Family Guy

Season 4 Episode 13

Jungle Love

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Sep 25, 2005 on FOX

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  • Radical

  • Chris move to South America after getting hazed in school; Peter gets a job at the beer factory

    When Chris is supposed to be hazed for a school tradition, he runs off to South America; Peter quickly becomes frustrated by his new job at the beer factory. A bit of improvement over The Perfect Castaway, but the episode is still dragged. What I meant dragged is the main plot with Chris. It was darn boring and I didn't really laughed a lot in that plot. I did laughed when they were on the phone. As for the other plot where Peter gets a new job at the Partucket Bewlery (which he still remain working there), it was much funnier. I liked his part when he try to drink the beers and then he came drunk. Overall, the storyline could have done better and don't mention it that there's two very long cutaways (the longest of the season; the cavemen couple and Stewie going all away to LA and smack Will Freddle).8/10
  • superb


    what i liked- the scenes of chris being bullied because he is a freshman, the ending of the episode when the people turn on chris and the griffins and 'kill' meg, "Why do you close your eyes when we make love?!", the monkey crying when he finds out chris is not coming back, everyone on the phone, and then when meg comes on the phone, everyone hangs up, amongst other things.

    pretty good episode. not the best family guy ever, but it definitely is an enjoyable way to spend a half hour of your time. final grade is going to be in the B range.

  • Another dating episode


    When Peter gets hurt and can't work, his boss tells him he needs to speed things up. So Lois goes to the brewery to help him out. Meanwhile, Stewie finds out that Brian is dating a very attractive but not very intelligent woman. He tries to get Brian to break up with her, but Brian can't do it.

    Well of course, Brian dates another woman, and it's boring as hell watching.


  • Good episode, but it seemed to really drag at some parts.

    I thought this was a pretty decent episode for the most part. I laughed at several parts such as Peter and then later Quagmire being Sandy Duncan's glass eye, Peter playing with the paddleball, the cutaways with Peter and Dr. Honeydew and Paul Riser, and the ending when the tribe chased after Chris for being a freshman. However, some parts of this episode seemed to drag a lot, such as the cutaways with the cavemen couple arguing and Stewie going to Will Ferrell's house, although that part was sort of funny too. It also bugged me that pretty much every scene had a flashback in it. The newest Family Guy episodes I've seen haven't had nearly as many cutaways as this one did. Overall, though, I liked this episode for the most part, although it could've been much better in my opinion. Final grade: C. Marebear2009, out!
  • Funny, but still not what we've become used to from Family Guy.

    Chris is excited to become a freshman at the local high school, until Joe tells Chris about the "Freshman Hunt," a hazing ritual in which the freshmen are beaten with paddles by everyone. When Chris shows up at school Lois yells out "Freshman!" to lure over other students. After a short chase Chris is caught, and is paddled by several people, including the mayor, playing a part in the movie Dazed and Confused. Chris asks Brian for advice. Brian tells Chris about his time in the Peace Corps. Chris decides to join the Corps and goes to South America, where he becomes popular with the natives. When he gets the tribe to dance, he is married to the chief's daughter, as dictated by the tribe's customs.

    In the meantime, Peter, who has been unemployed for quite some time, goes to work at the Pawtucket Brewery, where drinking on the job is allowed as long as the employee can control himself. But Peter can't control his drinking, so he is demoted to working for a mentally handicapped man whom he can't understand, but is more qualified than him (Opie). Chris dances with the natives.When Lois learns of Chris leaving, she immediately travels down to South America with the rest of the family. Disillusioned with his new job, Peter is as eager to go there as anyone else. Upon their arrival Peter is seen as the richest man in the country with just $37. Many of the natives of the country then become Peter's slave for just nickels and dimes. When Chris accuses Peter of "using" the natives to escape his troubles, Lois points out that that is also what Chris did. Chris then decides to return to Rhode Island, telling his wife that he must leave her, casually referring to his status as a freshman. The natives respond exactly as the upperclassmen in Quahog do, so they chase the Griffins in a very hostile manner. The Griffins escape on a seaplane a la Raiders of the Lost Ark, but forget Meg, who is killed with darts and arrows.
  • Chris starts a new life in South America.

    The full lyrics to Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go:

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  • Why am I the only person who loves this episode?

