Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 1

Into Fat Air

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 30, 2012 on FOX

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  • Super

    Epic family episode
  • A Good Episode

    I personally thought this episode was amazing, for season 11 especially. Some of the episodes from season 11 are awful such as "Call Girl", "Saving the Clam" etc. But this one in particular was a good season 11 episode so I'll give it an 8/10 because it's better than most of the bad episodes (I'm looking at Call Girl and Saving The Clam, the two worst episodes from season 11 but Call Girl is worse)
  • WTF!?

  • Pretty funny!

    There were some really funny moments throughout the episode, particularly on climbing Mount Everest! I particularly loved it when the whole family was pulling Pete up with the rope and they said 'you're too heavy' and then they pulled him up and he was holding a boulder and he says 'I found a rock I liked'. I don't know why, but I just found that to be really hilarious!

    Hoping for more great laughs next wweek!
  • Slow Start

    I hated sucked..not funny.. not ground breaking,,.another bad season opener. had no bite, not much Stewie, Not much Brian, no points of interest. Silly and forgetable.
  • Into Fat Air

    We'll ignore how moronic the idea of the Griffin family climbing Mount Everest is for now. Bottom line is that the episode just was not that funny. Too mainstream humor, and the idea of a "puke-sicle" which was their biggest selling point on commercials, just is not funny.

    Ambitious, but a failed season premiere.
  • great episode to start season 11

    So family guy is starting season 11. dang...this show has been going on a long time, not that im companing. i love that its still on. one of the only good shows left on TV.

    now onto the episode, lois runs into her ex again (funny...) and peter, of course, is jealous. this leads to then climbing mount everest! dang..crazy story. they climb. it gets crazy and the griffins do a good thing in the end.

    great episode. i liked it. nothing to crazy and nothing sarcastic. it was a simple story..with the tallest mountin in the whole dang world..ha. nice job griffins.
  • The Griffins climb Mt Everest

    The Griffins decide to climb Mount Everest after their competitive family friends announce their ambitious plans to hike the legendary mountain. However, things go awry when the Griffins get stuck on the mountainside in the middle of a massive storm. Well this episode was a better season premiere than Lottery Fever from last year. Honestly it was better than American Dad's season premiere. I won't say it's the best season premiere since Road to the Multiverse will always be the best season premiere in the show's history. Anyway, it was a superb episode and the only thing I didn't liked here was the Griffins eating the kid of Ross and Pam Fishman because they have to survive. Not only that, but for awhile there wasn't any usage of violence nowhere to be found (expect for Peter's throat being hit, minor; Ben's arm came off; a bit of blood but not too extreme); they tone down the language as well. This episode is pretty unique because there's isn't that much adult stuffs here. Some of the funny moments were Peter taking his shirt off, Peter's throat getting hit that he started to sound like Stewie, Quagmire sneaking, Brian licking a pucicle (melted vomit), and a few more. This episode gets a 9.5/10
  • Sad, sad, sad

    After a really week season 10 I was hoping things would shape up for season 11 but this first episode is continuing the trend of luke warm half hearted crap.

    Lame cutaways, pathetic and simple storyline.

    Once again a story where the family works as a unity and do the "good" thing at the end....

    For f*** sake, that is all what Family Guy used NOT to be about.

    Have a feeling that lately the scriptwriters are just hacking away their time.....
  • Disappointed!

    I really enjoy this show and I had high hopes for the premiere episode but I was disappointed. It wasn't as funny as it could have been. Hopefully this season gets better. I also expected to be much meaner to Meg.
  • It was an OK premiere and episode

    I thought this was an average episode of Family Guy. Even though there was only a couple laughs throughout, it still blew a couple episodes away from last year right off the bat(You Can't Do That on Television, Peter, Quagmire and Meg). In the end, the family did the right thing, which could compare to some episodes from the past, and not like some current ones that have no ending.

    Favorite Joke:"We ate your son. Lift it up, fellas!"

    Favorite Cutaway: Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen

    Final Grade-B-

    Comin at ya,