Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 7

Jerome is the New Black

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2009 on FOX

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  • Or how to replace a dud...

    Cleveland was always the weakest character whose main joke seemed to be a bath gag that grew old a long time ago. Jerome was actually more entertaining than he has been in a while and certainly more fun to watch than that new show they spun off.

    Of all the people to give a lecture to Brian, Quagmire is perhaps the worse choice, for 8 seasons he has been the sex-obsessed pervert of the group and suddenly he's decided to lecture Brian on all of his faults along with lines like 'textbook liberal agenda' which are normally trotted out by those who lean all the way to the right. It just doesn't ring true, at any moment Brian could weigh in with any number of reasons why he doesn't like Quagmire, but he doesn't, he hasn't been judgmental enough to point out Quagmire's many faults. Are we meant to believe that suddenly Quagmire doesn't like Brian? Really are we, because that just comes out of the blue and is unbelieveable. I don't think Q comes out of the rant very well, he just looks like a judgmental idiot, who has suddenly decided he is the moral barometer, after years of being a pervert. It is a little like Seth is purposely saying look I'm really neutral and can rail against more lefty people as well as the right, when we all know Brian is how he really feels about the world.

    Aside from those 2 minutes though this episode was alright, nothing special but then Family Guy only really gets a few decent episodes every season now.
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