Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 16

Killer Queen

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2012 on FOX

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  • Perfect

  • L'ennesimo capolavoro di Seth MacFarlane.

    Anche questo episodio mi piaciuto veramente una cifra,uno dei pi belli della serie.
  • family guy killer queen

    this was a very good episode of family guy i enjoyed the storyline and the gag when brian kept on scaring stewie with the album cover i liked stewie's line when he said why is he sad he already destroyed mankind what else would he want? and when peter scared the fat kids with the salad and maybe i'm not the only one who noticed this but barry from american dad was one of the fat campers overall very good episode
  • Awesome premise!!! Keep up the good work Seth MacFarlane

    When Peter and Chris go away to fat camp, they cross paths with a serial killer who targets overweight kids. Meanwhile, Stewie is traumatized by the frightening cover of a Queen album. Well, I think most of us, if not all, can say that Season 10 is definitely better than Season 9. Season 10 did get off to a weak start but it got better after a few episodes then towards the middle of the season... the poorly written episodes "The Blind Side", "Livin' On A Prayer", and "Tom Tucker: The Man and his Dreams" came and then the season got good again. I'm very glad that Seth MacFarlane didn't focus on a lot of religion episodes this season which is probably why I like this season more. The most religious episode to ever be brought to this season was "Livin' On a Prayer" and that's about it. I don't really think there are any political or religious episodes other than that one episode I mentioned. Always, enough of how mostly good Season 10 is. I want to talk about this episode. Well, I really loved where Seth MacFarlane was going when he made this episode. I can tell that he is starting to get more creative and somewhat original with the episodes this season. This episode brings that sorta horror/mystery genre that really keeps you at the edge of your couch or seat or bed. This episode has many hilarious moments such as when Mayor West is taking hot dogs out of his mouth, the very ending (although, for some weird and unexplainable reason, it bugged me just a tad), the running gag with Stewie being traumatized and frightened by the Queen cover album all thanks to Brian (that is like the MOST HILARIOUS part out of the entire episode... I don't think it will ever get old for me to be honest), Peter scaring all of the fat kids with salad when he was telling a scary story (that part also cracked me up, another amazing highlight), and there were some more. I also loved the fact that Patrick (Lois' brother) returned to this episode since we last saw him in the Season 4 episode "The Fat Guy Strangler". My only gripe about that, though, was that Robert Downey Jr. who voiced Patrick in "The Fat Guy Strangler" did NOT reprise his role as Patrick in this episode. Hopefully I'm not the only one that noticed that but that's okay.... Seth obviously just asked one of the main actors to voice Patrick but that one gripe is a nit-pick so that's not really a huge problem. The huge twist in this episode with Yamamoto being the fat guy strangler and almost strangling Chris until Stewie comes to the rescue when he frightens Yamamoto with the Queen cover album was awesome and hilarious (kinda random if you ask me). So yeah, everything in this episode was well done and Seth MacFarlane has once again made another fantastic Season 10 episode.... I just wish Robert Downey Jr. returned as the voice of Patrick in this episode though. I also loved the fact that they played the Queen song "Killer Queen" (title of this episode) in the end credits since that song is a classic and one of my favorites. Overall, a perfect episode of "Family Guy"... well done Seth MacFarlane. 10/10
  • Makes up for the last one.

    I'm finally reviewing this episode because my tv was out. I was impressed from the beginning to the end. After Chris gets sick from winning a hot dog eating contest, Lois sends him off to fat camp. Peter is forced to join him after Lois tells him he could lose some weight himself. I loved it when Peter stole a giant pair of panties and tried to do the Pirates of Penzance. Patrick returns but this time he helps find the real killer. It was nice to see him again but his ending could have been better. Mayor West taking the hot dogs out was hysterical. I was surprised the real killer was the Asian kid Chris won. I thought the plot with Stewie being scared of a Queens' record cover was stupid but I like how HE got to use it to scare the killer at the end. Overall, it was great.
  • This was awesome! Best episode I've seen in weeks.

    Note: This review contains some major plot spoilers. Do NOT read unless you've seen the episode.

    Anyways, getting to the review, I loved this episode, and it's my new favorite of season 10! I was really looking forward to seeing it when I read about the plot, and I wasn't let down. The whole joke with Brian scaring Stewie with the Queen album was hilarious and never got old, and there was other great humor, like the anal retentive robbers, Mayor West's part and the random scene transition bar after Lois tells Peter he couldn't handle losing a few pounds and then Lois asking what it was all about. I also thought Peter scaring the fat kids at camp with the salad was hilarious. The other thing I really liked about this episode was Lois's brother Patrick returning. It was interesting to see him again after six seasons. The ending also took me by surprise when Stewie saved Chris's life by showing Yamomato the Queen album and scaring him when Chris was about to be strangled to death. I really didn't see that coming. Haha! So overall, this episode was hilarious and had some interesting twists, and it's definitely one of my favorites now.:) Bravo, Seth! Grade: A+! Marebear2009, out!
  • Not bad.

    When I heard of the story of this episode I was excited. And for the most part I was satisfied. Since you already know the storyline of the episode , ill just get straight to the my favorite parts of the episode. Seeing patrick was awesome , especially to the older fans that remember first seeing him. I also really enjoyed how they came full circle at the end of the episode (stewie scaring the strangler with the album cover). Although was I the only one who really wanted to see stewie go all badass on the strangler like the old days? Ehh I occassinally miss bad ass stewie. I also enjoyed some of the gags from the episode ( my favorites were The paintie raid, and teenager attack). All in all not bad , just looking back it doesnt come close to "the fat guy strangler" but it was still a good episode.
  • Peter and Chris go to fat away; Stewie is scared of a album cover.

    When Peter and Chris go away to fat camp, they cross paths with a serial killer who targets overweight kids. Meanwhile, Stewie is traumatized by the frightening cover of a Queen album. I thought this episode was excellent. Stewie's plot was funnier than the main plot. The main plot was still funny, but not as hilarious as the subplot. I laughed at the cutaway of Mort, "I'm a smart guy," "No, you're not," Stewie scared of the Queen CD, Stewie getting a Queen CD cover on the third picture (instead of cherry), Stewie playing with the box, the eating contest, Mayor West putting the hot dogs back, Peter dressed as someone making fun of Chris, "Peter Griffin, clown," Peter telling the story, Brian telling Stewie that it's just a CD (then Stewie ate the picture) pirate cutaway, Peter and the Rigler fighting, stealing a pantie, Charles (fat Japanese hot dog winner) scared of the Queen CD, and the ending (even though it's unneeded). Overall, an excellent episode. 10/10
  • Killer Queen

    Let me start by saying that I admire the premise. That was well-done, an almost horror story like concept, but at a fat camp. Good idea to bring back Patrick too, but the way it ended was horrible. And there was Stewie's storyline with him being terrified by a record cover. Simply put, this was more dumb than funny tonight. I can't approve of that ratio.
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