    Chris is now a freshman at high school, and on his first day is paddled by the other students and Adam West. He doesn't want to go back so he joins the Peace Corps and runs away to South America, where he marries a 11 year old girl. When Lois hears about this, she and the rest of the family fly to take Chris back, where Peter realises he can live like a king on $37. When Chris tells him that he's abusing the villagers to escape his own problems at the new job at the brewery, Lois reveals to Chris he is doing the same thing. When Chris realises that and apologises to the girl, saying he is a freshman, the whole tribe starts chasing them. Peter, Lois, Chris and Stewie escape on a plane but they forget Meg and she dies, but returns.
    Chris (who is my favourite character after Quagmire) was well developed in this episode, and, contrary to popular opinion, I loved his rendition of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, which (while it was before my time) is a camp and sleepover classic).
  • This episode had to be one of the lesser episodes this season

    This episode wasn't great...infact even though I enjoyed it to a curtain degree..I feel it was one of the lesser Family Guy episodes. Sure there were funny jokes but after watching it something didn't feel quite right....maybe it was how painful to my ears Chris's singing was, I can only hope he nver sings again. I was kinda odd how Meg got killed at the end of the episode. Kinda odd too, also it had other odd things like Peter being someones eye...I didn't really get that. Maybe I'd have to see the episode again but I feel like it was the second worst in season 4 I've seen so far other then Lois becoming a model.
  • I’m going to teach you the lesson that it is not okay to be a freshman!

    This episode is the best season four episode since Petarded, with both Chris’ and Peter’s plots being brilliant, with great scenes such as Peter getting drunk in the five seconds it took for his supervisor to go through the door twice and the tribe singing Jitterbug.

    Brian inadvertently convincing Chris to join the Peace Corps so he isn’t picked on as a freshman was a classic scene as was the tribe’s reaction upon hearing that Chris was a freshman back home.

    Overall, this episode is great from Peter’s seriousness regarding Paul Reiser’s stand-up to the alternative music at the end and is one of the funniest Chris plots of season four.
  • A good episode overall.

    Jungle Love is one of the better 'New' episodes. The flashbacks were mildly funny, and it actually had a plot. The crude humor was kept at a minimum, and there were some actually hysterically funny scenes (such as the tribe doing the 'Contest' episode of Seinfield, and Stewie's flashback to when he saw the movie Bewitched) There were small things that could have been changed to make the show funnier, but I liked it nonetheless.
  • Good episode but....

    I was really confused by the part at Meg\'s sleepover where they discuss Connecticut. I didn\'t get why that was funny or was it just totally random? They discussed an underground mall in Hartford and I\'ve lived in Connecticut all my life and have never heard of an underground mall. If there is one, can anyone tell me where it is?
    Anyways, classic-as-always, everyone hates Meg, with few finer examples than this episode.
  • Chris runs away from the trouble of being a fresh man to join the peace corps and ends up in a village.

    This episode has to be the most unfunny episode of the whole series. So many bad things plagued this episode,like the number with chris singing

    Some good moments and details

    - Plot development
    Better set up than with more recent family guy episodes where they feel like they were just created to show the flashbacks. That is not so apparent in this one.
    - everything from the point where peter gets to the island.
    - Peter's new job
    - "oh my god! give me that' No! That! (Peter plays with a toy)
  • Some very good moments

    This isn't one of the finest Family Guy episodes I have ever seen, but there was enough there to keep me interested.

    The freshman joke with the paddles was one of my favourites.

    I am however getting sick of the crap that the rest of the family are dishing out to Meg. The Meg bashing has got a bit too far out of hand.
  • I guess this is what you get...There was not much to this episode and no really comedy to discuss at work the next day.

    Family Guy is long as there are jokes to tell. Unlike the Simpsons, Family guy can not fall back on old-fashioned situational comedy because the characters and premise are not clearly defined. Every character is simply a device for delivering comedy.

    As such, in episodes like this, the comedy runs thin and the series suffers. Thankfully, subsequent episodes are better. Let’s hope nothing like this happens again.
  • Not Bad, Nothing Special

    The one downfall about this episode is that they put in way too many cut gags. They know that those are popular, but they went overboard with this episode. It was pretty good, and I enjoyed some of it, but I just think this one wasn't particulary memorable. Not bad.

    Of all the episodes I've seen so far (I haven't seen all that many, maybe eight or nine), this is the funniest. Adam West, why are you acting like an idiot? Well, no matter the reason, keep being one; it's funny.
    I loved the Seinfeld joke.

    The pollution joke was funny as well. We do try to make them more advanced...more, ... polluted. Well, anyway, a great episode all around. Chris, man, this has got to be his best episode. Just one tiny problem with the episode. In the car scene right before Chris goes to school, Stewie's talk about Howard Stern got me a little riled. But Adam was funny. Keep it dude.
  • Very funny, makes you want to Jitterbug lol!

