Family Guy

Season 8 Episode 7

Jerome is the New Black

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Nov 22, 2009 on FOX

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  • Epic.

  • Peter freaks out because of a Black guy, Brian tries to befriend Quagmire but fails

    You have the summary of the episode, add in a really poor execution, an overly long and kinda hypocrite rant by Quagmire on his issues with Brian (including comments on Brian's desire for Lois and about how Brian doesn't take care of his children, yeah, cause Quagmire was never displayed as trying to get his way with or stalking Lois or as having children he doesn't give a damn and you get that piss-poor episode.

    On the bright side, Jerome is a decent character. I like him more in his modern role as the Drunken Clam owner though, as he doesn't fit with Peter, Joe and Quagmire the way Cleveland does (but that's IMO).
  • Am I the only one feeling guilty listening to all this?

    I agree with what Quagmire said about Brian being a selfish, arrogant and rude person, but that kinda sound way too harsh. But hey, at least we know the truth.
  • Black Jesus!

    This episode was funny as hell. A lot of black satire.
  • Quagmire is now a judgmental, hypocritical prick

    The Jerome stuff was all well and good, but what was the deal with the Quagmire parts? He hates Brian and goes on a huge rant to explain why, but it doesn't make any sense. He accuses Brian of lusting after Lois but Quagmire does the same thing (remember when he was making a sex-doll version of Lois from stuff in her garbage?). He then lords his own volunteer activities over Brian and insults his dating habits with women. All of it can be summed up by saying that Quagmire is a judgmental jerk who should keep his mouth shut.

    Prior to the rant, he shoots down all of Brian's attempts at humor or small just mean, not even funny.

    The worst sin though is that the Quagmire stuff just isn't funny. It's watered-down "reality TV" style interactions that have no place in this kind of show. I get that it's fake, that this is all just a cartoon, but if you're going to do this kind of "real situation" where Quagmire straight up doesn't like Brian, it has to be SOMEWHAT funny. They're trying to take a flat character - Quagmire - and turn him into something more, but it makes no sense.

    This is the second worst episode of the show, right behind the one where Stewie and Brian are trapped in the bank vault. They're trying to add in "serious" stuff, and it just doesn't work.
  • My favorite part of the series!

    When Quagmire literally fucks Brian in the ass by telling him why he's such a piece of shit makes me laugh every single time. I mean I like Brian and all he doesn't mean to be such a douche but every single thing that quagmire says is completely true. And Jerome should be the new Cleveland I don't get why he left
  • No one can ever replace Cleveland

    This wasn't a bad episode Family Guy at all. The idea of Peter, Joe, and Quagmire finding a replacement for Cleveland wasn't a bad idea but when Jerome was the replacement, I'm sorry I just said to myself "eh". I didn't like the character Jerome, it's hard to explain what he is. He was a nice character but something about him made me dislike him. Jerome could never replace Cleveland. Now that Cleveland left, "Family Guy" won't be the same without him. The subplot with Brian finding out Quagmire hates him really wasn't bad and I liked that plot a little more than the main plot. I did feel sorry for Brian because he didn't want Quagmire to hate him. The scene with Quagmire explaining to Brian why he hated him was a little too long but at least we know why Quagmire hated Brian. Not so much the story that made my score low, it was mostly Jerome. Overall, it was a good episode of Family Guy. 7.5/10
  • The episode isn't racist

    It actually mocks racism using those jokes. It's called satire and it's what I like about Family Guy.
  • This is NOT racist!

    Well...I don't think I need to write a long review to defend this episode. Watch and enjoy for yourself. I had at least two extended laughs out of this and smiled through a lot of it. That's good enough for me.

