Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 13

Jungle Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on FOX

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  • This episode is about Chris mainly. Chris is afraid to go to school because a freshman tradition. He leaves and goes to south america;Peter is upset at his position at the brewery.

    This episode was horrible.I mean it didn't compare to any of the prior episodes of FG. Most of the jokes fell flat on their backs.Do not watch this episode. I was in shock of how bad the episode was. The characters did things out of the ordinary. Lastly, the Meg dying jokes are lame.
  • Good episode, but it seemed to really drag at some parts.

    I thought this was a pretty decent episode for the most part. I laughed at several parts such as Peter and then later Quagmire being Sandy Duncan's glass eye, Peter playing with the paddleball, the cutaways with Peter and Dr. Honeydew and Paul Riser, and the ending when the tribe chased after Chris for being a freshman. However, some parts of this episode seemed to drag a lot, such as the cutaways with the cavemen couple arguing and Stewie going to Will Ferrell's house, although that part was sort of funny too. It also bugged me that pretty much every scene had a flashback in it. The newest Family Guy episodes I've seen haven't had nearly as many cutaways as this one did. Overall, though, I liked this episode for the most part, although it could've been much better in my opinion. Final grade: C. Marebear2009, out!
  • As a fan of Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad... this episode is pretty weak.

    First of all, I named it unoriginal, because it seems like it copied the Simpsons. Homer the Missionary to be exact. It'd be nice to see how Peter would react being placed on an island, but not Chris. Chris acted out of character, as did Meg and a little bit of Peter. This episode could have made a very strong storyline with Chris being a freshman, we could find out how Meg feels about Chris being at their school. Instead the writers feel it neccessary to drag along jokes. It's funny with maybe 1 joke, but really more than one it loses it's touch. This show shouldn't be all about gags and random story twists, it should try to land a story while keeping the gags going. The jokes that get streched turn out weaker than intended. I'm sick of reading about how they "don't have enough time" for some gags and storylines yet they extend pointless gags and jokes behind reason. if they didn't try the same thing every episode, they'd have time for their gags and good jokes they wanted to include.

    I was shocked at the end with Meg being left behind, why is the whole family suddenly against her?

    It was nice to have more Chris in an episode, but it didn't seem to match the character they brought up the first 3 seasons. overall it was an average episode.
  • This show really is getting lame. The Simpsons is still better than this.

    A lot of people have ranted about how cheap the humor of Family Guy is getting, and I'm starting to feel the same way myself. The Simpsons didn't rely on the lame gags that I'm seeing more and more of in this show (e.g. "Sandy's eye," speaking of which it would be funnier if she and other joke-characters only appeared once in a given episode instead of twice). That flashback with the prehistoric couple would've been funnier had it been *much* shorter, as would the "Four Peters" flashback in Model Misbehavior. By the way, can someone tell me why the whole family has such a beef with Meg? Her schoolmates, I can understand, but she was treated better by her family during the earlier seasons than she is nowadays.
  • can't agree with anyone else on this one.

    Everyone that has reviewed this show either hated it or loved it. I have to say I am in the middle on this one. No it was not the best episode ever but not the worst either. There were a couple really funny parts, yet kinda boring parts on the other hand. This episode doesn't deserve a 5 or a 10, I think 7 is perfect score.
  • Chris runs away from the trouble of being a fresh man to join the peace corps and ends up in a village.

    This episode has to be the most unfunny episode of the whole series. So many bad things plagued this episode,like the number with chris singing

    Some good moments and details

    - Plot development
    Better set up than with more recent family guy episodes where they feel like they were just created to show the flashbacks. That is not so apparent in this one.
    - everything from the point where peter gets to the island.
    - Peter's new job
    - "oh my god! give me that' No! That! (Peter plays with a toy)
  • It was Ok, but let's not proclaim it one of the best ever, please

    I think this episode is firmly in the middle. On one hand, Chris is in high school now, which should make for some interesting events later, and there were a few funny parts. On the other hand, some of the jokes were formulaic and the plot got weird halfway through. They relied heavily on the "Like the time I..." flashbacks, and had TWO trademark drawn out segments that go on forever for no reason, but the problem is that one of them was highly predictable and not funny. At least they kept Quagmire and the Meg bashing to a minimum (although they got a few in anyways, at least a couple each week, it's getting old). Chris got some nice air time, which is good. I wish Peter's work at the brewery had more time.

    It certainly was not one of the funniest episodes ever, but it wasn't the worst, either. Just in the middle.
  • Where are the great episodes.

    Seth I want better Family Guy episodes. This just isn't as great is what the show used to be and I keep giving the show a chance and I keep getting disapointed. This episode is far then just fair. Fox had better shows on last night both new and repeat of The Simpsons where better then Family Guy I also like Anerican Dad's episode better too.
  • Not the best episode, not the worst episode.

