Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 20

Leggo My Meg-O

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM May 06, 2012 on FOX

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  • Awesome action show.

  • family guy leggo my meg-o

    i thought this was a very funny episode of family guy it had everything i liked in it action and comedy and when i first heard about this episode i knew i was gonna enjoy it and boy was i right btw i really enjoyed taken and i also enjoyed this episode just as much one of my favourite gags is when brian shot the waiter in the other boat so a guy shoots a bad guy brian is fighting and he says that's for shooting one of our guys overall a very funny episode
  • help

    I'm on my blackberry and it won't let me watch it?????
  • This comes second to Dial Meg for Murder but it is still good. Action packed and funny.

    Meg and her friend Ruth get to go France for a semester but they get kidnapped and it is up to Brian and Stewie to save her. I enjoyed it that Brian and Stewie really cared about Meg and took no matter what it cost to find her. At least Peter and Lois showed some emotion and I did like how Peter spoofed Liam Neesons' phone call with the kidnappers. I've never seen Taken but now I'm going to rent it. There were great car chases and fights. I didn't like it when Brian shot an innocent bystander on a boat and said "This is like a video game." That is not the Brian we know. Their disguises were funny and Stewie as a princess was classic. I wished it had a better ending. They could have let Meg married the prince and let her see what life is like being his wife for a while instead of Stewie killing him. I'm glad that the prince loved Meg and was the best man for her. At least she got home. Another reviewer wrote that Meg episodes were never the high points of Family Guy. Dial Meg for Murder was a very high point and is the best Meg episode ever. Still a great episode and I hope Meg gets more episodes.
  • Not the best but funny!

    Meg is fed up with her school so she goes to Paris for a semester and finds out that shes been set up,and is kidnapped. Stewie and Brian go on an adventure to save her.

    This was a hilarious episode,and Stewie's dance to California Gurls by Katy Perry is priceless.
  • i willl find you..and i will..uhh..nevermind you have meg

    Brian and Stewie go to paris to save Meg! Taken parody? nice. everything was pretty good. wish this episode was longer, could of given so much more to the story.

    the brian and stewie moments are great as always. im glad they care for meg, very funny, loved the MIB refrence!

    great episdoe. give it a A
  • Taken parody

    For some reason the Meg episodes are oddly entertaining, and such was the case again tonight. They parodied Taken well, mocking some of the logistical flaws of the movie, and featuring such offbeat gags as "Car Chase GPS" and how running diagonally through a field lets you catch up to a car. Not that funny, but if you liked Taken then you liked this.
  • A rare GOOD episode with MEG

    Face it..meg episodes have never beenthis shows high point. This spoof of Taken 9as listed in review below) I found very funny. Also fairly racist toward Arabs (in reality NOT all sex slave buyers are Arab....true--many are---but they come out of many countries). I thought Brian and Stewie had a nice adventure and Stewie had the better lines tonight. pretty funny.!
  • A parody of the 2008 crime/thriiller film "Taken"

    When Meg travels abroad to Europe, her exciting adventure comes to a halt when she gets kidnapped. Brian and Stewie embark on an action-packed mission to find her before it's too late. I thought that this was an alright episode of "Family Guy". Eh, this wasn't the best episode I've ever seen OR the best parody for a crime/thriller film that I have ever seen but it was pretty good to watch even though it could have been much better. This was kinda disappointing though because I was expecting so much more after seeing the promo. I know the show is suppose to be more comedic than serious which I don't mind at all but it's just that they focused on too much humor that wasn't needed. One of the things that did lower my score was that some of the gags in this episode didn't feel like a gag at all or they just dragged on. I also didn't like the end of the episode plus it got kinda boring after a while. It was also very predictable that either Brian and Stewie were gonna shoot that prince. As soon as Meg and the prince were about to kiss, I said to myself "Either Brian or Stewie is gonna shoot him" and I was right. There were some parts that did make laugh though such as Peter's phone call to the men that kidnapped Meg which was something like "I don't who you are but I do know that there is nowhere to find you, I have a lack of skills and all I got is $2 and a wristwatch, you can have one of them", The talking car's line "Yeah, fart on me and leave like d***" then Brian responds "Sorry", Brian on the boat saying to himself "Hey, this is like a video game" and he shoots a guy from the other boat, a couple of the cutaways, and some more. The storyline is alright, the humor is a hit-and-miss here, and the execution was weak at some points of the episode. I love the 2008 film "Taken" and Liam Neeson is one heck of an action star... watch "Taken" if you haven't seen it because it's awesome so yeah. Overall, an alright parody of the outstanding 2008 crime/thriller film "Taken". 7/10