    I was originally hesitant to watch this episode, but when I read the reviews of some of the reviewers with actual SENSES OF HUMOR I watched right away. I am glad I did. This is happened before and I want to thank the people reviewing these episodes. In return I am doing my part and putting the stamp of approval on this episode. It may not be a 10 but it deserves a better rating than it currently has. I am going to give it an 8.5. If you are down and you have a sense of humor this episode should brighten your day...and that is a fine thing in this world.
  • Quagmire's rant saved the episode


    "Jerome Is The New Black"

    Grade: C

    Overall, this episode isn't that great and the subplot with Brian trying to make Quagmire like him is actually better than the main one with Peter and Jerome. Originally this episode was a follow-up of the departure of Cleveland from The Cleveland Show, and it was interesting to see that it made Quagmire dislike Brian. When Brian tries to make up for everything by inviting Quagmire for dinner, Quagmire does an epic 2 minute rant on why he hates Brian in a really mean and sarcastic tone, and it had me rolling on the floor laughing because it was so true. Brian really sucks in Family Guy now, he is boring and keeps complaining about things and is too liberal nowadays. I don't know if the writers are aware of the show's decline, but I have to admit that scene was definatly the highlight. Other than that, Jerome Is The New Black is fairly standard, sub-par Family Guy that isn't too funny, but that one scene made up for the episode.

  • A racist episode


    Peter and the guys interview potential friends to fill the vacancy left by Cleveland. Meanwhile, Brian discovers that Quagmire hates him.

    I'm not one to get offended by Family guy, but this episode was just offensive, burning a black guy's house, wearing a KKK outfit in front of a black guy, just awful.

    1 out of 10 F

  • Two scenes wasted my time


    Parts I liked:

    * Peter thinking Cleveland is here but it turns out to be the lamb.

    * Black Jesus gag

    * Quagmire explaining why hates Brian (even though he become a HUGE jerk to Brian ever since. Don't make me started on Tiegs for Two.)

    * The ending

    Parts I hated:

    * The beginning. Oh my god, do I really care of about those tedious songs? No, I don't. This part wasted my time because it shows pointless, lame music from a lame artist... :/

    * England men clearing throat. Like the one above, it wasted my time as well. It was funny for the first two throats but then Idesperatelywanted to end this really annoying cutaway. I felt it has been lasting for an hour. It lowers my score badly.

    * Jerome used to Lois.

    * Peter being a jerk to Jerome.

    Overall score: 5.5/10

  • JEROME: While I was living with you all I had myself lots of Nasty ass sex with Meg.

    Another out of this world funny episode. Lots to laugh about. The joke with the english guys clearing there throuts was the only part that sucked. The rest was pure gold. Quagmire finally put Brian in his place and told him off. I felt so bad for Brian. We find out Quagmire also has a sister. Jerome giving Lois the hymlick was funny and outragous. The end of the episode was funny when Jerome told Peter he had lots of nasty ass sex with Meg. I guess Meg is not that bad if a guy who dated her mom would also decide to have an afair with Meg.
  • Cleveland gets replaced, and Brian tries to impress Quagmire. This equals poor episode

    In this episode, the foursome are looking for a replacement fourth member, and find one in Jerome, a regular at the bar. Meanwhile, when Peter slips to Brian that Quagmire doesn't like him, and wants to know why. The plot with Jerome went pretty good p until we find out Lois is Jerome's ex. Then Peter goes as far as to burn his house, and dress as a member of the KKK. At this point, it's not funny, it's just bigoting offensive. The B story with Quagmire and Brian was good, although his rant at Brian was good, when he mentioned about how he would hit on Lois, it seemed odd considering Quagmire has pictures of her in his closet. Overall, this episode was pretty sucky episode in my opinion, and it further shows how Family Guy is it's own worst enemy. 5/10 F
  • Offensive Trash...

    Mocking the Rat pack, Jesus, Battered girl friend joke...

    UGH Nothing at all redeeming about this episode. Infact....yeah nothing at all Redeeming.

    The Manatees fail again. Plus Peter setting somebody's house on fire.......and Peter UGH I could careless about the plot too many offensive jokes and it's very hard even talk about it and sound like I care but ......argh Cancel this show now before it ruins TV more...American Dad and Cleveland too...

    Seth McFarland is a Hack relying on offensive jokes to get a laugh and anyone finding that funny has no soul. Why is the garbage still on TV? The only Good part of this episode was the Ad for Assassin's Creed II.
  • Or how to replace a dud...

    Cleveland was always the weakest character whose main joke seemed to be a bath gag that grew old a long time ago. Jerome was actually more entertaining than he has been in a while and certainly more fun to watch than that new show they spun off.