    While still pretty funny, this was certainly not the best episode of Family Guy. However, even with the somewhat mediocre humor, the animation quality seems to be getting better and better with each episode of the new season. Kudos to the production team for the fantastic quality of the show's animation.
  • Not the best Family Guy

    I've definitely seen a lot better. This episode had its moments but nothing that really stood out for me. Some of the flashbacks were funny but I also think they overdid them a bit. To me the two best parts were when Peter drives up to his house and orders fast food like he's at a drive thru and the allusion to Indiana Jones at the end of the show. This was not a terrible episode but I'm hoping for better. I also hope that sleazy old man comes back again soon. He's one of my favorite people on the show.
  • They can't be serious!! My ears hurt..

    This is the single worst episode ever.
    All the cutaways and flashbacks went on for waaaaaay too long e.g. The caveman's marrage problems.
    And this is the first time we hear Chris sing... and hopefully the last, this just isn't good.. Family guy is going the same way as the Simpsons and Malcolm In The Middle did I think they should hire the writers from season 1, 2 and 3.
  • I love Family Guy, but this episode has to be one of the worst ever.

    I love Family Guy, but this episode has to be one of the worst ever. The premise stunk and practically every other scene was a flashback. None of which were even that funny. The whole episode felt like a collaboration of leftover flashbacks that did not make it into previous episodes.
  • Please! NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO!

    It is obvious to me that anybody who gives this a good review hasn't seen the show before it was cancelled. I can't believe it! They take a 2 month break, then come back with the three worst episodes I have ever seen, and now another 2 month break! Please. The plot was god awful, Chris was way out of character and was actually smart throughout the episode, and the Caveman and Will Ferrell thing was way too drawn out. Meg is once again talking trash to Peter instead of being embarrassed. Last episode it was "I'm not a dog you Fat Bastard", now its "DAD! What the hell are you doing". And i know stewie is coming out with the movie, but where is he in the episodes! for the entire 13 episodes since they brought family guy back, there has never been a main plot, or even subplot about stewie. In the very first 7 episodes of family guy (1999), stewie had his own plot 5 out of 7 episodes. He has the most potential as a character, and there aren't doing anything with him. I only found myself with a little chuckle during the Indiana Jones allusion at the end. And once again, for the third time in three weeks, American Dad had a better episode. A good, funny plot, with a lot of funny moments, and it wasn't ridiculus either, It was using the characters it has, which family guy did three years ago, and doesnt do anymore. So, i leave you with this. Seth needs to get his head in the game. He needs to be working on Family Guy and American Dad, not just one of them. Please, help us true fans.
  • ode to cut to gags

    i like cut to jokes (or whatever you call it when they say a one liner then it cuts to show what they were talking about). that's one of the reason why i love family guy. but only when it's done sparingly. but this episode did it way to much. it seemed like the episode was more than half cut to jokes. as for the story itself it wasn't the worst i've ever seen. no that goes to the episode petard (or i should say the most insulting story goes to that episode).
  • It was good while it lasted.

    In loving memory of Family Guy, a popular animation which in its prime combined humourous characterisation with unforeseen punchlines, and which mixed cultural iconoclasm with subtle observations about behaviour and life.

    It recently, from the beginning of the fourth season, succumbed to a sudden bout of self-referential over-use of its best jokes, and became deluded that outlandish and disjointed plots on their own provided the greater laugh than the scathing insights and intertextuality of its golden days. As the invalid grew weaker, it sadly had to jettison its already small body of secondary characters in favour of concentrating, to a claustrophobic degree, on its main organs of the Griffin family.

    As a committed fan of Family Guy, I shall remember the good times.

  • I guess this is what you get...There was not much to this episode and no really comedy to discuss at work the next day.

    Family Guy is long as there are jokes to tell. Unlike the Simpsons, Family guy can not fall back on old-fashioned situational comedy because the characters and premise are not clearly defined. Every character is simply a device for delivering comedy.

    As such, in episodes like this, the comedy runs thin and the series suffers. Thankfully, subsequent episodes are better. Let’s hope nothing like this happens again.
  • Another dating episode


    When Peter gets hurt and can't work, his boss tells him he needs to speed things up. So Lois goes to the brewery to help him out. Meanwhile, Stewie finds out that Brian is dating a very attractive but not very intelligent woman. He tries to get Brian to break up with her, but Brian can't do it.

    Well of course, Brian dates another woman, and it's boring as hell watching.


  • Oh man, i hate to see this happen to my favourite show... WORST EPISODE EVER

    Oh man, i hate to see this happen to my favourite show... WORST EPISODE EVER

    Also, i know the stewie/Ferrel joke seems funny, but its actually a verry commonly used thing for cartoons to stretch things out (to say the least)

    And this one was just...Too predictable(you knew he was gonna slap him when he stood up, and the whole ladder thing was just to make it longer, and somewhat funnier), Too long(more than 1 minute for THAT? Come on), allround...not funny enough. Not what i'm used of Seth.

    Unfortunately what some had predicted seems to be coming true, American dad gets a Little better, but Family Guy takes the hit. Personally i think its a good thing the next episode is only in january. Cuz this level is utterly unacceptable

    (the ending ruled ass though, Meg goes flat on the face...yet again. "More Black sheep anyone?" "Yes, please")
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