaways, Peter buying a tank and Lois' reaction to it, Peter running over Joe, Peter joining the superstore, etc. Most funniest and favorite part was definitely Brian and Stewie saving the city by destroying the superstore. Overall, this episode was perfect....not the best one. 10/10
  • This episode has a death of a funny character.


    After Peter uses Meg's money to buy himself a tank, she gets a job at the new Superstore in town. However, the Superstore puts all the shops in town out of business and sucks up the city's power supply. Brian and Stewie team up to save the town from the corporate giant.

    The episode was good until Paddy was killed off by Stewie and Brian, and I liked how Lois said "MARCHING BALLS" to Peter's tank.


  • Meg gets a job at a SuperStore after Peter uses her car money to buy a tank

    I thought that this was a hilarious episode of "Family Guy". It definitely had a lot of laughs and it was well written. Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland roller skating in the beginning of the episode and dancing like it was the 80s was hilarious. The scene with the crazy guy driving a hummer while watching the movie "Madagascar" was hilarious. The cutaway with the toilet having herpes was very funny. Peter buying a tank with Meg's car money was super funny. It was hilarious when Peter got the tank at Cleveland's house and Cleveland falls down with the bathtub. Peter running over Joe's legs with the tank was absolutely hilarious. It was very funny when Peter and the town of Quahog were protesting the SuperStore taking over the businesses and then Peter works at the SuperStore was very funny. It was very funny when Peter would make fart sounds for everytime someone says "Meg". It was very funny when Peter is fooling around at the SuperStore. Brian and Stewie using Peter's tank to destroy the SuperStore was an absolutely hilarious. The very end of the episode was funny as well. Overall, a hilarious episode of "Family Guy". 10/10
  • Still getting the best episodes.

    I loved this episode.It was like the best episode yet.I loved it when Peter kept blowing a raspberry everytime someone said Meg.That scene was funny like when Peter blowed the raspberry very quiet.This episode was the best episode on Family Guy.I also loved it when that dude petted Brian and Brian bit him.That part was kind of funny and it was a good part of the episode.I loved it when Meg gave Sloth a Baby Ruth.That part was not even funny,but it was a good moment anyway.I love this episode.I really love it and it's the best episode of Family Guy.
  • Some good parts, but seems a little off

    In this episode, Meg gets a job at Superstore USA in order to get money to pay for a car. However, eventually it brings the town down to no power what so ever. Then Brian and Stewie use a tank(that Peter decided to buy earlier in the episode) to destory the Superstore. This episode had a good story overall, but not really any laughs at all. The cutaways here were pretty bad overall, with the only good one being about the ghost whisperer, which I don't even watch. Overall, this episode is a bit weak, but it's not nearly as bad as some other crappy episodes, like Boys do cry or most of season 8. So watch it once, maybe, but it's not a season or series classic.
  • Had some funny parts.

    This may not be the Family Guy of old, but just compare this to some Season 7 or 8 episodes and you'll really appreciate it. The bit about that kind of drunk where you're actually a better driver was classic, and is still one of the most quotable lines from newer Family Guy episodes.

    I really don't much care for these Brian politically-driven episodes (like the marijuana one) but this was a solid episode if you ignored the anti Wal-Mart bias throughout.

    While far from perfect, this had a lot of laughs and was actually worth watching, more than I can say for Season 8.
  • Meg wants a car but Peter bought a tank and was doing stupid stuff with it and when Meg drove it she ran over Joe so she got a job at a new store that nobody in town likes and at the end Stewie and Brian blow up the store.

    What can I say about this episode. Let me start off by saying this episode is one of my favorites. I love how in the beginning Peter has to go get Meg and he ends up late what else is new. Anyway, Peter, Joe,Quagmire,and Cleveland start skating and have a good time. Then when they're ready to leave they couldn't remember why they came and they forgot Meg. Then Meg gets all mad and when she gets home she wants her own car but Peter bought a tank and was being stupid with it. Then when Meg drove it she ran over Joe. Then she got a job its to funny you just have to watch it.
  • One of the best.