    Very funny, makes you want to Jitterbug. It had a lot of funny things in like when they forgot to get meg and she got killed. Aaother funny part was when they did a sienfeld episode. The whole show is awesome and this was another episode to be a reason why this show rocks! ;)
  • They can't be serious!! My ears hurt..

    This is the single worst episode ever.
    All the cutaways and flashbacks went on for waaaaaay too long e.g. The caveman's marrage problems.
    And this is the first time we hear Chris sing... and hopefully the last, this just isn't good.. Family guy is going the same way as the Simpsons and Malcolm In The Middle did I think they should hire the writers from season 1, 2 and 3.
  • This episode is about Chris mainly. Chris is afraid to go to school because a freshman tradition. He leaves and goes to south america;Peter is upset at his position at the brewery.

    This episode was horrible.I mean it didn't compare to any of the prior episodes of FG. Most of the jokes fell flat on their backs.Do not watch this episode. I was in shock of how bad the episode was. The characters did things out of the ordinary. Lastly, the Meg dying jokes are lame.
  • ode to cut to gags

    i like cut to jokes (or whatever you call it when they say a one liner then it cuts to show what they were talking about). that's one of the reason why i love family guy. but only when it's done sparingly. but this episode did it way to much. it seemed like the episode was more than half cut to jokes. as for the story itself it wasn't the worst i've ever seen. no that goes to the episode petard (or i should say the most insulting story goes to that episode).
  • In the words of Stewie: "That's not funny!" But good here and there.

    Some of you may be confused that I rated this an "8.0" and described it as "Painful To Watch." I'll explain.

    Things I Expect From Family Guy:
    1. Good, funny jokes.
    2. At least half a plot.
    3. Good characters.
    4. Just enough Meg bashing, but not too much.
    5. Short and funny jokes.

    1. There were some pretty good jokes here. Like Peter driving up to the house like it was a drive-thru resturant. Peter getting drunk at the brewery.(Although he shouldn't have been nude as he was already in 2 episodes.) Stewie's "My Left Foot" song. Chris's long "WWWHHHAAATTT???!!!" More, but I can't think of them.
    Jokes: 8.5.

    2. The plot is very well done here, IMO. Chris becomes a freshman, but the seniors(and Adam West) start paddling him with paddles. Peter gets a new job at a brewery. With an idea in his head(thanks to Brian), he runs off to South America where he meets some natives, and marries an 11-year old girl. Then the Griffins go to South America to rescue him. But when the natives find out he has 37 dollars, he is deemed the richest man in town. So everybody starts catering to him and Peter gets treated wonderfully. But when the natives find out Chris is a freshman, they start to chase and try to kill the Griffins. Everyone(except Meg) gets away by plane. Meg dies.
    Plot: 8.9.

    3. The characters are very good. Chris gets some spotlight. The natives are good, funny characters, and their cousin Vinny is hilarious
    The Griffins are still entertaining. I could've done without the weird guy that bit Peter's finger, though.
    Good characters: 8.4.

    4. Here's where it slopes. Once again, the Meg bashing goes out of control. It's like everybody hates her as much as they can. I thought her family loved her.
    She gets killed at the end. KILLED! That is too mean! Nobody wants to talk to her anymore! I feel sorry for her. They should keep the bashing at a minimum, but now, it's outta control!
    Meg Bashing, But Not Too Much: 6.2.

    5. Okay, another slope. There are 2. 2!, extremely long jokes in here! (The "Bewitched" and "Caveman" flashbacks). Those things were unfunny and too long and unneeded. But, the short jokes hit here. Vinny saying saying any word for 5 cents was only used once, but pretty good. Stewie dressing up as a woman and getting a taxi was short n'funny. Overall, I give short, funny jokes:

    Overall, a good episode, yet Family Guy could do better. This is probably the lowest rating I will give a Family Guy episode. If you don't wanna read all that, I'll make it short for you:

    1.Good, funny jokes: 8.5.
    2. Plot: 8.9.
    3. Good characters: 8.4.
    4. Meg bashing, but not too much: 6.2.
    5. Short, fuuny jokes: 7.9.
    Overall: 8.0.

    If I estimate, I'll see this gets an 8.0. This is good if you can get past the Meg Bashing and 2 long jokes.

    I apologize if that was too long, I just had to write it all out.

  • evily monkey

    it was sad when the evil monkey cried when they got the letter saying that chris wasnt coming home ever the monkey is the deepest charcter because his wife cheated on him and the caused him to be evil and miss understud and him using the mariujuna in that one episode was just to cope with the emothions
  • Hilarious fun.