    Of all the people to give a lecture to Brian, Quagmire is perhaps the worse choice, for 8 seasons he has been the sex-obsessed pervert of the group and suddenly he's decided to lecture Brian on all of his faults along with lines like 'textbook liberal agenda' which are normally trotted out by those who lean all the way to the right. It just doesn't ring true, at any moment Brian could weigh in with any number of reasons why he doesn't like Quagmire, but he doesn't, he hasn't been judgmental enough to point out Quagmire's many faults. Are we meant to believe that suddenly Quagmire doesn't like Brian? Really are we, because that just comes out of the blue and is unbelieveable. I don't think Q comes out of the rant very well, he just looks like a judgmental idiot, who has suddenly decided he is the moral barometer, after years of being a pervert. It is a little like Seth is purposely saying look I'm really neutral and can rail against more lefty people as well as the right, when we all know Brian is how he really feels about the world.

    Aside from those 2 minutes though this episode was alright, nothing special but then Family Guy only really gets a few decent episodes every season now.
  • Wow, this one is up there... as one of the greatest pieces of garbage.

    I was really disappointed with this episode for so many reasons. Firstily, the storyline was absolutely stupid and completely unoriginal and uninnovative. It's all been seen and done before!

    The episode was also quite dull in terms of the humour, which it lacked a lot. It wasn't funny at all, besides one or two little things here and there.

    The episode really didn't have anything special that makes me want to see it again and remember it, and I wouldn't advise anybody else watch this either.

    Very shocking episode, I hope this show improves, as the great episodes of the past have become a rarity these days.
  • More inappropriate black humor.

    It is not so much that I am offended by the content of what Family Guy does; actually I'm not offended at all by that. I'm offended by this show still calling itself Family Guy when it is no longer the greatest cartoon on television.

    These cutaway scenes are not funny. Honestly, did anybody laugh at that opening with the racist Rat Pack? Didn't think so.

    And what was the point of having this new character introduced? It's not like he's coming back, and if he does, oh man.

    Family Guy is a joke now. And not a funny joke like on the old episodes.
  • Jerome is the new Cleveland...

    I am a fairly neutral and open minded person. So I am not actually offended by racist humor and references to an anatomically well endowed black male. The reason I am not enthused by this episode lies in the fact that it is actually not funny. Lets piece together some key events. One British gentleman's club - oh my effing god, the two minute period for which that gig was on seemed like 2 decades. Seth and Co. should learn when to cut their jokes. Two -Jerome saving Lois from her choke attack. Yeah, that was kind of funny, but again they went a little to far with it. Three - Quagmire's rant. Lately, Quagmire is not like the old Quagmire. His storylines are getting far too normal, and he now looks like an average Joe rather than a sex crazed pervert. So what was funny about him? Was it his rant on how Brian is such a douche? Or was it his sister who has a abusive husband or his deaf brother? Honestly, if the writers think Quagmire's breathless rant, using Catcher in the Rye references are actually funny, they should seriously go back to writing school.

    Bad bad episode.
  • somewhat decent

    i liked the character of jerome greatly, he wasn't very funny but he was a nice character. i like the overall plot but i kinda wish it was revealed peter was the one who burned down his house. i also loved quagmire's scene of telling brian off. the sub plot about that was funny, like quagmire's sister. a few crude jokes aside {like the ending} this was a mostly enjoyable episode with some good gags and a decent plot. My overall grade for this episode would be a high "C" because there were still some parts I did not like.
  • Lois had sex with a black guy but Brian's the one getting hammered...

    I'm not going to dwell too much on the A plot with Lois and Jerome, it was average with a few okay jokes and not a terrible ammount of substance and everything works out as you think it would with trying to replace a main cast member.

    The real story is with the B plot, Brian trying to impress Quagmire, trying to figure out why he "hates him". At first it seemed like Brian was just unlucky and the whole thing could be a misunderstanding (the joke with Quagmire's sister gettomg beaten was somewhat funny but went substantially too far). The episode seemed average to slightly above average until the last few minutes. Quagmire calling Brian out on all the crap he pulls really made sense to me even if it was a bit too harsh, seriously I felt hurt by that and it was just a TV show. However, it needed to be said, Seth Macfarland has been using Brian's character as an Executive Avatar too much lately and something needed to be done with all his autobiographical episode and preaching. Most of it was a good message but Family Guy gets too heavy-handed when they push issues, which is exactly what they accuse others of.