    Coming from a real family guy fan not just someone who has seen a few episodes and decided to write a review. This is one of my favorite episodes from beginning to end the whole episode is funny, from PING PONG BALLS!!! to plunger nipples. This is really one of the top 10 best episodes easily. It is right up there with Perfect Castaway, Petarded, No Chris Left Behind(probably my 2nd favorite) Model Misbehavior, PTV. I've seen every episode so thats just off the top of my head, but this episode should atleast be a 9.5 if you have actually ever seen the show, but its one of the best for me without a doubt.
  • Season 5, Episode 3.

    After Peter uses Meg's money to buy himself a tank, she gets a job at the new Superstore in town. However, the Superstore puts all the shops in town out of business and sucks up the city's power supply. Brian and Stewie team up to save the town from the corporate giant. Haha I loved the scene with Peter and the toilet plungers. Mister Penisberg. LMAO! Stewie: Brian, spit on me! Now tell me I'm scum!

    Haha! I liked when Brian ran that annoying guy over with the tank. Peter spits whenever he hears Meg's name. Hehe, very enjoyable. Great episode, as always.
  • Taking two irrelevant ideas and making them work together is genius! :idea:

    It's not easy to keep coming up with new ideas for a hit cartoon show for six going on seven seasons. Yet when it comes to Seth MacFarlane, he knows that sometimes, weirder is better! Meg is understandably upset when her father forgets to pick her up from the roller-skating rink and she's forced to skate home in the rain, so she decides it's high time she got her own car with her own money! She wants to get a sensible Sedan with good gas mileage, but Peter once again antagonizes her by telling the car salesman they'll buy a promotional tank. And Peter wastes no time in abusing Meg's tank for his own ends. Soon enough, the tank gets impounded, and Meg's left without any transportation, Again! :roll: The only opportunity available for her is to work at Superstore U.S.A. Of course, Brian has the good sense to think a giant coporation like Superstore will be nothing but trouble, and Brian is absolutely right! :!: The U.S.A. place is forcing all of the small businesses out of business and begins to siphon all of Quohog's power just so they can hoarde it all to themselves! :shock: Not that Meg cares, she finally has something Peter doesn't have currently, and that's a job. Of course, Peter tries to cash in by riding on Meg's coat-tails, but he acts like an idiot at work around her. So when Meg's offered a promotion, she has to choose between the job, or her father. But even after everything Peter has done, Meg cannot hate him because he's Still her father and she really does love him. So she acts sensible and quits! Peter finally decides to tell Meg he loves her to, but is interrupted by Brian and Stewie's destruction spree of the Mega-Mart! But Meg still realizes that Peter Does return Meg's love for her, and that's all that really matters to her! This was a really great episode! :idea: Enough said, true believers! ;)
  • meg wants her own car after an incident, but peter spends all of her money on a tank so she gets job at a new store in town that is taking the power, air conditioning, and everyone's jobs

    this ep was pretty much average like i thought..i guess u have to like the show from the beginning or just get the humor in has way too many weird flashbacks for in this ep they had so many flashbacks im sitting there thinking um and the point is? but yeah there were some parts that made me laugh like when they got the tank and the guy fell out of the bathtub and when stewie went on a rampage and tore down the super store but other than that i guess i just didnt get was ok tho
  • Best of the season, one of the greatest of the series.

    This episode is the best of the season, and one of the greatest of the series.

