Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 13

Jungle Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on FOX

Episode Recap

MAIN PLOT: Chris is now a freshman in high school. He is excited until he hears about the Freshman Hunt, where freshmen are paddled. When he arrives at school, Lois screams "Freshman!" and puts all the upperclassmen onto Chris. In a parody of Dazed And Confused, he runs through the cafeteria only to be caught by Adam West, who tells him that it "is not okay to be a freshman" and paddles him to No More Mr Nice Guy by Alice Cooper (another parody of Dazed and Confused). Chris doesn't want to go back to school, and Brian inadvertently gives him the idea to join the Peace Corps. He joins up and runs away to a small Amazon tribe in South America. SUBPLOT: Peter is sent out by Lois to get a new job, where he states his capabilities as an "astronaut, bigger astronaut and a beer expert." He gets a job at the Pawtucket Brewery, where he soon gets booted out of the packaging line as he can't control his drinking. He is sent to work at shipping, where his only boss is retarded. MAIN PLOT: Chris is beginning to enjoy life in South America. He has the interest of the daughter of the chief of the tribe, with whom he dances to Wham!'s Wake Me Up Before You Go Go which he sings. However, he inadvertently marries her in the process. Back in Quahog, Lois has found out where Chris is, and he then calls, telling them that he's married and never coming back. The family then heads to South America to get Chris back. They arrive in South America, where Peter soon realises he can live like a king with $37 and change. Soon he is getting the villagers to perform degrading tasks like act out an episode of Seinfeld. Chris tells him off for taking advantage of the simple villagers, and tells him that he's just using them to get away from his problems at home. Lois then reminds Chris that he did the exact same thing, as he ran away to escape the fact he was a freshman. As soon as the tribesmen hear Chris is a freshman, they start chasing the Griffins with spears and poison darts. In a reference to the first scene ofRaiders of The Lost Ark, they run away and jump into a plane, but forget Meg, who apparently dies.