Family Guy

Season 10 Episode 12

Livin' on a Prayer

Aired Sunday 9:00 PM Jan 29, 2012 on FOX

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  • Wonderful

  • family guy livin on a prayer

    yes this episode was a little preachy but i did find some parts of the episode funny like the boy who cried wolf gag and the dracula gag those parts were pretty funny and i did like the ending that was funny but overall an okay episode
  • Completely horrible

    Im so repulsed by the fact that this episode was intentionally done for the public to believe that vaccines medication ect.. are all important and life saving for everyone when really they cause more harm. Vaccines are loaded with thimerasol and other dangerous chemicals.... After the parents accepted the child to go through treatment i knew they were going to say he was cured OH YA right cause chemotherapy works that well and fast it kills you more inside!!!!!! Another scam for the public done by the government to make us believe that these treatments and vaccines are all important and life saving to make us go through it, screw you!!
  • Does anyone remember when Family Guy was a comedy, not a platform for Seth MacFarlane's political views?

    Absolute garbage. What used to be a wonderfully screwy comedy show is now an unfunny pulpit for Seth MacFarlane to push his political views on the audience. Just die already and let someone funny have some air time.
  • Another religious episode that could have been good but bombed

    Lois takes Stewies' friend to the hospital but the parents don't want to him to have treatment because of their religious beliefs. I'm giving this a higher grade because it's Lois not Brian for a change and I know Brian would have ruined this with his big mouth. I loved it when Chris said that if Brian dies, they would get a dog who get sticks and not preach. The other good parts were the Peterang and the opening which spoofed Little House on the Prairie. Stewie rambling about the Transformers was a waste and Peter dressing as Harry Potter and doing rescue cliches was another filler. Seth is not good at religious episodes and should leave that to South Park. Enough Seth!! Enough!!
  • This isn't South Park

    Why does FG do episodes about religions? It's always PREACHY and UNFUNNY. My review is short because tigerdude22 says it all below. South Park does great episodes on religions, Family Guy does not. Please stop doing them.
  • Hated The Storyline.... Loved The Humor

    When Stewie's new best friend falls ill, Lois takes him to the hospital where she finds out he has a critical, but treatable, disease. However, the boy's parents refuse treatment due to their religious beliefs, leaving Lois no choice but to take drastic measures to seek treatment for the boy herself. Meanwhile, Peter has a religious experience of his own. This episode was honestly better than "The Blind Side" but I was say that I am extremely disappointed. I'm extremely disappointed in the storyline of this episode but I was NOT disappointed with the humor in this episode. The humor actually saved this episode because if it weren't for the humor... I would have actually given it a 1. Anyways, it was kinda hard on how I was going to rate this episode because it had an awful episode but it had excellent humor so I arranged them and made it equal to a 5.5 which seems right if you hate a storyline but love the humor of an episode. A few of the humor in this episode are a MISS or FILLER such as maybe 3 or 4 pointless cutaways but other than that, the humor was fantastic. There was only one FILLER scene in this episode and that was when Brian wanted to play Transformers with Stewie and his friend and then Stewie would keep complaining on and on to Brian about the Transformers and I really wanted him to shut up. I'll start off with the storyline on how I hate it and then I'll get to why I love the humor. Now you all know that I hate it when Seth MacFarlane makes religious episodes.... those kinds of episodes are the worst of this show. I really hope Seth MacFarlane isn't going back to making awfully written storylines for episodes again. I have been enjoying Season 10 so much this season and I want to continue it but I hope Seth doesn't make any more episodes like this for the rest of the season or any other season. Storyline is just so awfully written and made me roll my eyes and said to myself "Why Seth? Why? Please stop it". So yeah, the storyline was really awful and it's most certainly the WORST storyline that I have ever seen this season SO FAR. As for the humor, they were fantastic which is why my score isn't any lower than it should have been. The parts that made me (and my brother.... he watched this episode with me) laugh very hard was introduction with Stewie tripping over a rock and complaining about it (a little bit of a filler though), Peter going on his "Peterrang" (a.k.a. Boomerang) and then telling Lois that he was at the hospital for a brief second, the cutaway with 40 clowns fitting in one tiny car, Peter in his "Harry Potter" disguise, Peter rolling over the car, Peter kidnapping the wrong kid, The Peter's (there were like at least 10 of them), those two guys talking about going to church on a Sunday or Saturday and then that one guy says "Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?" when that one guy says that he goes to church on Saturday, and some more. So yeah, Seth was clever with the humor in this episode but he was NOT with the clever with the storyline in this episode and I hope he stops making these religious episodes already. Hopefully, the next episode will be better and have a very good storyline. Overall, awful storyline+excellent humor=mediocre. 5.5/10

    WOW..this SUCKED>.it completely missed the comedy mark. An episode about Christian Scientists whose son has cancer. if it was trying to make a point that their religion that does not allow for medical science to help..just didn;t work,. nothing was funny..I hate organized religions but I hope they SUE Family Guy just because this episode was so UNFUNNY it deserves to be bannned Didn;t anyone screen this episode and say ":we can;t air it it is so unfunny..GARBAGE.
  • Livin on a Prayer

    As far as insane, idiotic, over the top anti-religion premises this show does, they actually had a clever moral quandary here today, but the fact that it was not funny and there was an abundance of schtick including a pointless Dr. Hartman appearance, made me give it a 5.5/10 at best. Not enough jokes that worked other than Peter's, "So, your God doesn't believe in putting snacks out for guests either?"

    Not awful, but terrible cutaway scenes today.
  • An episode that seems like a South Park episode with ALOT of filler....

    Wow. Just WOW.

    From the summary of the episode, I thought it was going to be another episode where they talk down to religious people, and it was, but not as harsh I would think, but it still had an annoying condescending tone, like the show that made jokes about 9/11 and rape is actually being serious and wants to address this issue of divine healing and the people who believe it, which would be pointless considering that the show pretty much gave every religious person the finger over and over again in past episodes! Buts that not the worst part.

    This episode was boring! Pretty much most of the jokes in this just padded the episode out because the pacing was so slow, no B-plot or anything! The joke with all those Peters doing those team heist thing would have been funny if they actually happen in the show, but they didn't! It was a complete waste of time, animation, and potential for a funny scene. That TV joke about "Dracula in LA" was SO obvious going to be an AIDS crack. This entire episode felt like an episode of South Park, with the deep moral message at the end, but South Park would have done the same thing, but would have made the pacing better and actually HAVE funny jokes that related to the issue instead of being just randomly drawn out by manatees (this episode feels like that joke is SO true) as well as NOT being a waste time!

    I don't know how I keep on watching this show, I vowed not to watch this show again over and over again. but my brothers still DVRs it constantly, not to mention Seth has the show syndicated on AdultSwim and TBS daily! I can't really fight it, but I guess I should just try watching the episodes when the show started out and enjoy them while I can... Back to the Pilot encouraged me to do that, and you should too.
  • Far too many overdone jokes and jokes that fell flat

    So this episode was filled to the brim with cutaways - 13 in total - and really only about 5 worked. Some such as the Methodist talking to the Seven Day Adventist cutaway were just beyond lazy, to the point where I'm sitting there scratching my head wandering how it was even MEANT to have been funny. Brian and Stewie's dialogue with the toys was also uninspired and something that's been done on the show a thousand times before. Nonetheless, there were some good bits and any time the world gets to be reminded of the IDIOCY of Christian Scientists then all the ebetter.