    While it wasn't the same old Quagmire doing the yelling, it did give the character some depth and it's interesting to see someone disagree with Brian and give a reasonable debate against Brian's perspective. Not everyone who speaks out against the far left is an idiot (though many are) and it was just nice to see. I suppose defeating an Executive Avatar with an Executive Avatar is an interesting way to go. Giving another side to the potrayed doctrine is normally fair and I respect the ideals more now that they've come under fire, the reasonable doubt this episode brings makes the other "I'm Seth Macfarland and you will watch what I believe and everyone else is stupid" episodes tolerable.
  • Episode filled with mix bag of jokes that either a dud or funny

    The first half is just a bore. 6 Minutes of lazy writing, i was about to tune out, but hey it's family guy i was expecting something. The first 2 minutes of the second portion of this episode was terrible until the scene between Jerome rescue the choking Lois! Definitely a classic! Then the rest of the second half was passable funny. The third half went south with it's familiar jokes and gags, though Quagmire stole a scene for a minute rather than that it's a dud. Overall this episode is not that terrible, except this episode has so much potential that was never reach, similar to the episode "Hannah Banana" that aired few weeks back. It's like assorted jokes thrown in a jar and calling it a episode without spending so much time picking which one fits which one don't.
  • Peter, Quagmire, and Joe are sitting at the Drunkin' Clam thinking they need a new fourth. Along comes Jerome a old flame of Lois and the story begins. Also Brian learns that Quagmire not only doesn't like him, but he hates his guts.

    Not one of the better episodes of the season. Neither of the two major stories was worth telling. I have been waiting for the proverbial replacing Cleveland show and here it is. Quagmire hates Brian? That was a pretty strong and definitive list Quagmire gave Brian in the restaurant. Lesser people have not recovered from that. I guess you have to consider the source.

    Not much to say about the Jerome story. No one is going to replace Cleveland, he was the perfect fourth for this group and never should have got his own series. Brian and Stewie are to great together so I don't think that would work out in the long run either. Will they eventually replace Cleveland? Maybe, but not in the near future. I will say the line Jerome gave Peter at the end about Meg was about the funniest and most crass lines of the season.

    Everyone likes Brian unless you just don't like dogs. Of course he can be annoying, but not as annoying as Quagmire makes him out to be. I think the brilliance of Family Guy is based on the whole Brian/Stewie connection. Basing a whole story on someone hating Brian seems a little weird. Oh yeah, it's Family Guy. OK.

    In the end this was not a very strong episode. Next weeks looks like it could be good though. Thanks for reading...
  • Another hilarious episode!

    A lot of people seem to be bashing the current run of Family Guy, saying it's not as funny as it used to be. I have to disagree. The show has changed, this is true, but I laugh out loud every week, at the show's willingness to take chances. It's the boldest comedy on network television.

    Onto the episode itself: it actually reminded me a lot of some of the older Family Guy episodes. Peter's jealousy causes him to make a situation progressively worse, until a talk with Lois (and a heart-warming gift a true TV fan would appreciate) sets him on the path to making things right.

    The subplot about Quagmire not liking Brian was equally amusing. It's always interesting to see Quagmire's twisted sense of morality come into play. It's okay to have a girl tied up in the basement, but don't you be a hypocrite... fascinating!

    Overall, I'd give this show a 9, but I bumped it to a 10 to offset some of the ridiculously low reviews given to such a fine episode.
  • Wow

    I'm reading the reviews, and never have I been so far on the other side of general consensus. I LOVED this episode, Jerome's Heimlich maneuver on Lois was hilarious and Quagmire's rant about Brian near the end was so funny and so true. Also Peter dealing with his jealousy of Jerome seemed like one of the very few times that Family Guy had a realistic moral to it. It's rarely the case that I've loved an episode of Family guy that others hated it, I'm really surprised to see that. Yea the Rat Pack part and Quagmire's sister being beaten was a bit much, but I've come to expect it from Family Guy so it wasn't that shocking to me.... it's definitely not near the most offensive the show can get to. I mean you guys have no problem with them singing about Aids and making fun of a Deaf actress then this really shouldn't be that shocking.

    I liked this episode, I don't mind that others didn't, but I'm surprised by how much the first voters disliked it overall.