Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 23

Internal Affairs

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 20, 2012 on FOX

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  • Wonderful

  • That Chicken Fight though.

    This was a pretty good and funny episode! That chicken literally lasted like 5 mins straight! And all the destruction though. Ahaha. I'll admit I did this it was a little bit too long but it was still all good!
  • Il miglior episodio di sempre.

    La decima stagione la mia stagione preferita in assoluto,e la sua ultima puntata stata quella che mi piaciuta di finale ho anche pianto.
  • Feth g

  • Prettyu funny!

    This was a really funny episode, with some great moments! i love the chicken fights, but I don't know if I like them to be so long! :P It was entertaining, nonetheless! :P

    Also, I loved it when Chris asked whether or not Joe & Boonnie's break-up would reuslt in him going to live with his grandparents, and Lois was like, "No Chris. That doesn't even make any sense." That was gold!

    A funny episode for sure! Looking forward for more!
  • Perhaps the Greatest Chicken fight ever

    Seriously, the Chicken fight was the most ridiculous and destructive there's ever been, I loved the part inside the science lab, and the ending was just as great and I look forward to seeing if they can top it.

    The main story was a good idea, there were plenty funny bits however I thought it came to an end too quickly, and didn't quite live up to what I expected of Peter's plan to win Bonnie back. But all in all a great episode.
  • family guy internal affairs

    this was a very good episode of family guy i of course enjoyed the chicken fight that was very entertaining and i liked how joe and bonnie met with the song africa by toto the scene that made me laugh was when stewie got attacked by that gorilla i thought that was quite funny overall a good way to end the season and i am really looking forward to season 11 which should be airing in the uk next year
  • Good for me

  • Family guy

    I think family guy is the best show on adult swim
  • Season 10 finale is a follow-up to Season 9's episode "Foreign Affairs"

    Peter encourages Joe to have a one-night stand with his attractive new partner (Anna Kendrick) in order to even the score with Bonnie for her own indiscretions back at Paris in the Season 9 episode "Foreign Affairs". But when Bonnie finds out and threatens divorce, Lois insists that Peter get them back together. Meanwhile, Peter has a run-in with the angry chicken which makes for another epic fight. I thought that this was a perfect Season 10 finale of "Family Guy". I really thought that this season ended on a highly good note and it makes me excited for Season 11. I hope Season 11 will be just as good as Season 10, if not, better. I thought the storyline in this episode flowed very well has it is dramatic between Joe and Bonnie and how we got to see them get back together again from remembering their youth. I thought the episode overall had a sweet and romantic ending. Anna Kendrick who is a super cute and attractive girl guest-voiced in this episode as Nora and I thought she did a terrific job. Just hearing Anna's voice in this episode was very cute. Anyways, this episode was played out well and I laughed hard at some moments like the cutaway with the gorilla door and the gorilla is going crazy on Stewie and then Stewie makes a line saying about why the sign didn't just say gorilla inside or something like that, Nora asking Joe something close like "Is it true you got straight A's in officer ______'s class" and then Joe screams "You're damn right I did", and more. The new Chicken fight in this episode was also complete awesomeness and I'm gonna have to say the best Chicken Fight of all because it was super intense and it was funny... I thought it is so cool how the new Chicken fight involved a "Back To The Future" parody and I just loved every moment. I hope this isn't the last Chicken fight though because it was just a freakin' awesome fight and the running time for the fight was long and good enough so I was glad that they made the fight long and not short. This episode was also a good follow-up to last season's episode "Foreign Affairs" so everything in the end handled very well and I'm very impressed and I was happy how Seth MacFarlane actually focused on some drama in this episode without popping out humor here and there. Overall, this was a perfect Season 10 finale of "Family Guy" with a new Chicken Fight that was a complete blast... can't wait for Season 11 when it comes this Fall. 10/10
  • interesting

    That's sounds interesting.I missed this episode,but definitely going to catch next one.

  • epic!!