Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 16

Herpe, the Love Sore

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2014 on FOX

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  • God dammit Copper20

    Seriously, this person is bossy, selfish and says things that are none of his/her business. Copper20, YOU'RE the one who has his/her head in his/her ass! YOU'RE the idiot, not Andrew Goldberg! If you can't cope with things that you dislike or even hate, then you ought not to be a tv com member! Now you shut your potty mouth, mister/miss, and don't say anything at all if you can't talk or write sense!
  • Great show

  • Goosebumpingly disgusting

    I found this episode to be gross. Brian's herpes looked a lot like my acne except worse. I didn't like the idea of Brian giving herpes to Stewie and Chris. It was so gross, but sometimes I wonder if it would be like me giving my autism to somebody else. I would probably be like Brian in that episode if that were to happen. (No, autism isn't Brian should have told Stewie and Chris about his condition. I understand Brian was embarrassed, but still. Now I won't say Brian was a complete Karma Houdini as Chris and Stewie ruined his reputation and date. As much as I love Brian, I wanted him to receive some comeuppance.

    As for the subplot, it was alright. I found Peter playing with a whip to be funny and how he had Quagmire's stuff. It sucked for them that their booth got taken, but I think they were making a big deal about it.

    This episode was poor. I still had a few laughs here and there, but I didn't like the plot and Brian, was at his worse in this one. I don't think I will watch this episode again.
  • This episodes awfulness is as permanent as Herpes but also worse as a fate

    I hate this episode with a burning passion, it's one of the most disgusting, offensive and unpleasant episodes ever! It's up there with Into Harmony's Way, Call Girl, Jesus Mary and Joseph and A Fistful Of Meg! The actual plot is disgusting showing me real herpes, NICE! -sarcasm- I hate that Brian tried to cover up his stupid mess by giving it "better" names... He also thought swapping blood was a good idea even when he knew he had herpes! It's a disgusting idea which Seth tried to shock us with! We have one of the worst endings ever, the moral sucks because Brian doesn't apologise over his mistake but about being secretive, it's so tasteless and bland.

    The subplot, OH GOD! I hated this so damn much, it's so damn stupid and cruel, the whip plot was stupid and made a slave reference... Whatever... Then they go to a bar full of tough guys who scare the three, Peter WAS TOO DAMN STUPID TO NOT USE THE WHIP ON THEM! I hated those three asses, then it becomes way too unpleasant with people beating the main trio down, the fight scene with them losing IS NOT A GOOD PAYOFF, the ending is worse because they lose anyway even though the other way didn't allow them to win! BEING IN THE ARMY DOESNT EXCUSE YOU ASSHOLES YOU MISERABLE ROTTEN SHITHOLES! Joe could have waved his badge if the army guys were to threaten them using violence! Then again, Screams of Silence LOGIC PEOPLE! God this episode is just AGH!
  • The fight scene at the end of the episode was just unfunny and wrong! At least Brian and Stewie's subplot was better

    Yes this episode sucked but it got really bad at the end when those tough guys beat up Peter, Joe, and Quagmire. Jesus Christ, with men being more violent than women; at this point I kinda was I had been one! At least women don't resort to physical violence that involves them beating up other women! At least Stewie and Brian's subplot was better and that's why this episode gets a 3/10 instead of a 1/10.
  • Peter going through Quagmire's mail

    What does Quagmire need a wipe for and why was Peter going through his mail? Is that a crime?
  • The Clam scenes didn't complement the show

    Joe is a cop. All he had to do was flash his uniform, badge, and gun, and they would have had their booth back. Also, Quagmire fought his sister's abusive boyfriend and Brian so I don't see how he got his beat up so easily. Same with Peter who also fought Brian and Ernie the giant chicken on numerous occasions. That whole fight just want consistent with the show. Plus, any love interest Brian has will be tainted by the herpes thing.
  • so-so

    After so many years the viewers are no longer intrigued by shock value. So while I did gain a few good laughs from this episode (the opener with Dr. T and the electric mayhem had me cracking up), I didn't feel the excitement from this kind of dark humor that I would in say 2008. The B plot had good elements with Peter and crew needing to redeem manhood. However it finished very lazily with the villains actually being soldiers. Overall still had me watching but not the quality it once had. my rating: B-
  • God dammit Andrew Goldberg...

    Seriously, this guy can not write worth crap. This episode was just awful like his other works for the show and was just as lazy.

    Let me explain - during the fight against the bar guys, Peter takes out a can of spinach, and tries to open it for 2 minutes. May I ask, why? We've seen enough of this - stop doing that.

    The Stewie and Brian plot was just atrocious as well, Brian gives Stewie herpes and Stewie has to live with it for the rest of his life. This one just makes The Splinter from SpongeBob look tame.

    Again Goldberg, get your head out of your ass and learn to write! You're the same idiot who wrote The Juice is Loose and apparently you still don't listen. How about a good episode featuring Meg or Chris and something that doesn't involve a relationship? Is that too much to ask?
  • The Cleveland scene...

    really made me laugh. This is what I adore about Family Guy: those stupid nonsense scenes that tend to happen or start in the background and here the way Peter moves plus his facial expression, hilarious!

    But the rest was actually not that good...

    Actually this one worked for sick and you run out of ideas you go for one cant say its anwhere near a its better than most of the crap of this they can just digitally erase this whole season and not release it to DVD and not put it into this show!
  • Animation Abomination

    I'll keep it short; this was the worst episode of television from anything, that I've watched in the last 5 years. And that includes the episode of Two and a Half Men I once had to sit through.
  • Herpe the Love Sore

    Another episode with no story, full of random nonsense, and a lot of really disgusting things such as herpes pictures, both real and cartoonish.

    What has happened to Family Guy.