Family Guy

Season 11 Episode 8

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Dec 23, 2012 on FOX

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  • Great episode

  • the worst story ever told

    this is the worst episode ive ever seen the store is terrible stewie playing as jesus our lord and savior and he spot lois's dad and his army coming to capture stewie and he activate a wooden manger space craft for no reason and shoots lazers at the horse men i mean really a baby flying around in a wooden manger shooting lazers at people on horses that makes no sence at all and the ending is soo mean spirited and soo cold that i want to destroy it with fire and if i saw a pregnant couple showed up to my door asking for help when the wife is in labor i would help them because that would be the right thing to do and seth fucking get ur head out of your asshole your athiest behavor is the bane of my exsistance

    so please seth knock it the fuck off
  • 10 - to battle the trolls

    Just to vote it up. Some morons hate Brian and give the episode a good score.
  • Not as bad as people say it is...

    however I will say the part where Meg was shown as a donkey was dumb. I will say this one fell short of it's usual potential.
  • Boring and Predictable

    I agree with copper20. The Meg bashing has to end. Seeing Meg as a donkey made me mad!! She should shine in the spotlight. Not one laugh in this one and seeing Peter and Lois in the leads was so boring. They should switch roles. I would love to see Lois as a villian because she was boring as Leia and she would be awesome. Time for a differant character to tell a story to give more variety. Sick of Peter telling stories because it gets tiresome as was this episode.
  • The meg bashing needs to end.

    I do not remember this episode very well, but what I really do remember, and never will forget, is the abuse that Meg suffered in this episode. Right from the preview photos, it showed her as a mule! And of course Consuela has to make YET ANOTHER unnecessary appearance in this episode and plays a bigger role than Meg. I'd rather see Meg in the spotlight than glorify Consuela.
  • Jesus, Mary and Joseph

    Certainly not of the same quality as the Rugrats episodes that parodied the stories of the Bible, that much is for sure. There may have been a laugh and here and there, but this episode just was not up to the standards of even newer Family Guys.