    I watched this episode on the DVD, and all I can say NOt sure if this scene is on the TV version, but it still was my favorite:

    Brian: Look at all these hummers! What jerk would want to drive one of these?
    (Cuts to a guy in a hummer)
    Guy: Man, this hummer kicks ***! Now I can watch Madagascar while I'm driving!
    (Goes to Madagascar)
    Alex: Hey, Gloria, what's your favorite kind of music?
    Gloria: The hippo-hop! Whoo-hoo! Whaa-hoo!
    (Back to the guy)
    Guy: Haha! These animals are so ****ing funny, I'm gonna merge without looking!
    (He merges, and blows up a lot of cars in the process)

    That was one of my favorite lines. Not one of them, the best one. Then, the scenes at the Skating Rink were great, also.

    9.5 out of 10.
  • One of the best episodes in season 5 of Family Guy. surely a series classic.

    Peter, Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland spend the evening at The Drunken Clam, but Peter is informed he has to pick up Meg from the ice rink, so Peter and his friends go the ice rink and continue their celebrations their, however, they forget to collect Meg and leave without her. After skating home in the rain, Meg informs them she would like a car, so Peter takes her to the car showroom, where she shows an interest in a 1996 Volvo S90, only to be over-ruled by Peter when he decides she should have a tank. Peter begins to use the tank to his advantage and not allowing Meg to use it, despite the fact she bought it. After recklessly driving through the neighborhood and running over Joe's legs and flattening them, the tank is impounded.

    Meg decides to get a job and is hired by Superstore USA, despite Brian informing her of his views on its conduct towards employees. The shops in Quahog become bankrupt because of Superstore USA's new complex and citizens are informed there will be frequent and sporadic electricity blackouts because of Superstore USA's increasing power-demand, thus leading Peter and Brian to protest outside the shop. After entering the store to prevent others going in, Peter returns outside wearing an employee's uniform as he has been hired. Slacking on his duties, Meg instructed to fire Peter by her boss, however she chooses her family over her job. Meanwhile, Brian, intent on destroying the superstore, retrieves the tank and drives it through the entire shop with Stewie's aid, returning outside to fire ammunition at it, completely destroying it and injuring Meg's former boss, as a result, Quahog gets its electricity supply back.
  • Excellent

    This another favorite of mine. In this episode, Meg gets a tank as her car, and also works at Superstore U.S.A, which is a parody of Wal-Mart and Target and other huge markets. However, it uses up all the electricity of Quahog, and Brian tries to convince them that it's bad, and then he is regarded as acting like a hippie.

    However, Brian was right all along. He plans to destroy the superstore with the tank, along with Stewie. However, when Peter and Meg try to end the long fight over the closer of the store, Brian and Stewie end up destroying it.

    That part was funny as hell, and I seriously enjoyed this episode to pieces. I am so glad I saw it. I got a kick out of the Hummer part because my relative owns a Hummer, and also they parodied one of my favorite animated movies,"Madagascar." Although Brian calls Hummer owners, idiots. He's jealous
  • So-So.

    Hmmm, I can't think much of this episode, except the end of it where we see Stewie and Brian destorying the superstore, or Joke about the guy that makes Tumbleweeds getting rich because Quahog became deserted, and... well, nothing to me stands out in this episode, perhaps it could've been done better, Oh I forgot to put in the fact that I like Peter's thankfullness of Meg and how he ALMOST said he loves her. And Peter being a playful employee and like a friend to Meg, it was pretty good. Not my favourite episode. I don't love it. I don't hate it. I like it. The parts that stand out to me, I like.
  • This episode might actually be in the rare territory of actual laugh out loud television!

    I found myself laughing my darn head off the moment i began watching this episode. My favorite part was when Peter who has already bought a tank is at the drive-in with Lois and since the actors show no conflict, Peter fires a cannonball through the screen. I laughed so hard i almost cried. The episode was seriously one of the best i've seen and it deserves recognition. I mean whats better than witnessing an infant and a canine in a tank blowing a walmart-style store to pieces? Yeah, didnt think so :P Anyway, watch this episode and you will not be dissapointed!
  • One of the best episodes.

    I turned on my TV today to find one of the finest episodes I've seen.

