Family Guy

Season 12 Episode 16

Herpe, the Love Sore

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Apr 06, 2014 on FOX



  • Trivia

    • The problem with Peter's historical events he saw on his booth in the Drunken Clam is that the Challenger exploded in the 80's, so Peter would be in his teenage years and hasn't met Joe yet. Also, the 9/11 attack and Obama being elected to president would have Cleveland with Peter, Joe, and Quagmire before he left Quahog in his own show.

  • Quotes

    • Peter: Hey you bums. If you bastards want our booth, you gotta go through us to get it.
      Thug In Booth: Smells like this guy has already wet himself.
      Peter: Don't flatter yourself. That was from this morning.

    • Peter: Listen you guys. I think we're all suffering from what happened down at The Clam.
      Quagmire: Yeah, I had to start taking pills so I'd stop thinking about it. (Pops a pill.)
      Joe: Quagmire, that's a Cialis.
      Quagmire: That's right. I'm not thinking about it anymore.

    • Stewie: Hey dad, that's a cool h-whip. (Peter slaps him with the whip) Ah! I thought you couldn't understand me.

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