Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 7

Jerome is the New Black

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2009 on FOX

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  • Peter, Quagmire, and Joe are sitting at the Drunkin' Clam thinking they need a new fourth. Along comes Jerome a old flame of Lois and the story begins. Also Brian learns that Quagmire not only doesn't like him, but he hates his guts.

    Not one of the better episodes of the season. Neither of the two major stories was worth telling. I have been waiting for the proverbial replacing Cleveland show and here it is. Quagmire hates Brian? That was a pretty strong and definitive list Quagmire gave Brian in the restaurant. Lesser people have not recovered from that. I guess you have to consider the source.

    Not much to say about the Jerome story. No one is going to replace Cleveland, he was the perfect fourth for this group and never should have got his own series. Brian and Stewie are to great together so I don't think that would work out in the long run either. Will they eventually replace Cleveland? Maybe, but not in the near future. I will say the line Jerome gave Peter at the end about Meg was about the funniest and most crass lines of the season.

    Everyone likes Brian unless you just don't like dogs. Of course he can be annoying, but not as annoying as Quagmire makes him out to be. I think the brilliance of Family Guy is based on the whole Brian/Stewie connection. Basing a whole story on someone hating Brian seems a little weird. Oh yeah, it's Family Guy. OK.

    In the end this was not a very strong episode. Next weeks looks like it could be good though. Thanks for reading...