    The jokes are great. For example, when Joe is lying on the ground, Peter says "Haha, you look like a half-empty toothpaste!", I laughed. It's actually rare that I laugh at a television show. The ending is excellent. One of the lines you'll love is "I'd love to lick a lemon lollipop in Lillyhill". The way the character says it is hilarious.

    The clips were okay in this one, a well. You really need the clips in the show to keep it funny, and, well, it delivered.

    So, go watch it. :P
  • MAN!!!! I WANT A TANK!!!!!!

    This episode, in my opinion, is one of the funniest in the series. This may sound shallow but, now that I think about it, it is the tank that makes this whole episode so dang funny. I mean, there was the classic quote, "two inches of reinforced steel protects your little girl from short range missle attacks.""I see and does the sedan protect against missles?""It does not". And the the whole blowing up clevelands house and how joe screams when it chases him HI-LARIOUS!!! And to put a cherry on the sundae, how the tank demolishes the store while people are screaming and then runs over the caddy guy. Funny, funny stuff. Tanks are so cool!
  • Killer Episode!!

    Family Guy continues to entertain me even after 5 seasons of which I own all of them. This time Peter and his mates have a skating party with Meg but forget to take her home.
    Peter buys a tank for Meg as she needs a car. Meg gets a new job at the new Quahog Super Store which takes all of the town's electricity, so Brian and Stewie decide to take action. Meanwhile, Peter gets a job at the Super Store aswell because it has made all of the smaller stores go out of business, he lost his job and because it has Industrial Size Air Conditioning which is good because Quahog has a heat wave.
    Anyway Brian and Stewie destroy the Super Store and everything is back to normal, exept Peter crapped himself.
    SEE IT!
  • It misfires more then it hits

    While the last episode may have seemed less then satisfying. This 3rd episode of the season is down right awful. Infact it one of the worst episodes.

    In this poor excuse of an episode Peter goes out to by Meg a car, but gets tricked into buying an army tank. Meanwhile a new major supermarket opens up and all the small businesses begin to die off (much like a curtain episode of South Park).

    This is a real low point of the show....a true crash and burn. This episode gave us some jokes that were so bad that they were like they were made for a new Simpsons episode and gave us a plot that other shows have done...and better might I add.
  • Whoa what an episode!

    Its a good attempt to write about a new megastore opening in Quahog, making people lose their jobs by a simple term of monopolization. HAHA. Finally its one of the better episodes where Brian Griffin and Stewie Griffin get to work together and destroy the megastore and more show parodies and cliches. And interesting names like Mr Penisberg! I really dig that one, I mean, who would even think of having that as a last name? lol. I really hope that Family Guy will have more funnier plots and really entertain people with their politically incorrect humor and all. Good day.
  • this is a pretty good episode, and it really shows veiwers of how stupid peter really is and how we have too many ridiculous superstores!

    This episode has a fine plot and is somewhat enjoyable to viewers. i have to comment on the fact that meg flipping out in the whole episode about not getting her dream car is pretty lame, but, the comdey in this episode definetly makes up for that factor.

    In this episode, the writers really portray of how stupid superstores really are and how they use up a lot of energy, space, and money. the whole blackout thing in the griffin's home is funny when everyone is against meg for working there when she gets a job at the superstore- it's even funnier when peter taks a job there and does a lot better than meg while he just plays with fake torpedo guns and rubber chikens... he even gets a promotion, which really makes meg P.Oed- even funnier!

    But, same as always ( in a really good and funny way!) peter saves the day with his stupid but somewhat and suprisingly helpful antics by bringing down the superstore with meg's " car" - the army tank. all in all, this episode was pretty good and I enjoyed watching it.
  • Meg wants a car and to pay for it gets a job at the local superstore. The superstore steals all the local buisness and puts many other stores out of a job. Brian and Stewie become unhappy about it.