    Hardly a scene that didnt make me laugh. All the characters were refreshing and spontaneous.Plenty of classic Family Guy moments.Chris's character is starting to really catch on, thanks in part to this episode. The musical portions of each episode are really well done and this episode is no exception.It just keeps getting better.
  • As a fan of Simpsons, Family Guy and American Dad... this episode is pretty weak.

    First of all, I named it unoriginal, because it seems like it copied the Simpsons. Homer the Missionary to be exact. It'd be nice to see how Peter would react being placed on an island, but not Chris. Chris acted out of character, as did Meg and a little bit of Peter. This episode could have made a very strong storyline with Chris being a freshman, we could find out how Meg feels about Chris being at their school. Instead the writers feel it neccessary to drag along jokes. It's funny with maybe 1 joke, but really more than one it loses it's touch. This show shouldn't be all about gags and random story twists, it should try to land a story while keeping the gags going. The jokes that get streched turn out weaker than intended. I'm sick of reading about how they "don't have enough time" for some gags and storylines yet they extend pointless gags and jokes behind reason. if they didn't try the same thing every episode, they'd have time for their gags and good jokes they wanted to include.

    I was shocked at the end with Meg being left behind, why is the whole family suddenly against her?

    It was nice to have more Chris in an episode, but it didn't seem to match the character they brought up the first 3 seasons. overall it was an average episode.
  • Please! NO! NO NO NO NO NO NO!

    It is obvious to me that anybody who gives this a good review hasn't seen the show before it was cancelled. I can't believe it! They take a 2 month break, then come back with the three worst episodes I have ever seen, and now another 2 month break! Please. The plot was god awful, Chris was way out of character and was actually smart throughout the episode, and the Caveman and Will Ferrell thing was way too drawn out. Meg is once again talking trash to Peter instead of being embarrassed. Last episode it was "I'm not a dog you Fat Bastard", now its "DAD! What the hell are you doing". And i know stewie is coming out with the movie, but where is he in the episodes! for the entire 13 episodes since they brought family guy back, there has never been a main plot, or even subplot about stewie. In the very first 7 episodes of family guy (1999), stewie had his own plot 5 out of 7 episodes. He has the most potential as a character, and there aren't doing anything with him. I only found myself with a little chuckle during the Indiana Jones allusion at the end. And once again, for the third time in three weeks, American Dad had a better episode. A good, funny plot, with a lot of funny moments, and it wasn't ridiculus either, It was using the characters it has, which family guy did three years ago, and doesnt do anymore. So, i leave you with this. Seth needs to get his head in the game. He needs to be working on Family Guy and American Dad, not just one of them. Please, help us true fans.
  • Oh man, i hate to see this happen to my favourite show... WORST EPISODE EVER

    Oh man, i hate to see this happen to my favourite show... WORST EPISODE EVER

    Also, i know the stewie/Ferrel joke seems funny, but its actually a verry commonly used thing for cartoons to stretch things out (to say the least)

    And this one was just...Too predictable(you knew he was gonna slap him when he stood up, and the whole ladder thing was just to make it longer, and somewhat funnier), Too long(more than 1 minute for THAT? Come on), allround...not funny enough. Not what i'm used of Seth.

    Unfortunately what some had predicted seems to be coming true, American dad gets a Little better, but Family Guy takes the hit. Personally i think its a good thing the next episode is only in january. Cuz this level is utterly unacceptable

    (the ending ruled ass though, Meg goes flat on the face...yet again. "More Black sheep anyone?" "Yes, please")
  • The ending alone makes the episode worth watching.

    This episode was freaking awesome! Can't wait for the DVD. I just bought the movie. I'm in a Family Guy mood. This episode just blew me away! The story is about Chris who, after being beaten at school, joins the peace corps and goes to South America where he marries a tribe princess. First of all, the plot is okay, but it's Family Guy! They can make anything hilarious. The funniest parts were easily :

    - The "Bewitched" reference.
    - Chris singing at his wedding ceremony.
    - Peter treating Meg like a dog
    - Re-enactment of "The Contest" at the tribe, especially the theme song.

    Watch this episode!
  • Best ending ever

    Best ending ever!!!!!!
    I love to see a character die in such a great way at the end and the suspense of the next episode. She just drops dead that’s so genius! The story is also ok, and it's a classic family guy humor. To keep you in suspense I won’t say who dies.
  • After some lame episodes, Family Guy is back. Great episode!

    I really did not think too much of the two recent episodes, so I was a bit concerned about the quality of upcoming shows.

    In my opinion, Family Guy has returned to its previous greatness. The jokes were there, the flashback sequences were superb. The only negative was that I thought the Lou Gehrig sequence was cruel (even for FG).

    I can't wait for the next episode (and the Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story DVD).