    Hell comes to Quahog, although it didn't not have the most original plot, and was in some ways, a little predicatable, it had quite a few lines and segments in it. One thing that made me laugh was the scene with the toilet. When Peter had said "Thats almost as bad as getting herpes from a toilet" or something along those lines, I was expecting that someone had like gotten the disease from the toilet or something but not quite as interestingly as they put it. Another one of my favorite lines was when Peter was asking about a car for Meg's personality and Stewie replies with "Yes, are the new bulimic cutting mobiles in yet?". So although the show was lacking in a few components, it was still worth watching
  • Well This storyline was just a reminder of South Park's episode about Walmart as the corporate giant, and even earlier when they did the Tweek's coffee shop and it was being taken over by Starbucks.

    Well let's see, I love Family Guy don't get me wrong, but the episodes are seriously going down hill. This season is really lousy. As you can see from the intro, I have seen this storyline played twice before from South Park. I could imagine how many times Simpsons did it before. And Peter buying a tank, what they hell was that about. It was funnier in the movie when he got the human sling shot. Seriously the show needs to think it over and think of funnier things to do. Maybe they are letting the whole spontaneous comedy get in the way of their true talents.
  • heheh... HAHAHAH

    What a great and funny episode of Family Guy. Peter buys Meg a car... wait a second, thats what Peter should have bought her! Peter bought his daugher, Meg a tank! And what I find funny is that the car salesman said "Did I mention that the tank is a tank" Peter then says "Sold!"... hahah. Typical Peter. I wonder how the salesman knew that Peter was dumb. Anyways, it was a awesome episode of Family Guy, Hell Comes to Quahog is a great episode, and all the small bussnisses are ruined, in my city, there are no small bussnesses!
  • Did I mention the tank is a tank?

    This episode is almost identical to the Walmart episode on South Park except much less funny and as hard as it is to believe, less believable. While the episode isn't the worst Family Guy episode, you can tell it's a post cancellation one with a predictable ending except I thought it would be Peter that would drive the tank into the store.

    The Meg farting noises were really overdone and Chris laughed far too long after a line that could have been considered funny without the 2 minute laugh and these are examples of the problems new episodes have though there are funnier moments that show a little promise but is definitely not entertaining enough to be considered as good as the first three seasons.
  • Attention, Meg had lines, that is all!!!

    OK I was so surprised that Meg had a lot of lines that I gave the episode a lot of credit. I totally liked Meg going against the beliefs of Brian and doing her own thing. THat is what I love. Meg provides a funny friction and it just makes the episode more funny. So Meg gets a job at a place that suspiciously reminds me of Walmart and Brian feels it is a corrupt, corporate company. I believe that they are correct in a way but whatever. At this moment I noticed that this episode is very similar to a South Park episode and that made em very upset. I thought the Family GUy writers were better than that. It was obvious and they didnt even try to cover it. THat was big no-no to me and it was a point deductor. Brian and Stewie team up, once again, to take down the man. Well atleast it was funnier than last weeks train wreck of a team up. Anyway they try to protest the store being in the neighborhood because it is a huge power source and it is ruining the small business. PEter winds up joining the "Walmart" group. Brian is obviously furious and tries even harder to get the store out of town. It all climaxes into the store blowing up by a tank and the town gaining its energy back.

    Not the best episode, I was just so happy that Meg had lines that I guess the episode seemed better than it was. I am a huge Meg fan and an episode about her just seems great. I am tired of the Brian and Stewie team ups. THey need to put each of them with someone else in order to change the episodes up. I hope the season gets better because its not that great so far.
  • i thot the ending was cool wen stewie and brian blew up the store

    people are hateing this episode but i thot the episode at the end was very cool wen stewie and brian took that tiank and destory the store that was cool the rest was alright but the episode took a little to longe for brian and steiwie to relies that they could destory the store with the tiank i think they should have figer that out eariyer but the episode was alright just a little to long for brian stewie to distory the store well thats my review bye.
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